Who Benefited Most?

It has been over nine months since the terror and destruction of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the benefits are becoming much clearer. In any crime investigation, the first question asked:  Who is the beneficiary of the crime?  This was the question I asked in my article circulated on 9-11-01 and provided a tentative answer. A crime is committed for some benefits therefore we must ask the question of who benefits, what was the benefit, and why. Why not apply the same principle to the investigation of  the crime of the 9-11 terror? Why are Bush and his agencies bypassing this important question? The explanation given that the terrorists hated freedom and prosperity of the U.S. is totally opposite to the truth. These reasons are ridiculous and every rational person will reject them. If that were the case, why doesn’t the U.S. open the door for the immigration of Muslims to the U.S. and find out how much Muslims love freedom? Freedom and prosperity are denied to the Muslims of the world by the U.S. The U.S. spends billions of dollars annually to destabilize Muslim majority countries and keep them in chaos, ruled by dictators appointed by the U.S. They are denied development in every area of life. Let us look at the beneficiaries of the 9-11 terror.

1. Were there any benefits to the Muslims?  

If we accept the Bush administration contention that Osama Bin Ladin and his followers carried out the attack we find that they, along with the Muslim world, are net losers. Any Arab or a Muslim with his brain tied behind his back could see that terrorizing civilians in the U.S. would bring no benefit to anyone. It is, therefore, logical to conclude from the benefit criteria alone that no Arab or Muslim was involved in the 9-11 terror, let alone followers of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, who are perceived to be good Muslims by over 80% of the Muslim world. Besides, the Arabs had no technological and logistical support to carry out such a complicated plot. For more reasons see http://www.iiie.net/Sept11.html. During the last nine months terrorists of the U.S. and Britain have brought nothing but murder, plunder, destruction, homelessness and more poverty for the people of Afghanistan.

2. Were there any benefits to the Israelis?

The Israeli and the U.S. governments suffered in world wide public opinion after their withdrawal from the U.N. conference on racism in South Africa. In addition, the Intifadah, which began in the fall of 2000 was ruining the Israeli reputation worldwide; Israelis needed a boost. In addition, since 1970 the Israelis have been putting pressure on the western governments, particularly the U.S. government to stop the growth of Muslim populations in their respective countries. These governments could not find a way to stop immigration and the growth of the Muslim population without looking like bigots and demagogues. Israelis gave them a reason to stop immigration under the pretext of Islamic Fundamentalism being equated with terrorism. Israelis did terrorize many European cities and framed the Arabs, through credit claimed by the assumed Islamic organizations established by the Israelis themselves. However, these terror activities did not work because Europeans ignored them and Americans did not see them as a problem because it was not done in mainland U.S. Israelis waited for a sympathetic administration in the White House and they were able to maneuver the election of Clinton-Gore in 1992 which took over the reigns of the government in January 1993.

The Israelis carried out the first terror attack on the World Trade Center in February 1993 (http://www.iiie.net/Articles/WTCbombing.html) and were successful in framing the Muslim-Arabs legally: in New York City the FBI investigators were Zionists, the prosecutors were Zionists, the Judge was a former Rabbi and a devout Zionist, the jury was pro-Zionist and even the “defense” lawyers appointed by the court were Zionists. The decks were stacked in favor of the Zionists and the kangaroo court of New York City convicted innocent defenders. It was followed by the arrest and conviction of Sheikh Omar Abdur Rahman by a similar kangaroo court of New York City, helped by the mole Imad Salem who received one million dollars, a face lift to camouflage his identity and life-long pension for his lies and for helping the Zionists.

In the fall of the same year, perhaps under the supervision and leadership of Al Gore, plans were developed for coordination among all Islam and Arab-haters to remove Muslims from the West and fight Islam in the Muslim majority countries. The media and Congress had to be brought in-line for the project of removing Muslims from the U.S. Steve Emerson received the project of producing a movie to show that the Muslims of America were terrorists and their removal from the country was in the best interests of the country. His products were the movie JIHAD IN AMERICA, a pseudo-documentary, a book titled MOHAMMED’S ARMY: THE RISE OF ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM, and his invectives against Islam and Muslims in his appearances on TV, radio and Congressional meetings. In response the Congress and the Senate established their own anti-terrorism committees and appointed Israelis (acting as Americans) as heads of those committees.

