Will Israel appear on the map of “New Afghanistan”?

There is a network of underground schools for girls in Jalalabad, Herat, Kabul and Lugar which is funded by the AJWS ( American Jewish World Service). This Jewish organization has provided $100,000 to these schools in the last three years. Money is funded through Creating Hope International to AIL (Afghan Institute of Learning). Creating Hope International operates from Michigan and its director and president is Toc Dunlap. AIL functions from Peshawar, Pakistan, and it is led by L. Jacoobi. “Keeping AJWS in touch now with what is happening in Afghanistan is L. Jacoobi, an Afghan who founded the Afghan Institute of Learning, which operates the teacher-training program. Jacoobi, 51, said she founded AIL six years ago in Peshawar, in Pakistan, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and outlawed education for women.

“We are the largest Afghan women’s organization in Peshawar, she said during an interview last week at the AJWS office in Manhattan. ” And we are now the only one doing education for women in Afghanistan.”

“Jaccobi, who was born in the province of Herat, said the schools are without publicity and in a manner that does not attract attention,” reports the Jewish week of December, 7, 2001. The title of the report is “Afghan Girls Back in Class, Liaison to Jewish group helping fund underground education network stresses growth of program on trip here.

According to report, the AJWS have a global reach but it regrets that it could not send Jewish teachers and Jewish volunteers to teach the Afghan girls under Taliban government. But AJWS hope the situation will change in the post-Taliban era and road will clear for the Jewish “teachers” and “volunteers” to teach Afghan girls in Afghanistan. ” The story of what was being done there is a perfect example of the work we should be supporting.” said Ruth Messinger, president of the American Jewish World Service. ” The project was targeting women and children and investing in education for the future. What more Jewish thing is there to do?

“I think that these women teacher, who cared so much about educating women that they were willing to risk their lives, are modern-day- Esthers.”

“AJWS funds 35 other grassroots social change projects in 19 other countries, but Messinger said the risks involved won’t allow the organization to visit any of the Afghan schools or send staff or Jewish volunteers. Other international organizations have visited some and certified the work they are performing, she said.

“Messenger said in the last three years, AJWS has provided $100,000 to AIL, about 4 percent of the more than $1million in direct grants AJWS make in developing countries. She hopes the eventual defeat of the Taliban will allow AJWS to send Jewish volunteers to the schools.” The Jewish Week, December 7, 2001.

In addition to ‘educating’ 3,000 girls in these underground schools, the AIL is also involved in other activities . It runs health clinics. It future plans include a university for women. Good luck but not with the Jewish money.

The Jewish leadership’s tactic is very simple. It exploits the grievances of one segment of society. In Lebanon, it exploited the non-Muslims to form SLA (South Lebanon Army) to fight for its occupation of Lebanon. By recruiting Lebanese, it saved the skin of the Jewish soldiers. By this tactic, Lebanese were killing each other. Why it succeeded to recruit the Lebanese to fight their own brothers? The answer is very simple. Non-Muslim Lebanese have grievances against the Muslim Lebanese and the Jewish leadership exploited them.

So the Muslim organizations should not become the unintended tool of the Jewish leadership. No Muslim Organization should have any link with any Jewish organization. Muslim Organizations should know that the Jewish leadership can not be well-wisher of the Muslim World. It only uses one segment of Muslim society against another. It uses one Muslim leadership against an other. In all these sham pro-Muslim stances, the Jewish leaderships have its own goals to achieve. When it allows the besieged Muslim of Bosnia to settle in Israel, it is a propaganda ploy. When it “saves” Jordan from Syria, it is again not in the love of the Jordanians. A “hostile” Syria does not serve the Israel’s interests. If today Syria abandons the cause of Palestinians, it will sell any Muslim country to Syria -including Lebanon. When the Jewish leadership supports “reformers” in a Muslim country against the “hard-liners”, again it is playing the same game. “Reformers” are acceptable to Israel because they are less hostile to the Israel’s positions.

In the light of the anti-Muslim activities of the Jewish leadership, Muslim organizations and specifically the Muslim media should be very vigilant to expose the Jewish connections whatsoever with the Muslim organizations. It should not be Jewish media who should brake the story of a Muslim organization’s links with a Jewish organization. It is the job of the Muslim organizations and the Muslim media to expose these connections.

Muslim organizations should also be very careful that the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership should not exploit their grievances for its own purpose.

As the AIL 75 sponsored schools, it is reported that “about 50 to 75 percent of the schools’ budget is raised from the community.” For a percentage of budget it should not ally itself with the Jewish organization. Activities can be curtailed.

AJWS is not the only one Jewish organization operating in the Muslim World. UJA-Federtion is also operating in 50 countries around the world. Will Israel allow any Muslim Organization to operate in Israel for the welfare of the Palestinians in Israel? The Jewish leadership should get the same treatment from the Muslim World and the Muslim organizations.

Afghanistan is today in a transitional phase after the fall of Kabul. Another anti-Muslim country India is offering the newly installed government to train the Afghani police. When the Jewish leadership became anti-Taliban and what were the reasons are still a mystery. Its leadership was the most vocal voice to pressure the U.S. ruling elite to recognize the Taliban government. It tried its level best to fan the differences between the Taliban and other Muslim countries. There have been reports of contacts between the Northern Alliance and the Jewish leadership. Now the Jewish leadership is urging the U.S. elite to force the Muslim World to put Israel on their maps. Text books should be changed, showing the European Jews as the legitimate of the Muslim Palestine. Afghanistan should not be first one to introduce text books to show Israel as the legitimate owner of Palestine.

And think of a ‘new Afghanistan’ where anti-Muslim India is ‘training’ the Afghan’s police, where anti-Muslim Russians are doing the ‘ humanitarian’ work and anti-Muslim Israel is taken over the education system. How this situation will serve the Afghan’s cause and the cause of the Muslim World. Think the Muslim neighbors of Afghanistan what you have cooked!