Will Non-Muslim Village Stand-up Please

Many people take it for granted when I write about Muslims’ holocaust in the making or the impending mass exodus of Muslims from the non-Muslim majority countries, particularly the countries whose administrations are guilty of approving rendition, torture, prison abuse, invasion of Muslim lands, and collateral casualties.

The time, however, is putting things on fast forward. The warlords are coming out of their closets with more confidence after each staged bombing. They are now openly speaking about the fascist ideas they are carrying on their minds since long.

After the London bombing, Thomas Friedman has put all the blame on Muslims. He warned the Muslim village in clear words to fix this problem or else “the West is going to do it for them. And the West will do it in a rough, crude way – by simply shutting them out, denying them visas and making every Muslim in its midst guilty until proven innocent.”

This clearly shows us the writing on the wall. The xenophobic extremists who cannot stand Muslims with beards, headscarves and "strange smelling food" in their midst, can stage a few more bombings and there you go: All Muslims would be guilty until proven innocent; some on the ships, others in concentration camps, yet others becoming victim to an unstoppable wave of hate crimes.

Only Friedman and his company would be able to further clarify as to what would they propose along suggesting to "holding every Muslim guilty": internment of whole communities, mass deportations, or something worse?

However, what we need to address at this point is that the blame doesn’t lie with Muslims as they are being blamed for everything. Nor would it go away with the kind of statements we hear from Muslim representatives that “we denounce terrorism,” or we hold interfaith prayers and offer condolences to the families of victims.

Of course, we denounce terrorism, but all this is useless in the face of the determined and organized extremism, which has nothing to do with Muslims at all.

Although the burden we face is greater because we are a community under suspicion but such apologetics are never going to set us free in our lifetime at least. Only the truth can set us free. And the truth is that Muslims are not part or at the very least, source of the problem.

Rhetorical statements such as: “we are your neighbors and co-workers; any terrorist attack will not differentiate between you and me. So let us join together in our common humanity to stop this madness.” Sounds good, but offers nothing tangible.

Would conveying such emotional feelings generate any sympathy when it is time to intern or deport all Muslims? Would these words help Muslim or non-Muslim capture any terrorist if they don’t even know who is actually carrying out such heinous crimes against humanity? Of course, not. And therefore, these apologetic words sound fine but actually do nothing.

We need to get engaged in spreading and exposing the truth. We need to point out how to read and understand headlines like “London Bombers Traced” as “London bombers Framed.”

We need to point out how to carefully follow stories in which the earlier reported fact that the bombs were remote control, suddenly turned to become suicide bombings.

We need to question, how four persons, who were not helplessly stuck on a plane in the air, stood knowingly next to their bombs about to go off with a timer just waiting for it to happen. Yet they didn’t move.

Why would they? It is one thing to use oneself as a human guided missile to deliver a bomb, but the London bombs were already at the target, and already counting down. There is no purpose to sticking around to be blown up with the bomb, and every reason to leave and plan more bombings. Particularly, Men with 8-month old babies do NOT commit suicide for any reason whatsoever. [1]

All the latest reports are attempts to make everything fit to What Blair declared within minutes of the attacks and what Thomas Friedman wrote without any report available at that time that whatever happened was the result of suicide bombing.

This is where the blame lies. This is coming from the same mouth that justified invasion and occupation yesterday, which promotes more troops for Iraq today, who blames Muslims before there is any credible report about Muslims’ involvement and who threatens to “shut them out” and consider every Muslim “guilty until proven innocent.”

No matter how many good intentions Muslims may have; no matter how many times they may repeat the illogic that Islam is a religion of peace, the problem is not going to go away because it doesn’t lie with Muslims or Islam in the first place.

The problem lies in the religious motivated Christian armies that have taken the madness of crusades into the heart of Muslim societies. It is the Western village to realize and stigmatize such bloody adventures.

The problem lies with the leaders of the Western villages who lied through their teeth and still shamelessly repeat and defend those lies despite taking lives of more than 150,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The problem lies with those who usurped freedom of everyone in the occupied lands in the name of liberation.

But maybe the most important aspect of the London bombings and 9/11 staged attacks is this: When the crusade-inspired minds implode World Trade Centre, that is an American problem where tyrants want more control and tyranny at home. However, when they make this a basis to invade Muslim countries in the name of teaching them civility and how to govern their lives, that becomes a civilizational problem, which only the Western village can address.

Holding Muslim village responsible for the death of 50 Britons but exonerating Western village from the death of 128,000 Iraqis since the invasion (remember 1.8 million due to sanctions as well) and the slaughter of 20,000 Afghans makes all Muslim suspicious. It justifies not only invasions and occupations abroad but also the kind of fascist measures proposed by Friedman at home.

It leads to develop a mindset that considers every Muslim living in a Western society a suspect, a potential walking bomb. And when that happens, it makes it easy for the Western governments to implement what Friedman is suggesting. Intelligence agencies are already harassing Muslims to the maximum possible extent. This is the most systematic way of breaking records of the earlier fascist regimes.

Muslims never thought of creating a great gulf between the Muslim world and the globalizing West. The evidence lies in the phrase “globalizing west” from Friedman.

What does “globalizing West” actually mean? To export and impose its values and system with the barrel of a gun, or making the world obey rules and regulations of the imperialist financial institutions? In other words it means totalitarianism.

