Why Bush Doesn’t Have to Suspend the Constitution!


“There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.”

— George C. Wallace

Pakistan’s President, General Pervez Musharraf, suspended his country’s Constitution on Nov. 3, 2007, and began arresting opponents of his dictatorial rule. President George W. Bush doesn’t have to resort to that kind of strong arm tactic. This isn’t because he has any second thoughts about doing so. It’s because there isn’t ANY opposition, in the realm of institutional politics, to the Bush-Cheney Gang! The Democratic and Republican parties are both controlled by the same Wire Pullers. Consider this: It is the complicit Democratic leadership, which has given the White House a blank check on the Iraq War, declined to impeach Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney, permitted the out-sourcing of much of our industrial base and created $9 trillion-plus in debt. All of which threatens the stability of the dollar and presages a devastating recession. [1]

As for the U.S. Constitution, President Bush said: “It’s only a Goddamned piece of paper!” He and Cheney, his partner-in-crime, have put it through a shredder, one venerable clause at a time, as they have unlawfully and recklessly enlarged the Executive into an “Uber Presidency.” On another front, just before the Bush-Cheney Gang launched its illegal and immoral war against Iraq, one of its White House’ speech writers coined an infamous phrase–the “Axis of Evil.” President Bush used it in his State of [Dis] Union address, on Jan. 29, 2002. He referred specifically to Iraq, Iran and North Korea. They were to be targeted by our War, Death & Mayhem Machine for supposedly sponsoring terrorism and possessing WMD. Two of the nations, Iraq and Iran, were already on Israel’s hit list, via the notorious “A Clean Break” document, authored by the zealous Neocons, like Richard Perle. [2]

Meanwhile, as if our Republic hasn’t suffered enough, we have this intriguing subplot. It’s the formation of an “Axis of Zionists.” Three key–choke points–positions in our national government are now held by Zionists, to wit: Michael Mukasey at Justice, Michael Chertoff at Homeland Security, and the Chief of Staff at the White House, Joshua Bolten. Isn’t it interesting how we are warn repeatedly by Sen. Joe Lieberman (IND-CT) to be on our guard “about Iran,” while others, close to the Likud-loving Lieberman, are consolidating their own power base in Washington, D.C.? Keep in mind, that Professor Chalmers Johnson cited the Israel Lobby, along with “Big Oil” and the influential Military Industrial Complex, as the three Special Interests, who pushed for the Iraq War. [3] (The names, however, mostly associated with “Big Oil” and the Military Industrial Complex are Bush and Cheney. It is they who are primarily culpable for starting that conflict, but others, apparently, sought the same objective.)

Back to the subplot. Mukasey, Chertoff and Bolten are suspected of being card carrying Zionists. It might be good for Israel to have such friends in high places, but is it good for America? I don’t think so. The chances now of the supporters of justice for the USS Liberty getting a fair hearing have slipped even further. This is so despite the fact that new evidence suggests that the Israeli attack on the vessel was “deliberate!” Thirty-four Americans were slaughtered by the Israelis on that fateful June 8, 1967 day. [4] Also, don’t be surprised if the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard isn’t soon released from prison and emigrates to Tel Aviv, and that U.S.’s annual freebees to Israel surpasses $5 billion a year. The latter will create yet more enemies for America. [5] And, Israel has made it clear that it wants a U.S. led attack on Iran. [6]

Let’s look at the relationship between Chertoff, (a Rabbi’s son), and Mukasey, who can see little or anything wrong with the evil of waterboarding and/or a Unitary Presidency. John Nichols is right to say that Mukasey is worse than Alberto Gonzales. After 9/11, it was Chertoff, then well placed within the U.S. Justice Department, who led the round up of thousands of Muslims in this country, tossing aside their Constitutional protections in the process. Who was the federal judge who penned those secret arrest warrants? Why Mukasey, of course. And, what happened to those five suspicious “dancing Israelis” of 9/11 infamy? [7] Why did Chertoff let them slip quietly back to the bosom of the Apartheid State? [8] There is another thing Chertoff and Mukasey have in common. They are both former judges, who gave up a coveted judicial position to run a federal bureaucracy. How rare, and suspect, is that! Homeland Security has a reported 140,000 employees and Justice, close to 90,000, including the FBI.

And, if any, one or all of these three, who compose the Axis of Zionists decides to break the law, (I’m not saying that they will), who will stop them? “Scooter” Libby? Who has checked the excesses of the Bush-Cheney Gang? NO ONE! There is little or no accountability in Washington, D.C. Here is why: We have a predominately corporate controlled Media, and a mostly spineless U.S. Congress of which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is just one example. [9] Speaker Pelosi is no Benazir Bhutto! Unfortunately, the Establishment Media has yet to reach its lowest point. Just wait for Sam Zell, “a committed Zionist,” to assume operational control of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun newspapers. [10] Then, think Rupert Murdock Clone!

As for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) giving a green light to Mukasey’s appointed to head the Justice Department, I wasn’t shocked. They both have reportedly close Zionist affiliations. In the late 90s, it was Schumer and Sen. Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter (R-PA), another Israeli sympathizer, who cosponsored legislation which allowed “secret trials, based on secret evidence,” in so-called “Anti-Terrorism cases.” Since then, that duo has been busy, too, with others, chopping away at our revered rights, which are enshrined in our Constitution. These are the politicos–sad examples–if you ask me, that have helped to enact the draconian U.S. Patriot Act, that have condoned government spying on citizens, and that have sanctioned the practice of torture. They pose as our trustworthy lawmakers, while grinding our rights into the dust. Shame on them.

So, where is the American Republic? Let me suggest that Pakistan has more of a chance (in a post-General Musharraf world) of perfecting a genuine democracy, then we do at the present moment! In Pakistan, hundreds of lawyers and journalists have been jailed for advocating a return to the Rule of Law, and Ms. Bhutto, whose home is surrounded by barbed wire, persist in challenging the dictator Musharraf. In Washington, D.C., I’ve seen splendid activists, like: Cindy Sheehan, Tina Richards, Adam Kokesh, the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ann Wright, Gordon Clark and Medea Benjamin, getting repeatedly cuffed by the cops for protesting the lawlessness of the Bush-Cheney regime. But few, if any, Democratic office holders, Establishment-type lawyers or corporately-employed journalists are among that gallant band.

Finally, let me submit this parallel, which I believe reflects the depths of our present national crisis. When General George Washington transported his badly battered Continental Army across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania, in late December, 1776, he penned, in despair, a letter to a relative. In describing the desperate military situation facing him and his brave comrades, via the overwhelming British military forces, he wrote: “I think the game is pretty near up!” This is where our once grand Republic is today. Only an awakened, and mobilized, people can save America!


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