Who looses? If Northern Alliance Wins


The days of Shalmaneser III, the days of Chengez Khan, the days of Hulagouge, Taimur’s, Babar’s, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini are now part of history, with the advancement which has taken place and is taking place now in the new millenium. There is hardly any chance for military adventurism and the war against terrorism which actually is a war against Islam will have world history re-written to establish the TRUTH which the American have tried to kill as the first casualty of war in Afghanistan.

Cooperation and dialogue under the aegis of a world body will now take an effective place in the world turmoil starting after the failures of designs of planners of 11th September attacks on World Trade Towers. The world now stand divided in terms of nation states and religion and it would therefore be necessary for the responsible leaders of the world to rely more on their conscience and enter into dialogue on the problems facing them instead of showing their armed might and testing the capability of their rotting ordinance by killing the poor humanity in the third world countries who are already living below the poverty line due to economic exploitation of the West.

Especially when inspite of all secrecy maintained by the United States on nuclear energy, more and more nations have the capacity to make atom bomb, the two of which were released in August 1945 on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The atomic power is going to spread slowly but surely and in the event of another world war, splinters initiated by fuel of war against terrorism, in which the safest heaven America has also come under attack of activist forces, the world will come to an end and perhaps that will be the day of Judgement.

It would eventually lead to the more and more use of economic power, which can only be developed through dialogue and cooperation and not through war, whether it be Gulf war or war against Islam or war for Asian colonization, the results will be short term gains for sole super power, how many more such wars Americans are planning? Are they prepared to meet the same fate of USSR in the final outcome, economic power is never developed through militarism, disintegration of former super power the USSR is a glaring example of defeat due to massive economic mismanagement and over expansion of military power without sound economic backing, as an unprecedented recession after 1930 is looming over America again.

Placed as the world is, there are four major religions in which the nation states are divided namely Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. Hindus form a small number confined to the territory of India. Christianity is spread over Americas, Canada, Europe and Australia. The Buddhist are mostly located in the Far East and China. Judaism rules the roost through its economic management, which led to the establishment of Israel being supported by their managers all over the world, who pierced the dagger of Israel in the hearts of Arabs and are busy in killing Arabs right, left and center. Arabs have been acting like most loyal and dependable suppliers of oil, oil is one commodity, which is the basic fuel to energize industrial progress but its price has fallen at the sweet will of Western powers. OPEC, like OIC is a tool in the hands of Americans, one fails to understand when West has used naked aggressive war tactics to contain oil prices, why Arabs have failed to use oil as a war tool to bring the Western powers to term with them over peace in Middle East and other Muslim issues. Israel swiftly acquired nuclear weapons and during the Yom Kipper War threatened to release five atom bombs in Saudi Arabia, Baghdad, Egypt, Syria and Iran. Unless United States release the desired military aid to Israel immediately. President Richard Nixon of United States succumbed to this threat and Israel won the Yom Kipper war. Terrorism has no relevance for the West, when it comes to look at the conduct of Israel é its past & present. Why?

There was, and still is no war against terrorism. While we have been trying to expose the variation of great imperial game of swapping bad terrorist for good terrorist according to requirement of time and political expediency. Mazar Sharif and Kabul have fallen before the Russian sponsored and Iranian supported Northern Alliance in a silver plate because of American carpet bombing, they are the same people who were earlier welcomed in 1992 with similar scenes of jubilation after the defeat of the USSR. Who then butchered more then 50,000 Afghans in four years of internecine battle for power in Kabul only, the fact is that American and Russian supported criminals have been given a second chance under the banner of Northern Alliance to destroy the remaining cult of Afghanis after latest genocide by American war machines pounding into dust one of the poorest people of world. This is no victory for Americans in Afghan tribal war, victory can not be durable, which is achieved through friends like, the Northern Alliance, the Soviet Union just because they were now arranging for American military bases in former Soviet republics and share intelligence information gathered from spying over Afghanistan, nobody knows how soon this victory may take another turn in days to come, Russians may be thinking why their oil and gas resource should be controlled by America. For this American forces should have fought the battle on ground and captured the so-called terrorists allegedly involved in World Trade Tower devastation and hijacking of four American airliners instead of cowardly landing allied forces at Bagram airbase when it was safe after the establishment of Northern Alliance administration over the area. Americans appear to have lost the great gamble inspite of billions of dollars expenses, now they are again started showing soft corner for moderate Talibans and cultivating diplomatic communication links for another joint action in days to come.

