Who are the Terrorists?

I repeat what I said at the beginning of the first part: NOTHING CAN JUSTIFY THE KILLING OF INNOCENTS, nothing can justify the terrorist action against New-York. My heart bleeds in communion and empathy with the families of all the victims.

Grieving can be Racist

However, my grief is not restricted to the victims of an act directed against the US. I grieved as much for the thousands of victims in Bhopal who were poisoned by fumes escaping from a US chemical plant in India. At the time, the queen of England did not find it necessary to go and pray for the families of victims, in a splendid British cathedral. Likewise, the killing of thousands by the CIA coup in Chile, who brought Pinochet to power, did not induce prayers and empathy among the leaders of the west. I can multiply the examples which would include Guatemala, Congo, Angola, Cuba, Nicaragua, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.. etc..

One cannot escape the conclusion that there is something racist in the exclusion from official grieving of victims from countries other than the ‘white’ countries. Even when, finally, the horrors in East Timor reached the press after more than 15 years of silence, and even when new horrors were then revealed, the Queen did not go praying to any Cathedral. This is also true in the case of Rawanda.

Even the whites are not all equal. When thousands were killed in Yougoslavia, some of them victims of NATO bombing, it seemed to be no big deal.

I grieve for all the victims. I also grieve for the victimization of the Palestinian people, a people subjected to a barbaric daily repression under the foreign occupation of Israel.

Pointing The Finger

Still, what worries me most, is that the US is apparently preparing military actions which would result in much more victims. If only such actions could reinforce the security of the US and the world against future terrorist actions, one could find some justification. However, history forces us to be very cautious.

Not long ago, in order to capture Noriega, the US, under the father of the actual president, launched a war against Panama which caused thousands of innocent victims. Obviously THERE CAN BE NO JUSTIFICATION IN THE KILLING OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENTS, JUST TO ARREST NORIEGA.

Noriega, was he an enemy of the US people? Obviously not. But the US establishment saw in him an enemy to the US domination.

Not so long ago, when the US wanted to launch an attack against North Vietnam, they falsified the facts, described a ‘Tonkin Incident’ as being unprovoked. We know today from the Pentagon Papers that the incident was provoked by the US and its South Vietnamese ally. When the US wants to strike a country, it has proved more than once that it can prefabricate a justification, however maligning.

Not many people remember the ‘Lavon affair’. In short, and in order to spoil the relations between Nasser’s Egypt and the US, a group of Israeli terrorists, attacked US institutions in Egypt, to make it look as if it were attacks by Egyptians. This affair was known all over the world, except in Israel where it was shy fully called ‘Essek bish’ which means the shameful affair.

I am absolutely certain that the present attack against New-York has not been organized by Israel. Too much of her future would be at stake were it to be discovered. I just want it to be clear in the minds of the readers that the US and Israel, were quite capable in the past, of ‘creating’ criminal acts designed to point the finger at an ‘enemy’ chosen in advance.

In this respect, I find it quite troubling the fact that a flight voice recorder was found ‘erased’. The voice recorder has no erase facility. It naturally raises the possibility that the tape contained evidence contradicting the kind of finger pointing the US is interested in.

The US wants us to think that the terrorist danger can be contained and dealt with by a blow against the Ben Laden organisation and the countries supporting him. The fallacy of that claim is very worrying. The fallacy is so obvious that it could not have escaped the US leaders

Granted, simultaneously transforming four planes into missiles directed by Kamazaki pilots, requires a strong and disciplines organization. However, resorting to a biological war do not require such a strong organization. Making an atomic bomb and exploding it in New York can be the work of a few diabolic minds.

If so, why pretend that strong actions against those the US is pointing at, will be the solution? The reason is strictly opportunistic. The days after the terrorist attack against New York, is a time at which the US can allow itself to do what it could not in ordinary time. There is a world wide perception, encouraged by the US, that the guilty parties are to be found. What better occasion for the US to finger point at all those who in one way or another oppose or resist the US domination in the third world? What better occasion to better ensure the US domination, on the rich countries in the middle East? What better occasion is there to cow still more the Arab leaders into accepting Israel’s own struggle against the Palestinian resistance by pretending that it is one more aspect of world terrorism? If we take into consideration the US past policies in Latin America, south America, Asia and Africa, we compellingly reach the conclusion that the greatest and most evil state terrorist in the world, is the United States. The terrorist of the Ben Laden kind are misguided and criminal terrorists who can exist only thanks to the fact that they have a constituency that has so much suffered from the US state terrorism that they are supportive of them. Stop the US state terrorism in the world, force Israel to implement the UN resolutions, an the constituencies of Ben Laden and their like disappear.

It is time to recognize that terrorism is becoming easier and easier to recourse to. It is more and more within the reach of very small organizations. The only way to combat terrorism is to eliminate the causes that breed it: inequalities, prejudices, poverty, exploitation, opposition to legitimate national rights (Kurds and Palestinians for instance).

To get out of the conference on racism, just to protest the stigmatization of Israel which is, at the very least, the oppressor of the Palestinian people, does not demonstrate a will to tackle the ills of society, a will to redress the wrongs committed by the US and other ‘civilized’ countries.

It is necessary to realize that, when it comes to mourn and grieve, all the victims are equal, be them from Bhopal, Rewanda, Vietnam or Palestine. Those of Israel and the US are already recognized as being worthy grieving for. AN effort must be made to recognize the necessity to equally grieve for the others.

The more the US will exploit the situation for its own political aims, the less there will be security in the world. The US entered into a program aimed at protecting it from nuclear missiles. The real danger is much more simpler. It is the despair engendered by people who want to dominate and exploit the third world pitilessly. It is the disregard of these same people for a sane ecology and for a pollution less planet which is the greatest threat.

There is a need for the people in all the countries to become more and more conscious of the real dangers to the security. Eliminating one terrorist gang, will not prevent many smaller and more dangerous gangs to be formed. Airplanes as missiles, is just a beginning. Unless we address the real sources of despair, we can expect worse terrorism in the future.