Who held the Iraq invading power five years ago – Bush or Sharon?

No doubt the flute of George Bush Junior, playing the tune of the 9/11 event, had an initial melody as good as what the Pied Piper of Hamelin in Germany once played in Aesop’s Fables. The story tells the readers that a devilish rat-catcher promised the townsmen a solution for their problem with the rats, but instead he lured the children of Hamelin and had them drowned in a river. Immediately after the 9/11 event George Bush, with a pre-trained tune, started playing his pipe. No country had a chance to take even a pause and think. All of them were in a hurry to line up and follow the Pied Piper of Washington to kill a few "pet rats" – the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, who once fought for the US against the Soviet Union.

Then when the "Sharonist mole" in the White House and the Pentagon veered their war-euphoria from Afghanistan to Iraq, many countries were struck with "shock and awe" (Rumsfeld’s language). Just about two weeks before invading Iraq, George Bush labelled the UN as "irrelevant". A documentary was then being televised in Canada and got circulated in Europe. The documentary owes its credence to a team of seasoned journalists, including Neil MacDonald, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, stationed in Washington. It focused on Paul Wolfowitz, then the architect of the American foreign policy of the Bush administration and how he exploited September 11 as a stepping-stone towards fulfilling his wish-list. It was evident to the viewers that Paul Wolfowitz was looking forward to extending Israel’s boundary beyond Iraq – the land that bears the biblical glory of Babylon.

The dream-seeking wordings in the document of Paul Wolfowitz were aimed at an all-out war against Islamic countries, starting with Iraq. He, patently, put a condition to his success and it read: "Such aspirations are unlikely to be realized without a catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour." Then the world saw that a "new Pearl Harbour" was actually making history before their eyes on the Twin Towers of the New York City.

Immediately after the document got leaked out, a number of powerful countries could see that 9/11 trick was just a delusion towards fulfilling the "wish list" of the Sharonists in the Bush administration. And so, those countries vehemently opposed the war against Iraq. Even Canada, the closest neighbour of the US, opposed it. American arm-twisting to make France, Germany, Russia, and China line up failed miserably.

Besides the Sharonists in the Bush Cabinet, there also existed a Defence Policy Board, chaired by Richard Parle, advising the Pentagon on war issues. It consisted of 31 members. They were sanctified as offering their services free of charge. This myth alone inspired the Time magazine to publish an article on August 26, 2002, addressing these councillors to the Pentagon as the patriots. The non-governmental Defence Policy Board, cunningly obtained "unrivalled access without accountability" to fiddle Pentagon’s sensitive issues. The main players were: Richard Parle, Elliot Cohen, Henry Kissinger, Kennneth Adelman, Barry Blechman, Mark Kisneros, Jack Sheehan, Gerald Hillman, James Schlenger, Mal Sonnenfeld, Chuck Horner, Kiron Skinner, Ron Fogelman, Harold Brown and a few others.

Why did these powerful countries oppose the 2nd Iraq-war? Obviously, the perception that "the world has changed since 9/11" got faded away in their belief after the brainwashing trap of the "Sharonists" got exposed to the world. While years after years, the anniversary of 9/11 will remain in perpetuity on the US soil, but to the rest of the world it would merely be a symbol of a fear-mongering attempt of the Sharonists who copied the mastery from Goring of Germany.

Incidentally, Herman Goring was a leading member of the Nazi Party. He was also the second in command of the Third Reich and the designated successor to Adolf Hitler. A few months before he was sentenced to death in 1946, he defended himself at his trials at Nuremberg. He said: "Naturally the common people don’t want war, neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany…… Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is to tell them that they are going to be attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for the lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country"

Shockingly, the blatant imitation of fear-mongering technique of the Nazis has never been so successfully carried out by any ruler other than a few US presidents themselves. Beginning with the World War II, none could excel the American government in traumatising its people with make-belief fears. Since then, America has developed such brainwashing geniuses that God himself has difficulty in separating the truth from the lies. Its people, in a seething cauldron of fabricated fears, are simply mesmerized to sacrifice their lives in wars. The pretext has always been "they gonna attack us".

The frequency of US war euphoria has made the classical proverb: "history repeats itself", drop its relevance for the US historians. Roosevelt, Johnson, Reagan, Bush the Senior and the Junior, all of them had to pretend to be a gladiator in a battle as the Romans did, and earned the cheers. Beginning with the fifties through the eighties, it was the Communists. Then the Sharonist controlled administration of the US tagged the Muslims in its list of enemies.

