Without justice for the Palestinians, there will never be peace for the West

The debate in Norway regarding boycotting Israeli goods and the immediate disavowment by the government is in itself stark proof that Israel’s influence upon the United States and thus Norway has intimidated the western world into a pandering complicity in Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinians, the true indigent population of Palestine, ethnically cleansed by European Zionists. Without Oil and Israel the Middle East would be a forgotten desert with the exception of the Suez Canal’s value to shipping.

I was in Beirut in 1982 during Sharon’s (man of peace) military seige of the city indiscriminately bombing civilians, cutting off of food, water, and medical supplies, and his protection of the murderous Christian Phalangist party’s massacre of 2,000 men, women, and children in the camps of Sabra and Shatila. Several U.N. Security Council Resolutions "urging" Israel to lift the siege were as meaningless as the previous dozens of U.N. Resolutions. President Ronald Reagan called it " a holocaust", yet that was rejected by Begin. The U.N. Security Council is a nuclear power club whose purpose is to ensure the interests of its members at the expense of the "insecurity" of the third world. Security Council Resolutions are implemented by the nuclear club against Arab nations (Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, and third world countries) but Israel’s defiance of hundreds of total U.N. Resolutions is accepted as "de facto".

One night while working in Beirut’s American University Hospital’s emergency room several burned and severed bodies of sibling children were brought in, victims of an American missile fired from an American F-16 piloted by an Israeli pilot. Minutes later the shocked, dazed, crying, broken father was lifted in to the E.R. to see all his children in unrecognizable form. He knelt down, picked up his smallest child, a girl, and looked at me with a frozen face and asked: "why do they hate us", "why does America and the world let Israel do this to us"; "where is the United Nations"; "how do I tell their mother." With that he stretched over the bodies and wouldn’t let us take them to the morgue.

This is Israel, the only democracy for "jews", the ally of the west, the civilized modern nation, the monopolizers of the words; "genocide, holocaust, victims of hate, victims of Islam and worldwide "anti-semitism", surrounded by nations with the military capability to destroy Israel, the only nuclear power in the region. Not since David and Goliath have stones in the hands of youth so threatened a powerful state.

This is the Israel whose power has turned America into a "NeoCon Nation, serving a "NeoCon Tribe", with power over a "NeoCongress" that would rather spend money on Israel than the victims of Katrina while cutting aid to its poorest citizens. This is the Israel whose blood is valued above all blood, whose voice is front page news, which serves as the gateway to America’s benevolence, and whose stick silences people of peace and justice around the globe, whose latest victim is Norway, the most civilized livable nation on earth.

Norwegians are only the victims "du jour" whose government submitted to the "AntiSemitic" label for simply suggesting boycotting goods built and grown on stolen occupied land.

World peace and the subsequent elimination of terrorism depends on freeing the Palestinians from the western imposed yoke of Israel’s guns and militant squatters. Intellectually and religiously Muslims oppose any terrorism but can’t overcome the hypocrisy, double standards, and total support of Israel’s brutality in Palestine while the west speaks of "freedom and democracy" for Muslims. The west seeks to free Muslims from their oil and impose a "democratic occupation" to serve Israel and Multi-national Corporations.

Norwegians must refuse America’s imposition and interference in its internal affairs, if they wish to impose a boycott they must be "free" to choose their will, not Israel’s will.

Without justice for the Palestinians, there will never be peace for the West. Without freedom for the west from Zionist pressure, there will be no justice for the occupied.

Norwegians must decide their own destiny and not submit to Bush’s Israeli foreign policy. Peace for Israel can only come from justice for the Palestinians.

The spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom – these are the pillars of society. — Henrik Ibsen