Will America allow the Zionists to Develop Long Range Weapons of Mass Destruction?

The purpose of this article is to explore the short, medium, and long, term goals of the Zionist state in Palestine. In particular, it seeks to explore how these goals will affect the united states. For many years now the Zionists in the American government have worked on the assumption that the interests of the united states and the Zionist state have been identical – that what is good for the Zionist state in Palestine is good for America. But this assumption ignores one issue of critical importance. Is America going to help the Zionist state to acquire weapons of mass destruction that could, in practice, be used to threaten the united states? Of course it is highly unlikely that the Zionists would ever want to do so but, is the united states going to continue giving the Zionists military technological support that would provide Zionists with the option?

Zionists’ Short Term Goals

The Zionists’ short term goal is to use American military power to conquer a number of Arab/Muslim countries. This will enable them to install not merely moderate, but Zionist-compliant, political regimes which should bring to an end all Arab support for Palestinian freedom fighters. The Zionists in the American government will then use the American military to round up, imprison, or exterminate, Islamic extremists.

Zionists’ Medium Term Goals

The aim of these Zionist-compliant Arab/Muslim governments will be to create modern capitalist societies with a western, secular culture. This will mean winning public acceptance for McDonalds, Disney, Hollywood, and the gambling, alcohol, and sex, industries. In other words, the American government led Arab/Muslim regimes will try to enforce a complete cultural make-over of Arab/Muslim countries so they are little different from their western (Christian) counterparts. This will require curbing the power of the mullahs and rolling-back popular support for Islam. In the 1960s and 1970s Afghanistan, under Russian influence, was becoming a modern westernized society – women wore western clothes rather than the veil. These are the sort of changes that Zionists in the American government want to see throughout the Arab world. Whilst this Zionist inspired, secular crusade for the cultural, political, and economic, transformation of the Arab/Muslim world is taking place, the Zionist state in Palestine will bide its time for the forcible deportation of Palestinians from their ghettoes. The secularizing of Arab/Muslim countries will mean the only religious state left in the region would be the Zionist state in Palestine.

Zionists’ Long Term Goals

The Zionist state is highly militarized in order to protect the Jews living within its borders. However, it suffers from two fundamental weaknesses. First, its military, and economic, reliance on America. Secondly, its inability to protect all Jews around the world. Zionists’ long term goals are to develop weapons of mass destruction that will give it independence from all countries and which can threaten any country thereby protecting all Jews around the world.

The Zionists have developed medium range weapons which can reach any country in the middle east. But they are also developing long range missiles which could pose a threat to Russia, Europe, china, and even, quite surprisingly, the united states. They have already launched satellite systems which circle the Earth. According to Yoichi Clark, “Israel is midway through a drive to establish a space program, much of it devoted to military purposes.” Zionists are determined that if any country attempts another mass slaughter of Jews then they will have the capability for destroying that country, and perhaps, taking the whole world down with them.

In the 1960s the Zionists’ acquired a tiny number of nuclear weapons to defend itself against an invasion by Arab countries. At the time Russia was a superpower which possessed a fairly efficient, vastly powerful, military machine and may not have worried unduly about such a threat. However, the Zionist state was also planning to develop a nuclear capability that would enable it to defend itself against a threat posed by Russia, “American-born Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard obtained satellite-imaging data of the Soviet Union, allowing Israel to target accurately Soviet cities. This showed Israel’s intention to use its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent political lever, or retaliatory capability against the Soviet Union itself.” From the late 1980s onwards, such has been the political and economic decline of Russia, and such has been the prodigious development of Zionist nuclear, and missile, technologies that the Zionist state is beginning to pose an increasingly serious threat to this former superpower. The existence of a Zionist state with a plethora of powerful nuclear weapons on the Russians’ doorstep has gone far beyond the realms of a modern Cuban missile crisis in the middle east. It’s a little difficult to credit it but basically a country with a mere six million people is getting closer and closer to annihilatory-parity with a country of 120 million. Perhaps, one of the reasons that Russia would not support the Zionist occupied governments’ attack on Iraq in march 2003 was that it would give the Zionists even greater military supremacy in the region.

