Why Isn’t America Against All Terrorist Groups?

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President Bush claims America is launching a campaign against all terrorist groups.  They say it’ll be a long, hard war.  Yet, they appear to be only against so-called “terrorist” groups in the Arab/Muslim world.  Bush claims that this is not a clash of civilizations.  He claims America is not against Islam, but that they only want to root out the evil terrorists.

How can we believe this?  We have many contrary signs.  In the beginning, Bush used the word “Crusade” and then tried to make amends for this by visiting a local mosque.  This idea of “Crusade” is still in their cultural subconscious.  Next we find that they are bombarding an underdeveloped and already ruined country, Afghanistan. The people have suffered drought, famine and years of war. Yet, America subjects them mercilessly to more.  They have killed civilians. They killed four Afghani United Nations employees. Collateral damage?  This is not fair. All human life is valuable. Western thinking allows them to kill some innocents to reach their main objectives. Islamic thinking condemns the killing of all innocents. It should be avoided as much as possible. The loss of one human at the hands of another is as if all humans have been killed. These human lives are valuable despite America’s twisted view on the value of human life.  They have been striking from planes above without having to confront the human faces before them. Is it really so easy for them to kill?

America keeps changing its mind. It has since the beginning. First, they only wanted Osama bin Laden. Then they wanted him and his Al-Qaeda group. Then they wanted to punish Taliban. Now, they want to topple Taliban, which is an internal problem and none of their business. Are they supposed to be in the business of going around the world and toppling all governments they don’t like?  Their goal changed from the beginning. They have other goals and are planning to strike other countries in the region, but how many will suffer now directly from their bombs and brutality? How many more innocents will die?

Of course it is a war against Islam!  They fear Muslims building a strong country that may not obey American will.  They want to keep the Third World at bay while keeping themselves the only strong power around the world.  If this is not true, then why are they going after only Arab and Muslim terrorist groups? Why are they hitting civilians in Afghanistan?  They may try to claim it was a mistake or even try to hide the facts. Mistake? A careless mistake like when America bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia? Such mistakes should be avoided.  Also, Americans and others around the world are turning this into a religious battle because they are attacking and harassing Arabs and Muslims, as well as burning mosques, right in their own back yards.  These racist actions will lead to the next war.  This shows the mentality of some Americans.  They fear what they don’t know and really don’t care to know.  They evidently want to relive the Crusades without even having the real idea of why the Crusades were fought.

It is a war against Islam and Muslims.  The American government has signed some new issues into laws.  They want to be able to freeze accounts of terrorist groups or even sponsors of these groups. They will surely make a lot of mistakes and take the money of many innocent business people and private citizens in this “witch hunt.”  The government needs new funds, so they plan to take them from suspected terrorists. How much proof will be required? Just the fact that they are Arab and Muslims?  Are we reliving McCarthyism?  They have even gotten other countries to agree to freeze funds and give America the assets.  America has closed down businesses and companies as well as charity organizations they claim are supporting terrorist groups.  This is terrible to close charity groups.  These kind of groups support orphans, hospitals, schools and poor families in various Third World countries.  Just because something may “look” suspicious doesn’t make it guilty.  If they close down these charitable organizations, they will really hurt poor people, in particular children.  They should be careful what they are doing.

Anyway, they named three groups at the top of the list- Al-Qaeda (Osama bin Laden’s group), Abu Sayyaf (in the Philippines), and an Islamic group in Algeria All three just happen to be Muslims.  Other groups on the list of about 28, as well as some individuals, come from Egypt, Kashmir, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and another Algerian group.  The strange part is they did not name Palestinian groups; the United Nations later said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be left in a bubble because it is a special case.  They leave it to Israel’s discretion or rather to Israel’s free will to do as it wants.

The question is, where are the other terrorist groups throughout the world?  Why isn’t America going after other terrorist groups or seizing their assets?  Why not go after groups like the Real IRA in North Ireland, ETA (the Basque Separatist Group in Spain who are famous for setting off bombs), FARC and other government opposition groups in Columbia, and others throughout the world.  They could even campaign against terrorist groups in their midst like white militant groups in America.  Why don’t they fight against more South American drug cartels, the Mafia (in America and Italy) as well as the Russian and Chinese Mafias?  These drug cartels and Mafia groups are responsible for crimes, money laundering and killings on a daily basis.  Yet, America is too terrified to go after these kinds of criminals.

America wants to go after its direct enemies and those that pose a possible threat to all their closest allies, in particular Israel.  Afghanistan is the excuse they needed to enter the area and to strike out in all directions at every possible Islamic group-even those who are not militant and even those who are in reality freedom fighters in their own countries.  America’s new coalition in the Middle East and Asia is a new type of tool that is causing the people’s own governments to crack down upon them.

America is clear in its prejudice and in its goal.  They say one thing to cover themselves with Muslims in America (as well as justifying war with other Americans) while acting in clear ways to show us they really want to make another “Crusade”.  They say, “Either you are with us or against us.”  Why can’t one be neutral?  They’re lining up not only those against terrorism but those against Muslims and Islam.  They are pressuring the Muslim governments to join them and giving them “carrots” like Pakistan’s debt relief and lifting of sanctions.  Yet, the people tell us the true message.  In these regions, either the governments are pressured by America and fear for their people or they are pro-Western puppets.  The people have different opinions than their respective governments.

America is stepping into a volatile situation.  Does it really think it is up to the game?  Do they have enough faith?  Are they really just?  Can they justify their actions?  Do they have the right to go in and meddle in another country’s internal affairs?  They don’t like others to meddle in their own affairs.

The American people really need more background to see the real picture.  There are more things going on behind the scenes than they know about.  If they saw the real picture, they might wake up and not agree with their own government.  The government is probably setting up departments to deal with this situation, too. 

Currently, they’re hiring people to translate for them.  They want those with skills in Arabic, Farsi (Iran’s language) and Dari (one of Afghanistan’s languages).  This shows they’re seriously spying on this region and on people of this background in America.  They’ve been trying to do this for years, but with difficulties.  A few years ago, the FBI was at a job fair asking for bi-lingual candidates specialized in Arabic and Farsi.  We can see they’ve been planning something for quite some time. I’m sure the CIA and FBI will be working together very closely now.

It is apparent that we are heading into a critical stage.  The Americans want to preserve their way of life by any means, but at what or whose cost?  The President’s reassuring, patriotic words and his visit to a mosque may be hiding the reality.  Will things happen while many are “blind-folded” and deceived? 

People must learn to listen very closely to the words spoken by all government officials and even the media.  It’s like a puzzle.  I hope we can solve it before it is too late and we all end up destroyed.