Why Alan Keyes makes no sense



General Electric and Microsoft just released another joint media product. It is hosted by Alan Keyes, an extreme right wing African-American. He probably holds views that represent half a block of black folks in a neighborhood where there is only one house per block.

Alan Keyes didn’t just come out of a vacuum. One of the ways Alan Keyes got his start in life was with the State Department from 1978 to 1983. Keyes was a spokesman for “constructive engagement” with the apartheid government of South Africa. His mentor was Paul Wolfowitz, who is now a key foreign policy and defense adviser to George W. Bush.

Now, imagine that, an African-American champion of the apartheid regime in South Africa is considered the only candidate who would be approved by both General Electric and Microsoft. This most boring of TV hosts is constantly ranting on about his values. Yeah, those of us who worked against Apartheid remember Alan’s values. Or rather, Alan’s price. The man is a whore who has allegiance to some pretty wacky notions and a pocket full of silver.

Of late, he has taken to making himself a valued commodity to the Israeli Lobby. Barak couldn’t get a word in because Alan was so eager to prove how much he supported Israeli repression. I think he has a crush on Ariel Sharon. An insufferable motor mouth married to an Israeli war criminal. Maybe they can make an appearance on the Howard Stern show.

The question again arises why Bill Gates hires these losers. Ashliegh Banfield is billed by NBC as a reporter recommended by the New York Times. The same New York Times where Maureen Dowd just called her ‘ditzy’. So, is being ditzy something they should boast about.

Bill Gates drones on incessantly about the information age and how accurate knowledge can be verified through new technologies. Yet, now that he has emerged as a major media mogul, he doesn’t seem to care about accuracy or veracity or verifiable history. You can get real super fast disinformation at MSNBC. And you can thank Bill for that.

You look at the MSNBC nightly line up and watch Chris Mathews, Banfield and Alan Keyes and you wonder how they got chosen out of 300 million Americans to give us our daily news. If this is the future information age promised by Bill Gates, than how come these three can’t get their facts straight. Where are there research departments and who validates Chris Mathews ‘facts’? And why are they all right wing loonies with racist agendas? The Alan Keyes show is all about Keyes, a self-hating effeminate African-American male desperately trying to shed his pigmentation and hoping to pass as white and right if he is ‘Christian’ enough. He gives pretty much the same dull sermon every night and I watch it because it saves on the sleeping pills. Alan Keyes is desperate for approval and hoping that his mentor Paul Wolfowitz is out there applauding the monster he created. He is squeezed in between a Texas know nothing (Ashleigh) and a Philadelphia bigot (Chris Mathews.).

If Bill Gates is trying to match the gore on the FOX network, he is almost at his destination. If he thinks Rupert ‘tabloid’ Murdoch has the right formula for picking jingoistic ignorant sluts, he is welcome to match Murdoch. But he should consider that the ‘redneck’ market is something that has already been staked out by Murdoch. if he wants to compete at that level, Bill and his crew are going to have to plow the lower depths of septic tank journalism.

Good luck Bill. You chose these guys to represent your media products. If you deserve them, keep them. Lets see how far down the social chain a few sluts can take you and the Gates family name.