Not a single terrorist implicated in the attacks on America on 11th September has yet been caught or killed in Afghanistan. The guilty secret is that the Attack on Afghanistan was a big lie of 21st century. The cat is now out of the bag, when they are celebrating their victory and running from pillar to post to establish a broad ethnic based government in Afghanistan to achieve security from acts of terrorism in West least realizing that all the alleged terrorist so far are not Afghanis. According to Tony Blair, it was impossible to secure Osama bin Laden’s extradition from Afghanistan by means other than cluster and carpet bombing, while leaders of two Islamic parties negotiated bin Laden’s extradition to Pakistan to stand trial for September 11 attacks. The deal was that he would be kept in house arrest in Peshawar and face fair and transparent trial where the American FBI would have been compelled to put forth tangible and concrete evidence. This had both bin Laden and Mullah Omar’s approval. The US Ambassador to Pakistan was notified in advance according to reports published in daily Telegraph of London. Who sabotaged this deal and why?

A change of colour has been noticed on the face of Mr. Rumsfield after the capture of Kabul and other cities by Northern Alliance accompanied by the Hizbe-Jihad’s activists belonging to Iran, one wonders what a hypocrites American are they are fighting a so-called war against terrorism with the help of terrorist forces, haven’t the world seen on media. After Taliban’s departure from Kabul, CNN reporter could not find any thing but few “Muslims” who celebrated after shaving their beard, some ladies who removed their “Burqa”, some boys who were dancing with music on the street of Kabul. CNN also Showed how Northern Alliance militia was dragging their opponent Muslims on the streets of Kabul simply because they were either Pakistani or Arabs. A young boy was slapping on the face of an old man; another young boy was pulling the beard of an old man. Northern Alliance forces reportedly shot many Muslims as well. CNN showed how revengeful and disrespectful the American and Russian supported victors in Afghanistan are. Why the champions of human rights are silent over the brutalities committed by Americans and Northern Alliance being shown on CNN & BBC, they have not spared the dead bodies of Taliban supporters in this war, that is to say that CNN was telecasting again and again a film showing that the man was one of the thousands of Pakistani volunteers who had poured over the border to fight in support of Taliban and for Osama bin Laden. He was dead, but that wasn’t enough for the men of the Northern Alliance – they kicked the corpse, they spat on it and they mocked it with manic laughter.

The sole super power of the world, which was out to destroy any country and the nation, which did not accept the New World order to establish American might was made to face their wrath. European continent was tamed by ruthless bombing of Yugoslavia and trial of former President Milovesic by International Court of Justice whose just working is questionable for denying the accused his right to speak on certain points. Out come of the Gulf war was not only for financial benefits from the oil rich Arab countries but to make these African and Middle Eastern countries camp followers of America. The role of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) during the Afghan war in which Islam and a Muslim nation has become victims, OIC did not play its due role and has become irrelevant for people belonging to its 57 member countries and needs to re-examine its role in International community, while the Americans are fearing large scale spread of Islam in West as people have started studying Islamic culture and religion and are found discussing the rules of Ramzan, which is one of the causes of organized attacks on Muslim living in USA and Britain. Is this not a swift change in Americans collective national thinking on Islam after the fall of USSR and planned move after 11th, Septembers attack on Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The nuclear threat and world holocaust can only be averted by dialogue, by sitting around a table and not by amassing more and more of nuclear bombs. There is no doubt about the fact that fruitful economic cooperation can lead us to an era of peace and prosperity, we must re-energize OIC, which can become finest example of Interreligious cooperation and dialogue. NAFTA is yet another example of economic cooperation between the countries mostly with Christian population of United States, Canada and Mexico. Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) is also an example of Muslim countries of Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Central Asian States joining hands for economic cooperation. Revival of close cooperation between Iran, Pakistan and Turkey is also very important for the economic stability of three Muslim countries facing the threats from WTO and Globalization.

The world is loosing the values of respect for civilizations each minute, each hour and each day, and consequently with the advancement of new methods and technology, is to reach a point where every state would be a super power in its own realm and that would be the height of confusion among states. The law of nature would still be there and the differences in the states will continue. But the method of solving disputes would depend on the cooperation between the different states, the trend of which would be governed by Interstate relationship based on religious sentiments, economic self reliance without WTO and Globalization, as militarism has no place in the new millennium. The results of war in Afghanistan will be hazardous for the super power, who will not come out of its economic recession, which could have been averted through peaceful dialogue and sincere efforts and not blind and doggy moves in the present age of information technology. To win the world, America has to win the hearts of teeming million, who are fighting for their survival to make both ends meet.

A country, which structures its foreign policy and reaction against so-called terrorism on the basis of perfidy, exploitative self-interest, can not be expected to provide justice. Especially when justice is hostage to lobby groups and opinion polls, again manipulated by lobby groups, the salvation of America lies in that its silent majority must stand up against injustices and speak and demand the Truth from its rulers.