The result was as expected: these committees produced documents and books to “prove” their point. It was quite obvious that Israelis were calling the shots. In 1996 the Clinton-Gore administration was able to pass amendments to the immigration laws (perhaps written by the Israelis on behalf of the Congress and the Senate) which Clinton signed. These laws were designed to block immigration of Muslims without spelling out the word Muslim. However, Muslims continued to enter the U.S. on student, visitor, business and other types of visas and a majority stayed. These temporary visa holders were slowly obtaining immigration visas legally, becoming citizens. There was a threat of them becoming voters thereby diluting the influence of the American Zionists.

In 1998 the Oklahoma City bombing gave the Zionists a short lived boost but the arrest of a white American Christian, Tim McVeigh, disappointed them. Had Tim McVeigh done this bombing in New York City he would have walked scot-free and some Arabs would have been arrested, convicted and rotting in the prisons today. Israelis and their American cohorts were extremely disappointed and they had to come up with something big to start a backlash against the Muslims in the West so their removal could be achieved.

The 9-11 terror was conceived and was carried out with the help of many elements within the U.S., without whose help there could have been no success. Israelis achieved a great success in the public opinion in the West but their success in creating a backlash against Muslim Americans was only partial due to the Bush announcements in “support” of Islam and Muslims. Zionists inside and outside of the American government have not given up yet and they are using overt language condemning Islam itself and efforts continue against the presence of Muslims in the U.S. and Canada. Since the Israeli job is not finished yet, more violent terror should be expected and attempts will be made to frame Muslims but this time they will try to frame Muslim Americans rather than the foreigners. This will surely give rise to backlash against the Muslims in America.

Behind the faéade of the 9-11 terror Israel began its own terror against the Palestinians and reversed the achievements for peace attained over a decade of efforts by the “peace loving” sections of Israelis, Palestinians and their American counterparts. The hegemony of Israel over the West Bank and Gaza has been reestablished, movements of the Palestinians have been curtailed, the economy and security of the Palestinians has been eroded. In addition, Israel has been able to remove the pressure upon itself against establishment and expansion of the settlements and the work in this area has been expanded. All thanks to the 9-11 terror that made these achievements possible.

The passage of the 1996 amendments to the U.S. immigration laws did not do enough tightening of the entry of the Muslims in the U.S., their deportations, and prevention of becoming immigrants and citizens. Now 9-11 has given them some positive results: laws are being tightened further, those who have lived beyond the expiry of visa are being arrested, imprisoned, tortured then deported, or held indefinitely without charge under one pretext or another. American Muslims are being denied even their lawful charity work. This is very pleasing to the Israelis. But they want more. Israelis and their Zionist friends in America want all Muslims expelled from the U.S. whether they are immigrants or native born.

Israel never desired to see the Arab world progress educationally, technologically, socially, politically, economically or militarily, and has always been working in association with the U.S. to undermine every kind of progress in the Arab/Muslim world. The terror of 9-11 has helped Israel to convince American politicians to help further in undermining the progress of the Arab and Muslim majority countries around the globe. The first targets are Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, and the U.S. is obliging Israel by working to weaken these three countries in particular. In general the entire Muslim world is the target for undermining its progress in every area of human activity.

3. Were there any benefits for the U.S.?

Yes. Phenomenal success was achieved for the Bush administration through success in the WTC terror. However, these successes are temporary, their benefits will fade away and in the long run American people will be the net losers. At the beginning of the Vietnam war I gave a brief talk (perhaps in late 1963 or early 1964) in St. Paul, Minnesota where I said that if the American people condone an unjust war in Vietnam they will be the net losers in the long run, because God’s justice is frequently delayed but never denied. Forty years of history has proven my point. The crime in the American streets and homes, drug abuse, alcoholism, murder, pornography, break up of the family, break up of home discipline, honesty and a lot more has gone wrong.