The "pursuits of happiness" the US presidents enjoy now are to hide behind the Nazi’s ideals that call for deceiving people with fears of attack by imaginary enemies. The "inalienable rights" that the American Declaration of Independence once guaranteed the US people is still there. The only deviation is that the so-called inalienable rights are solely reserved for those who control the defences and oil companies. Whether it is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the US presidents cannot disobey these invisible powers behind the power of the US presidency.

Though Saddam was a devoted friend of America, this symbiotic relation faded away shortly after the end of Iraq-Iran war. The US President then kept on turning Saddam into a despicable villain – a murderer, a butcher. In reality, the US had to distance itself and could no longer remain a holy friend of Saddam after the massacre in Halabja got traced its source to nerve-gas from the US and beyond. Donald Rumsfeld popped up on the TV screen frequently in those days with a triumphant smile.

Evidently, the world could see Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam, perhaps with the elation of his success in the nerve-gas sale.

To wage a war in a peace-time, George Bush Senior needed a smoking gun. With the pretext of rewarding a friend for his contribution to marginalizing the Iranian military power, the Senior Bush sent a message to Saddam through April Glaspie, then the US ambassador in Baghdad. The message assured Saddam that the US would not have any reason to object, if Iraq took over a few oil fields of Kuwait. Saddam was assured that it would reduce the financial burden of Iraq to make the payment for the arms, and nerve-gas that the US supplied during the Iraq-Iran war.

Saddam fell for the bait, took the US advice as a friendly gesture, and sent a few tanks and guns to incorporate a couple of oil fields of Kuwait into its territory. As soon as Saddam completed the take-over task, Bush Senior had spared no moment before calling a press conference and declared Saddam as a violator of the UN Charter. He allowed no reluctance in persuading all other nations to stand firm against Iraq and to share the expenses of war.

While arm-twisting other nations in the UN for lining up with the US president was relatively easy, it was not that thorn-free road to convincing the American people to give their lives for an issue signifying a UN charter violation by Iraq. Especially, when the miserable defeat of the US army in Vietnam was still fresh in their minds. Here again, American ingenuity in concocting stories worked like miracle. Bush Senior hired Hill & Knowlton, a public relations firm, to put together a convincing story and dramatise it as a TV documentary for millions of mothers and fathers to watch in prime time. Incidentally, this firm, a friend of Israel, had a reputation for its excellence in turning creative lies into a real life story.

The firm produced a tale as if a real TV documentary. Here the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter acted as a nurse and narrated a horror story. In the story, Iraqi soldiers were shown as brutal monsters, picking up children from incubators and leaving them helpless on the concrete floors to die.

The incubator story appeared so convincing on the TV screens that it, overnight, earned millions of supporters for Bush Senior all over American continent and beyond. The story, marinated with lie and deception, helped the US army initiate the "Desert Storm" and won a decisive victory with the help of Britain, France and most of the Arab nations. War ethics, formulated by Geneva Convention, was completely ignored by the US army. The massacring of over 200,000 retreating Iraqi soldiers still appears in the US news media.

A few months before the ongoing Iraq war, the American President and the media had been hoaxing the American people again. This time, however, the President was not the Senior but the Junior Bush. He dedicated himself to fighting a war against Iraq even without the UN approval and when 90% world opinion was against him. Now George Bush Junior, surrounded by the Sharonists, hoaxed the world with a new lie, jargonized for "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Presumably, no US President, other than the Junior Bush, has ever been turned into a puppet by the Israeli-influenced "war party" within the administration’s senior ranks.

Just as Hitler did, George Bush Junior’s chilling rhetoric, suggested a dangerous enemy’s threat that perpetually hangs over its peoples’ neck. Drowned out in a thundering applause, the US citizens had never a chance to re-think that the speech: "You are either with us or against us" had an identical resonance with Hitler’s speech, after he assumed the Chancellorship of Germany.

With over 30,000 wounded US army and ten trillion dollars of debt, the Sharonist influenced "war party" of the Bush administration has recently helped reach the death-toll milestone that reads 4,000 US army, by the Easter Sunday of 2008. There also mounts at the back of the American tax-payers a cargo of war-cost that exceeds trillions. Coupled with these burdens are the severe hike in the gasoline price and a declining value of the US dollar.

Having all the bragging of the American freedom of speech, did anyone ever demand Bush Junior to tell who was holding the real power in the White House during the invasion of Iraq five years ago? Was it the US president George Bush or the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon?


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