Who Will Say No to Barack Obama

Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America. He has no executive experience and very little governmental experience — as a legislator with no leadership experience in that realm.

Barack Obama was a community organizer. He has asserted that there is no "blue state America" and no "red state America", but one America, the United States of America.

No doubt, in Barack Obama’s work as a community organizer, he worked with fellow zealots with a congruent worldview. The idea was to work collaboratively for the common good. The pooling of talent and effort was focused on problem solving towards a common goal of helping those in need.

As President, Barack Obama will find that there is no one America — there are many Americas and all with different wants, needs, problems, and often the solutions to these wants and needs and problems are contradictory and un-resolvable. Somewhere soon, Barack Obama will begin to hear the word "no". And he will hear it again and again.

Although, the issue is never discussed in as many words, class warfare is alive and well in America. The rule of money in politics and governance is ubiquitous and pernicious. The tax system, the finance system, the running of elections and the philosophy of democracy itself, is all based upon accumulation of wealth – as the major influence in the wielding of power.

In a true democracy, the vote of the many would tend to ensure the spread of wealth and power among the many. American democracy has perverted the very concept of democracy into the concept that voting itself is the ultimate expression of democracy, whereas the exercise of power is reserved for those with means. The division of wealth in society in America has steadily evolved into a situation where the distribution of wealth is hugely divided and the masses have little wealth and an elite few have the disproportionate benefit of wealth and power.

Barack Obama’s rhetoric suggested to the masses that he was serious about tending to the needs of the many. To do so, he will have to disfavor the wants of the few, but powerful. Obama will likely hear the word no most strongly from the powerful few who control the purse strings and who continue to desire the amassing of wealth for their own benefit. These are the ones who have been receiving billions and billions and trillions of dollars of bailout money, emptying the Federal Treasury, expanding the National Debt, and depauperizing social programs intended to benefit the masses, including the shrinking middle class and the expanding ranks of the poor and the many who thrived under debt loads until the breaking bubbles of sham economics left as poor.

Will Barack Obama say no to the rich and powerful, or will they say no to him and his intrinsic desire to help the poor and the powerless?

Barack Obama does not have a lot of experience in hearing the word no from the powerful. He may have believed his own rhetoric when he spoke it. Soon he will have to decide who his clients are, and which America he will work for.