If the American people remain gullible, believe everything their media and the government tell them, let the real terrorists of the 9-11 go free and allow innocent people suffer in their places, God’ wrath will surely come upon them and their progeny will pay in the long run the way present generation is paying for the silence during the Vietnam war. The life in America has become much worse than what it was forty years ago. Money is not everything but moral conduct of the people should be looked at. Now, more American families have more money but there is less contentment with life, more tension, depression and psychological disorders, higher rate of suicides and more violence even by the pre-teens and teenagers.

 Let us look at the benefits to the Bush administration:

(i) The Secular Democracies of the world have been fearful of Communism and Islam since the establishment of the Soviet Union. From the 1920s through 1989 fighting communism with the help of the Muslim world was the prime target. Once that was done the Muslim world was betrayed and planning for war against Islam began with the attack on Iraq in 1990. Saddam was contained but he was not removed because he was found to be an efficient killer of Muslims and Islamic movements in his country. In this respect he was an asset and he was not only saved but protected from internal coup attempts. In any case the goal was to stop the progress of Iraq and destroy all the progress made including its development of infrastructure. Israel and U.S. were looking for an opportunity to strike Islamization movements in various Muslim countries. There was no wisdom in declaring war against Islamization movements but there had to be a covert operation and this was under the banner of terrorism. Nothing less than the 9-11 terror could have provided such a cover: the lives of 3,000 American civilians and destruction of some real estate was worth it.

The plan worked: Israelis developed the project and implemented it, Arabs were framed albeit unsuccessfully but the propaganda machine and arm twisting of the Muslim puppets plus outright bribes helped and the war on terrorism (read it war on Islam) was on.

The next step is to expand it into the war of civilizations, a.k.a. a religious war against Islam as proposed by Sam Huntington, Henry Kissinger, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Robert Morey, Zbigniew Brezinski, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Bernard Lewis and a host of other Islam-haters and warmongers. As far back as 1994 I began speaking publicly to my Muslim audiences that the Muslims were in the middle of a war against them imposed upon them by the enemies of Islam. My message was not very well received and Muslim audiences were skeptical. I hope that the Muslims open their eyes and organize themselves on war footing, the war of media and public opinion. Israel and its American supporters are pushing for World War III against the Muslim world using tactical nuclear weapons, killing all the Muslims and destroying their countries.  The beginning of war appears to be a success as far as these bigots are concerned. American people have been fooled once again but their children will pay for it dearly in the long run. The war on Islam is not in the best interests of the American people.

Muslims in the West have to fight the war of the media, politics, social and economics and they must fight it to win. On the other hand I want to remind the enemies of Islam that many nations and communities fought the war against Islam but they lost and ended up giving a boost to Islam. Islam is a phoenix that rises from its own ashes and returns as more powerful than before its burning. Some examples:

During all these periods Islam kept on growing without stint.

Allah is calling the Muslims: “O you who (claim to) believe! Become Allah’s helpers. The Qur’an 61:14. He gives assurance of victory in verses 61:8 through 14. Allah promises: “O you who (claim to) believe! If you help Allah’s cause, He will help you and will make your foothold firm.” The Qur’an 47:7. Again: “Surely Allah helps one who helps Him. Lo! Allah is Strong and Mighty.” The Qur’an 22:40. More assurance: “If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraws His help from you, who is there who can help you? In Allah let believers put their trust.” The Qur’an 3:160. Let Muslims not give any reason to Allah to withhold His help.

(ii) Bush gained immense popularity, more than his father received during and after the invasion in Iraq. Bush popularity is expected to be maintained as long as war continues. This is the fruit of the hate campaign lodged against Islam by the Zionist and Christian Fundamentalist media. I am positive that Bush wants to maintain his popularity to be used in the 2004 election and the war on Islam is expected to continue. Unlike 2000, in 2004 he will not need the Muslim vote because he has adequate popularity for reelection é thanks to the 9-11 terror.