The totalitarianism can never succeed if Muslim kept on demanding an end to injustice. Islam is a religion of peace, but no peace without justice. You cannot occupy, repress, torture and humiliate Muslims in mass and then expect peace.

Standing up to tyranny is one of the basic requirements of Islam, which is the main hurdle in the way of the globalization campaign of the totalitarians to homogenize the world for making expansion of capitalism possible. That is the only way to keep this monster alive.

Of course, this is a critical moment. We must do all we can to limit the civilizational fallout from such kind of staged terrorist attacks. Everyone knows that Muslims are not going to get any benefit out of killing fifty people in London, knowing full well that the proposal for withdrawing UK troops was already under consideration. We need to stress on tracing the real culprits before Muslims are boarded on ships towards unknown destinations.

But this is not going to be easy. Why? Because those who claim to track down terrorist are either themselves involved in the cover up or they are hardly able to see the real culprits.

The question to answer is: Who gains? Muslims are definitely not going to get benefit from such crimes against humanity. The organization, or individuals, or the state that has mastered this approach to inflaming the clash of civilization is definitely set to loot the booty. The clashing parties are definitely set to lose and get exhausted. Who can be the winning party at the end of chaos and bloodshed? Whose name appears in association with the bombing in London as well as with attacks in the US? It is not hard to guess.

Muslims are already neck deep in hot waters. It is time for the Western village to wake up to the fact that it has the enemies within: the enemies that it cannot even suspect, or dare to suspect. They don’t have a death cult mindset for themselves. They just don’t care who lives or dies, as long as they are successful in pitting Muslims and Christians against each other.

If the Western village couldn’t see the roots of the problem and if it does not fight the enemies within, that cancer, within its own body politic, it is going to turn its present military and economic superiority of the West on its head. Muslims are already the most miserable lot, but the superior West would not remain what it is at the end of this clash.

Who gains is not difficult to guess now. These are the Zionists and neo-cons that are out to hasten the establishment of greater Israel. They are also inspired by those who are hell bent upon hastening the arrival of Jesus for establishing the Kingdom or dominion of God.

This is a problem that a Muslim village cannot address. The Zionists-inspired Friedman compares 9/11 and 7/7 with the problem of Palestinians pitted against Israeli butchers of humanity. In fact, in this case, it is the Western village to say enough is enough for these lies and deceptions. The village needs to stand up and demand accountability of all those who are trying to cover up the terrorist events, which have been used as justifications for invasions and occupations abroad.

The Western village is contended with posting stories of fraud, lies and deception on the Internet. Now that is not enough to rely on the bloggs and e-mail petitions alone. Internet bloggs have their role to play but that is not the end of the world. Internet sites and discussion forums are not good enough in condemning the madness of the mindset that doesn’t care as to who dies as long as the objectives of more occupations and more domination are served.

The Western village needs to stand up seriously to the tyrants who have turned a blind eye to the real enemies within. It is not in the 200 years history of America that people stood up to overthrow rulers who lied to them and than cheated them beyond their imagination. But they have to think of some alternative to expose the enemies within, who are in total collusion with the terrorists from abroad or working for their overseas interests.[2]

The double-decker buses of London and the subways of Paris will never be secure as long as the Western village does not realize that the culprits will keep them killing in three ways: with attacks at home; with sending their sons and daughters aboard to die for the malicious motives of the enemies within, and with draining their economy.

I doubt that the Western village will realize who its real enemies are until it sees Israel replacing the US as the Ruling State and materializing its long awaited dream of greater Israel for a while. However, that would be too late for the Western village by then.


[1]. “The suicide bomb squad from Leeds,” Times on Line, July 13, 2005 http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,22989-1691994,00.html Also read the Manchester Evening News Report, "Suicide bomber ‘had all to live for’ July 13, 2005. It shows that more ands more the evidence indicates that the accused men are not the type to engage in acts of terror, especially acts in which they will knowingly die.

Suicide is an act of someone who thinks they have nothing to live for. That does not fit these individuals. Yet even as the evidence stares them in the face the media will not wander from the mandated first assumption of guilt-without-proof.

Similarly one alleged bomber was a teacher: THE TEACHER BOMBER, who allegedly brought carnage to London. He taught disabled children, it has emerged. Like the other alleged bomber with an 8-month old baby, these allegations just do not make sense. People who work with challenged kids just don’t think this way: they value the preciousness of life.

Even the New York Times reports "Lives of Three Men Offer Little to Explain Attacks." By LIZETTE ALVAREZ, July 14, 2005 – -http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/14/international/europe/14leeds.html

[2]. Also note the public investigations into the London bombing which shows that a security company, Fortress GB, a smart card technology developer and integrator for ICTS Europe, which is an Israeli security company based in the Netherlands, a subsidiary of which is Huntleigh. Huntleigh was the security contractor at Logan Airport on 9/11 that failed to provide us with CCTV evidence of hijackers. The London Underground is one of Fortress GB’s clients and according to their press release they provide smart card technology (personal details and biometric information) for contractors that operate in Tube stations. It makes me wonder if Peter Power’s Visor Consultants were identified by these smart cards and if the four young men from Leeds were ever issued smart cards." Read details at: http://www.fortressgb.com/press/prdetail.asp?dfs=18 Press Releases of G8 May 23, 2002 on Smart card/Biometric pilot at Newark Airport, NJ, USA. Also note that ICTS, it should be remembered, handled security at all the airports from which the 9-11 planes departed.