The ultimate goal of the Zionist state, however, is to become so powerful that even the united states will fear to challenge it. According to Warner D. Farr, the Zionists are as good technically at developing nuclear weapons as the Americans or the Russians, “Mordechai Vanunu provided the best look at the Israeli nuclear arsenal in 1985 complete with photographs. A technician from Dimona who lost his job, Vanunu secretly took photographs, immigrated to Australia and published some of his material in the London Sunday Times. He was subsequently kidnapped by Israeli agents, tried and imprisoned. His data shows a sophisticated nuclear program, over 200 bombs, with boosted devices, neutron bombs, F-16 deliverable warheads, and Jericho warheads. The boosted weapons shown in the Vanunu photographs show a sophistication that inferred the requirement for testing. He revealed for the first time the underground plutonium separation facility where Israel was producing 40 kilograms annually, several times more than previous estimates. Photographs showed sophisticated designs which scientific experts say enabled the Israelis to build bombs with as little as 4 kilograms of plutonium. These facts have increased the estimates of total Israeli nuclear stockpiles. In the words of one American, “[the Israelis] can do anything we or the Soviets can do.”

The Zionist state in Palestine seems to be able to obtain almost any weapons it wants from the American government (and perhaps even obtain weapons’ designs illegally through spies and Zionists in positions of power). The American government seems perfectly willing to provide most types of weapons to the Zionist state because it sees the Zionists as their allies in a turbulent region – the fact that it is the Zionists in the middle east who are causing this turbulence is deemed irrelevant. With each transfer of weapons, the Zionists become stronger and stronger. In April 2003, the Zionists in the American government sent the American military into the middle east where they hope it will wage a long term war against Arab/Muslim countries – devastating each country in virtually the same way as the Americans devastated Afghanistan. For the Zionists, another major advantage of this long term conflict is that America might expend such a huge amount of time, effort, and resources,! in the middle east that it will gradually become much weaker. If the Zionists manage to extract more and more weapons from the Americans during this period, for example, as the price of not interfering in any of these wars, then gradually they will considerably reduce the huge disparity in military power between themselves and the Americans. There will be another considerable reduction in the disparity between the Zionist state and the American state if the Zionists manage to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach America. This will enable them to pose a considerable military threat to what their main benefactor and protector.

Quite whether the world’s sole military superpower will tolerate the idea of Zionists possessing inter-continental weapons of mass destruction is not known primarily because so few people have raised the issue. It’s especially paradoxical given that the Americans have gone to the middle east to remove any such threat from Arab/Muslim countries. Quite how the Zionists will react if the Americans object to the Zionists having inter-continental weapons will also be interesting to observe. This will be a critical moment in Zionist American relationships. The critical question that Americans need to face now whilst they are in the process of boosting Zionist supremacy in the middle east, donating vast quantities of money to the Zionist state, and providing it with the most sophisticated military weapons, is whether it would be wise to allow the Zionist state to develop inter-continental ballistic missiles that could reach America.

Politically, the Zionist state has always been a bit of a tart. Throughout most of the 1960s, it had a secret liaison with the French government which helped Zionists to build the nuclear power station that still provides the Zionist state with a constant supply of weapons grade nuclear material, “In the 1950s and into the early 1960s, France and Israel had close relations in many areas. France was Israel’s principal arms supplier, and as instability spread through French colonies in North Africa, Israel provided valuable intelligence obtained from contacts with Sephardic Jews in those countries.”

This relationship came to an end in the early 1960s and the Zionist state started drawing closer to the American government. However, the Zionists’ main relationship during the late 1960s and 1970s was with south Africa which enabled them to test nuclear weapons and provided the Zionists with more nuclear fuel. It was only with the fall of south Africa’s apartheid government that the Zionists were forced to rely more and more upon America which became an increasingly important ally. Despite their close relationship, the Zionists have not been content to rely solely upon the Americans. They have also been developing a close relationship with the Indian government, “Current military contacts between Israel and India, another nuclear power, bring up questions of nuclear cooperation. Pakistani sources have already voiced concerns over a possible joint Israeli-Indian attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities.” The Indian government has also benefited considerably from this relationship not merely in refining their nuclear weapons but in suppressing Muslims in Kashmir, “Images of an Israeli pilot and an Indian-born civilian engineer drifting weightlessly alongside the other crewmembers from the U.S. military (in the space shuttle Colombia) were interpreted as a threat across much of South Asia and the Middle East. In Kashmir, torn by a Muslim insurgency against Indian rule since 1947, the three partner countries India, Israel and the U.S. are referred to as “The Nexus.” The connection goes back to Israeli instructors who have been training Indian troops to suppress the Muslim majority population in Kashmir using the brutal methods tested in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” One day the Americans will find they have helped the Zionists to attain a position where their country is in reach of Zionists’ weapons of mass destruction. The Americans may well regret their licentiousness about the fifth columnists within their midst.

The author went to York university and then Hull University where he studied the works of Hannah Arendt. He has since been involved in community work and writes only occasional articles. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.