(iii) Bush desired to build nuclear defense missiles by spending billions of tax dollars, in the process making his buddies in the armament industry richer. It seems that he is well on his way to having his wish because his popularity will do the part of arm twisting Congress in passing the required legislation é thanks to the terror on 9-11.

(iv) Bush wanted to withdraw from the nuclear arms treaty with Russia and it is obvious that he has succeeded in convincing putative Putin into going along with him. In this situation Congress is not able to stand in the way of Bush either é another gift of the 9-11 terror to Bush on a golden platter.

(v) Bush hated the Kyoto accords for the environment. The 9-11 terror and subsequent popularity is helping him get out of the accords and kill the opposition.

(vi) In January 2001 Bush took over the White House while the economy was going sour. The American experience is that war is very useful for the economy because the government ends up putting billions of tax dollars into the economy while becoming more popular with the people. The American people have been brainwashed to support the government in wars even if these wars are unjust, senseless and totally created to fool the people. In such wars if a few Americans die it is acceptable to the public (considered martyrdom for the country) while spending billions of tax dollars is justifiable. The murder and plunder of other people (enemy forces, civilians, women, children and old) have no value in the eyes of the American people because the propaganda of hate turns their enemy into rats and mice to be killed and eliminated. Enemy property and its infrastructure must be destroyed because after the war the same people will come back for rebuilding their country pouring more money into the American economy. We have seen these senseless murders taking place in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Panama, Iraq and recently in Afghanistan. The 9-11 terror gave an excuse to the Bush administration to start the war to help the American economy. A better economy means increased popularity and altogether better reelection prospects. It is too bad that Enron-like companies and inside trading of stocks is not helping much but you cannot blame Bush for chronic corruption. Anyway thanks to the 9-11 terror, war has started and it is helping the economy to rise.

(vii) During the 2000 election campaign he declared that he would repeal the most hated (by the Muslims and human rights groups) Secret Evidence Law and it gave him popularity among the Muslims which got him elected. He found that the Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists were against the repeal of this law. He had to find a way to renege on his promise. Thanks to 9-11 it gave him cover and he could make the secret evidence law much worse than it was and his major constituents are happy but the Muslim constituency was betrayed.

 (viii) Bush came in to power while his slogan was defense reorganization and build up, meaning billions more dollars for the defense department.  There was opposition in the Congress but thanks to 9-11 the opposition is muted and there are good prospects of increasing the Pentagon budget.

(ix) When Bush took over the White House he had no clue how to handle Putin and how to prevail over him. Thanks to 9-11 Putin has been able to trade his support for the U.S. war with silent American support for the Putin’s war in Chechnya. A good bargain: who cares if a few thousand Chechens and Afghans die in the process? Human rights and freedom of the people are tangible goods which can be bargained away by the hypocrite champions of human rights and freedom.

(x) For sometime the Congress has not been friendly to the CIA and its budget was being cut from 30 billion dollars ten years ago to below 25 billion dollars (budget for the CIA is a secret matter). Thanks to the 9-11 terror, it made it possible to raise the CIA budget to almost 66 billion dollars out of which 40 billion dollars are reserved for only one purpose: fighting Islam worldwide. In addition, Bush is creating the Department of Homeland Security to watch the Muslim Americans and perhaps find ways to remove Islam from the West, a plan hatched in 1993 under Clinton-Gore administration.

Now read the following dialogue from the movie THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

CB: Charlie Baltimore (A female CIA Major trained as an assassin)
LP: Leland Perkins (CIA Director)
MH: Mitch Hennessey (A former police officer, gone corrupt, now a private investigator)
T: Timothy (A bad guy recruited by the CIA for Operation Honeymoon, a truck bombing)

Scene A

LP: You talk to me about Honeymoon.

