Why will the Saudis Cut the Oil Supply?

The speculations about the possibility of an Arab oil embargo must be put to bed. An oil embargo is no longer a far-fetched worry of the American people; it is a reality they must prepare for. In the next few months the events in the Middle East will spiral out of control leading to an inevitable oil embargo against the USA. Despite continuous denials on both the American and Saudi official positions, leaks hinting to that possibility are being floated around in the press.

The Saudis will cut the oil to satisfy more than one necessity for the coming stage. They will do it to gain the support of the raging Arab streets. With the people rallying around the Crown Prince he will have the support he needs for the pivotal role he is to play in the coming days. The Crown Prince is currently viewed as the leader of the Arab world and this will only give him more legitimacy and credibility among the peoples of the Arab world who are longing for a leader that can stand up to the USA. The USA understands that and is willing to put up with an oil embargo in order for that to happen. They need him to have a mandate in order to be able to deal on the behalf of the Arab world in the future.

The Arab nations as a whole will once more be lured into a war with Israel. With an oil embargo, the strategic alliance between the USA and Saudi Arabia will no longer be part of the equation. Hence, the American people will think that they have nothing to lose by siding with Israel in the war to come. That must happen in order to bring about the final solution to the Middle East conflict. The Arabs must engage in another war with Israel in order for Israel to have the chance it needs to occupy more Arab land and get rid of the Palestinian issue once and for all. Some Arab countries and or leaderships must be sacrificed. Others will be spared. Again, the expansion of Israel will come about on the expense of the people of the Arab world and will be paid for by the American people.

The Bush administration will use an Arab embargo to its advantage. They will use it to advance their agenda of dominion over the Asian pipeline to go through Afghanistan. They will use it to gain the American people’s support for their war in the Middle East and more support for Israel. They will also use it to advance their Alaska oil drilling proposals. An oil embargo is just what the Administration needs in order to get the mandate from the people to conduct its plans in the days to come.

So, we find ourselves wondering once again, who is to benefit from all these policies and plans? The answer is very consistent with the answer to another question; who influences and practices control over the policy making process? The Zionists who will advance their expansion agenda and the special interest groups that will benefit from an increase in oil prices and weapons consumption. Who will pay the price? The American people and the Arab people will. Once again we see how the interests of the American people are strategically allied with those of the Arab people. Yet we are constantly told that Israel is the strategic ally of the USA!