World in an Era of American Unilateralism


Question: In this era of sole super power with imperial doctrine of “pre-emptive strike,” backed by war on terrorism, what course is left for ordinary people, group or countries to seek justice, launch complain and show their dissent against powerful authorities? What kind of world we would be living in?

Today’s world is a clear uni-polar with the United States of America as a “hyper power.” It has the economic, political and military dominance of the “level” unparallel in the history. No country on earth can dare to question and challenge US supremacy. “Pre-emptive strike” has become main feature of its foreign policy doctrine, together with the war on terrorism. It does not need the approval of United Nations or support of any country to “nuke” its perceived opponents (proof not required) é a sucker-punch strategy. US alone will determine the potential danger and act as the judge, jury and the prosecutor. It does not need international agreements on issues like climate change, poverty, landmines or justice. This is a policy of “unilateralism” at its worst. US also has religious and moral superiority of being the “virtuous” by declaring its opponents “evil.” “You are either with the righteous (us) or with the evil (them)” — no middle ground. (A clear biblical revelation.)

Following the footstep of USA, other countries could also eliminate its opponents as Israel is doing to Palestinians é in the name of war against terrorism. The 50-year political struggle of Palestinians, Israeli subjugation and humiliation and unlimited UN resolutions against Israel disappeared over night from the history book. Russia could possibly launch a full fledged war against Chechnya/Georgia and India against Pakistan in Kashmir without any recourse from the international community. (I believe that Pakistan’s possession of Nuke is the main reason for India to be constrained in Kashmir).

What could happen in the future in the name of pre-emptive strike? No one knows.

Any country can just label its opponents “terrorists” and will have free hand to toast them. If there is a “doubt” for imminent threat, the country can bomb its neighbor or even distanced country under the provision of “pre-emptive strike.”

Days of dissention and retaliation against oppression, subjugation and injustice have gone.


The quality of mass media in USA is appalling, and at best, biased. The attack on Twin Towers and Pentagon shocked the world. But even after a year, instead of finding “root” causes for such a grave incident to prevent for future happening, Americans rap themselves in red & blue stripes and declare the perpetrators as “evil,” diabolical and Islamic fundamentalists. Pervasive belief that these evil people just hate American way of life, there is no other reason to explore. Just wage “crusade” and eradicate them from the face of the earth.

The knowledge of average Americans on matters beyond football, Hollywood entertainment and local questions is pitiful. On international issues, their understanding is to the level of mental retardness. Average Americans believe in their foreign policies, institutions and economic-political systems as “religious” dictum. In this respect, they deserve the infamous title of “Northern Talibans” or “blue-eyed” Talibans.

Their congressmen and senators are not different from businessmen, always willing to sell principles and ethical values for the right amount. Unquestionable support for Sharon government and Israel is a classic case in point. It even amuses Israelis, where a good segment is critical of the immoral policy of its own government. But not in America. Working for Jewish lobby, blind support is just to pocket the share of billion dollar booty that goes to Israel each year. Witch hunt and McCarthyism is at the peak in the name of homeland security. Even American academic institutions, considered bastion of free thinking and expressions, are not immune.

Under these horrific circumstances, what course is left to air genuine grievances? How to protest and fight against oppression and injustice? Can this policy be sustained in the long run? What kind of world we would be living in? These are the questions that would give chill to any rational and moral human.


“Money constraint” is the only hope that could restrict American unfettered challenge to the world. Looming war on Iraq could cost about $200 billions. After the war, reconstruction and development could cost God knows how many more billions. Afghanistan, at its infancy age of law and order, has already cost a couple of billions. These cost should ultimately hit pockets of average Americans, which matters most to a society founded on materialistic principles. Then public would be forced to open their eyes and review the misadventures of their “most popular” President and Secretaries. They will take the stock of actual cost — unemployment, falling income and budget deficit é that these immoral policies have created.

But unfortunately, this will not happen. USA, the sole bully of the world, has been playing the role of Mafioso. It will extort all its expenses (plus many times interests) from its cronies in the Middle East. It will use Kings’ and Sheikhs’ land and resources to punish people of the Middle East. Plus it will coerce the local thugs to foot the bill with hefty commission and stringent payment conditions. USA will continue collecting billions of dollars from sale of imposed and tied technology and arms to so called friendly regimes all over the world. It will unabatedly continue fuelling old regional wars and will open new fronts strategically. USA will continue dictating its terms and conditions on trade and tariff to international institutions to receive unfair advantage for its citizens at the expense of Europeans and poor third world nations. No one will dare to question or challenge. Don’t you know that USA has “pre-emptive strike” as God given right (although realized lately) in its deadly arsenal.

Falsafay Ghaalib (pseudonym) has a Ph.D. in Economics. He is associated with a leading research organization in Canada.