T: Tanker is ready, one terrorist is on ice ready to play patsy. (The dead terrorist is an Arab)

LP: Loose ends?

T: None I can tell. Feds are going to find him in a ravine five miles from the crash site.

Scene B

LP: Budget cuts, dear. Congress blinded us overseas. I was forced to turn to any eyes and ears I could find, even if that meant recruiting the, quote, unquote, bad guys here.

CB: Budget cuts, is that what this is about? Operation Honeymoon. Fu*k me! You’re running a fundraiser!

MH: Fundraiser?

LP: 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Remember? During the trial, one of the bombers claimed the CIA had advance knowledge. The tip of the matter is that the terrorist’s visa was LP. It’s not unthinkable that they paved the way for the bombing purely to justify a budget increase.

MH: You’re telling me you’re going to fake some terrorist thing just to scare money out of Congress?

LP: Well, unfortunately, Mr. Hennessey, I have no idea how to fake killing 4000 people, so we are just going to have to do it for real. We’ll blame it on the Muslims, naturally. Then I get my funding. (pause) Good night, old girl. (Perkins walks away) Timothy! I’ll be in Chopper One.

Scene C

(Inside the freezer where CB and her daughter are being imprisoned to die, dead Arab-looking man frozen in the freezer, bound)

CB: So, y’ plant this poor Arab to take the fall? What’s going out in the tanker?

T: (small chuckle)

CB: Come on, I’m gonna die. I wanna know.

T: Okay. Chemical bomb. Chain reaction. Once started, it can’t be stopped. A catalyst injected into the tanker heats up. We, ah, pull the truck into the center of town. It goes critical around midnight. Farewell, adieu, bang.

Note: This may be a fictional movie plot but many crimes committed are inspired by the movies and novels. The above plot was set in the year 2000 but the movie was produced in 1996. This plot appears to be a plan rather than a movie plot which was hatched in a period of five years. The Bush government estimated that it took five years to plan and execute the 9-11 terror. The question is whether five yeas was an estimate or was it knowledge. The difference between the movie and the real terror is that instead of blowing up a truck tanker in the center of the town, the airplanes filled with gasoline (possibly more incendiaries added inside the planes) were used for the terror in the center of the largest city in the U.S.

(xi) Bush would like to have absolute power bordering dictatorship, if not outright dictatorship, walking all over the constitution of the U.S. Thanks to the 9-11 terror he has acquired near dictatorial powers to do away with human rights of the people under one pretext or another. The foreign born have been reduced to the level of animals in a pond who could be held in prison indefinitely without charge. It appeared that American nationals were more human beings than the foreign born. However, the arrest of Jose Padilla has exposed another aspect of hypocrisy: if an American is non-white he may still be held in prison without charge indefinitely, except that he is declared an “enemy combatant” and kept under the military. By all signs the country is moving towards fascism and very soon we will be saluting “hail Bush”. The gift of 9-11 terror made it all possible.

(xii) Thanks to the 9-11 terror it was possible to declare war on Afghanistan, poorest of the poor countries of the world without any army or air force, a landlocked country. The crime of the Afghani Taliban was an attempt at the establishment of an Islamic society. The false pretexts used were suppression of women and support for Al-Qaeda, as if the country was not a “sovereign nation state.” It seems that the U.S. is moving from the European concept of “sovereign nation state” to a worse pagan concept of client state under the hegemony of the imperial power of the United States of America é oops, Worldwide Colony of America.

If we admit that the Taliban may have made some errors of interpretation of Islamic rulings, so what? The U.S. Founding Fathers made greater errors when they founded the country because they legalized slavery, suppressed women from owning property and denied them voting rights and much more. These errors continued for over a century before moving towards their correction. The Taliban established a much better country than the Founding Fathers of America because they instantly eliminated the anarchy of warlords, crime in the streets, rape of women, poppy crops, improved relations with Pakistan and other Muslim countries, planned opening of many more modern universities, many more medical colleges for women only and a lot more. In the eyes of America, the Taliban’s positive contributions had to be disregarded because their worst crime was that they were doing all these good things in the name of Islam and freedom of choice rather than in the name of secularism under the U.S. hegemony é just a change of the title would have made it all kosher.

