Will journalists lead US to more wars?

The activists’ journalists and ideologues are at it again. We know the signs of journalists mischief now, or we should, and we know now what role such journalists play in the preemptive strike program that is aimed at leveling the Middle East. As the media attempts to soothe the anger of the American public, a public that is increasingly perplexed by the inability of the citizenry to stop or derail the preemptive strike train in the Middle East, the media throws us a bone to appease us. The bone is Judith Miller, the New York Times writer, and ideologue who has been blamed for introducing the idea that the US should go after weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and pushing WMD as a legitimate and popular cause for wa! r. Along with this true story, the media added a bit of propaganda, one of Miller’s specialties. Many media observers have been complaining for years that Miller, along with her colleagues, Steven Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Yousef Bodansky and others have worked to isolate the US and to pit the US against Muslims and Arabs and the Muslim world. According to the book Muslim Americans, A Community under Siege, this crew of Likud zealots almost single handedly wrote US foreign policy, and it was their vitriol that spilled into the US Middle East policy via Palestine/Israel. Along with their supporters, such journalists worked to dehumanize Muslims and Arabs with callous and hateful speech and arrogant attitudes the same as the media did in Nazi Germany, only this time instead of Germany, it was Iraq. Instead of Jewish people, it is now Muslims and Arabs. This dehumanization led to the acceptance of political assassination and torture, and worse as! the means that justified the desired end. These tactics, in turn, have given birth anew to the term “ugly American.” Anything derogatory, evil or hateful that these people could write about Islam and Muslims, they did, and they wrote in such a way that neither Islam nor Muslims would easily escape the present circumstances both are suffering. Anyone who read Miller’s book God has ninety-nine names knows Miller’s attitude, angle, technique and her agenda when it comes to Islam and Muslims. She shares this agenda with many others who are respected as serious journalists; yet seem to serve as little more than propagandist for the pro-Israeli thought police and Gestapo operating here in the U.S.

The claim that Miller alone, under the influence of Ahmed Chalabi, concocted and promoted WMD as the cause for war, and also the fake intelligence, is disingenuous. It is similar to the claim that the abuse of prisoners at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo were the acts of a few rogue soldiers who carried out those heinous acts because they were untrained and inexperienced. An example of the attitudes fostered by ideologues posing as journalists, and that fueled the rush to war, and also a US Senator might have explained the abuses at Abu Gharib recently during a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing on the Abu-Gharib situation. She went so far as to say that having viewed all of the videos and films of the atrocities at Abu-Gharib, since she didn’t see a single decapitation, she failed to see what all the fus! s is about. Perhaps she was implying that the head of one American man made all of the death and destruction that has been imposed upon Iraq justified since they are Arab and mostly Muslims. Guess she forgot that we invaded Iraq, which means that we started the war. Arguably, such attitudes as these are the result of Miller and her colleagues’ years of hard work as US journalists and authors of books that have made worse claims about Muslims, Islam and Arabs than the lies that were told to get us into war in Iraq in the first place.

Now as we move forward, the ideologues enjoying only moderate success in Iraq. The new tangled web being spun by the media is based on an accusation that Iran is sponsoring terrorism and that it also has weapons of mass destruction, and that Saudi Arabia is incapable of protecting the world’s oil supply, or rather that portion that is in Saudi Arabia. This way of creating US interests that must be protected by invasions, or preemptive strikes was the magic elixir that blinded everyone in respect to similar false charges regarding Iraq, only in Iraq our national interest was portrayed as WMD, and not oil, or the lives of US contractors. Now certain journalists seems poised to take us to war again, against whomever else the pro-Israel anti-Muslim and Islam haters would like to target and destroy. Perhaps ! overly preoccupied with their incessant tangled web spinning, the new talking heads who replace now overexposed Miller and others, seem oblivious to the fact that through their irresponsible commentaries and opinion pushing, they may be placing the United States and Israel on the same trajectory that led the Third Reich to its doom. It is hard to imagine how we would be spared the same fate as Hitler’s Germany should we continue militarily into the Middle East beyond Iraq. The challenge presently facing our nation is not only a presidential election. We, the American people must decide whether to allow gratuitous wars that we are lured into by activists journalists and the politicians who are also ideologues who pander to them. All of this might cause us to ask if we have perhaps reached the point in American history where legislation must be passed to limit the power of journalists by limiting their free speech to only true speech, no speculation, and no opinion unless it is made absolutely clear that it is purely uncorroborated, and/or unsubstantiated opinion and speculation being spouted. There should not be entertainment that includes suggestions that imply, or suggests falsities concerning serious national security issues, which include false information about foreign governments that is not factual, and presented purely to inflame passions and war.

Perhaps we have reached the point where journalists should be limited to publishing reports that are verified by named, and reliable sources that are traceable and accountable, no longer using descriptions of sources as “White House representatives,” a “key person” or “spokespeople,” and anonymous sources. If the American people can tolerate that our inalienable rights be curtailed for the sake of winning the war on terrorism, and preserving liberty, as strange as that sounds, perhaps it’s time that journalists also make some sacrifices. Their threat to US security is proven to be as serious, and perhaps an even greater threat to national security and civil liberties than any terrorist organization. Newspaper clippings filled with rumors and gossip and! false charges were the first and only sources of secret evidence that were found in the secret files of innocent people, mostly Muslims and Palestinian Arabs, and other political activists who had been detained in US prisons for years under secret evidence laws. Journalists were the first to suggest secret evidence as a tool for fighting terrorism, and they were also the primary providers of secret evidence against suspected terrorists, who at that time were only Palestinian activists and the members of the democratization movements in Egypt and Algeria. Secret Evidence was the first salvo fired by the Likudist operating through the Clinton Administration, across the Constitutional bow in the war against terrorism. The situation has changed considerably since then, and we have three bodies of anti-terrorism legislation that taps the liberties of American citizens, yet not one that curtails journalists mischief, or the influence of political ideologues who team up with to influence public policies and international relations.