(xiii)  The U.S. gave the Taliban an ultimatum that they must allow gas and oil pipelines to go through their country and denial meant that they would receive a carpet of bombs. To provide the Taliban with a carpet of bombs the U.S. needed a pretext and that was created through the terror on 9-11. All thanks to Israel for helping us out. The Taliban are gone and the new puppets in Afghanistan are all too willing to build American pipelines.

(xiv) Republicans are normally less than 1000 percent supporters of Israel unlike Democrats who are 10,000 percent supporters. Thanks to Israel for the 9-11 terror, the Bush administration got  what it wanted and in return the U.S. allowed Israel to throw out the Oslo peace accords to the trash bin, invade the West Bank, murder the Palestinians, demolish good parts of Palestine nominally under Arafat control and continue with the establishment and expansion of the Jewish settlements on the Palestinian lands. Who needs peace while big Uncle Sam is in the Israeli pocket and supports the brutal rule over the Palestinians? Sharon is fulfilling his wish and he is reoccupying the West Bank and Gaza. As of June 24, 2002 Bush has declared his total submission to Sharon and he wants the Palestinians to throw away their very popularly elected President Yasser Arafat even though his elections took place in 1996 under the eyes of international observers led by the former President Jimmy Carter. Evidently the death of 3,000 civilians on 9-11and destruction of some property was worth it. American Zionists are normally with the Democrats, only 5-10% may vote for the Republicans. Due to the Bush’s submission to the will of his god, Sharon, he may hope to obtain better support among the American Zionists in the next election cycle but the problem is that they do not trust the Republicans, especially the Bush family. They never have trusted the Republicans during the last century.

(xv) After the Bush election one Republican senator switched sides which changed the power equation in Washington and Senate came into the hands of the Democrats. Even in the House the Republicans have only a narrow margin and it was becoming more and more difficult to pass Bush agenda as legislation. Thanks to the 9-11 terror Bush became very popular which made it difficult for Democrats to oppose the Bush agenda. Another gift for Bush.

(xvi) The “War on Islam”, under the pretext of war on terror, was made possible only due to the terror of  9-11 and that brought all American puppet regimes in line. It is obvious that Musharraf became instantly the most obedient servant of Bush and his ISI has been neutralized. Hamid Karzai, an old obedient servant who has a long history of serving the CIA has been successfully installed and there are swords hanging over other Afghani warlords, including Abdur Raheed Dostum and Ismail Khan. The regime in Sudan has become obedient to the U.S. and the proof is in their arresting the accused terrorists and handing them over to the U.S. Even Saddam Hussein has mellowed. The rest of the puppets who were already obedient to the American wishes have become much more obedient. Thanks to the 9-11 terror, it has served well and was successful beyond expectations.

I as an outsider of the government loop can observe sixteen benefits accrued by the Bush administration from the win-win endeavor of the 9-11 terror. I am sure insiders may have many more success stories to celebrate about.

Am I implying that Bush or his cabinet members planned and executed the 9-11 terror? No, not at all, but the involvement of lower level U.S. personnel in providing technology and logistics to the Israelis for the execution of the project of terror and destruction cannot be ruled out.

The Question:

Is it possible that the terrorists of 9-11 can get away with their crime which gave a lot of power to the Israelis, the Bush government, the Russians and the Indians to unleash their war against Islam and Muslims? I do not think so because my observation is that God’s justice may be delayed but never denied. Those who committed the crimes against Islam and Muslims and their people who are condoning such crimes will pay dearly sooner or later. Allah said in the Qur’an:

“They (enemies of Islam) plotted and Allah plotted and Allah is a better plotter.”
The Qur’an 3:54

You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never fool God. Allah said in the Qur’an:

“They think to deceive Allah and the believers, and they deceive none except themselves; but they perceive not.”
The Qur’an 2:9