Where Osama failed, Sharon may deliver

Iran on the other hand has been involved in the factional fighting among the Muslims. It has been financing Shiite terrorist organizations particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Northern alliance supported by Iran has committed grave massacres in the past in Afghanistan and is still engaged in it. Furthermore, they are funded by poppy growth which is then converted into heroin and sold into the streets of the world.

Jordan has also become more or less of a subordinate state of Israel. Every time anything happens, the king of Jordan rushes to Washington to seek blessing from the American President.

Syria’s government on the other hand has played as an effective stooge of the former USSR in the Middle East. As the cold war ended the Syrian leadership is sitting tight doing nothing. Furthermore they are also very much influenced by the dead communist ideology.

The pip-squeak states of the gulf, like the U.A.E. .etc, are too busy in their capitalism to look anywhere else. They are busy in making money so that it can be deposited in the Swiss banks never to be taken away from there, while they live off interest knowingly interest is forbidden in Islam.

Nothing needs to be said about Egypt and Turkey. Egypt when fought with Israel, its leaders openly said that they are the sons of pharaohs and will squash the Israelis. How irrational were they to say such a thing? Pharaoh was the USA of its time and the bani Israel were like the Muslims of these times. Pharaoh was defeated because he stood against Allah the Almighty. But Egyptians identified themselves with the pharaohs.

Turkey has been punished in the past with repeated earthquakes. There is a size-able minority of Muslims in Turkey who wants to live their lives according to Islam and they are striving for their goal.

Then comes Indonesia and Malaysia. Malaysia is somewhat better of the two countries. Indonesia is a secular country and has deep friendly relations with the third point in the axes of evil, that is India. The other two being USA and Israel.

Malaysia has recently declared the Palestinians as terrorists along with Israel in the recently failed conference of Muslim countries in Kuala Lumpur. This reasoning was the prime cause of the failure.

Then there are Pakistan and Bangladesh. They both have a huge vocal Muslim population who practices Islam, and Pakistan also have nuclear weapons. Pakistan also has threatened Israel with a nuclear strike once in the mid eighties when Israeli jets were flying over Iran, coming to Pakistan for taking out their nuclear facilities. That threat was secretly made and was effective. It was made public years latter.

But Pakistan has many problems with India to do anything for the other Muslim countries. To add a little more complication in the story, the rulers of Pakistan are always handpicked by the West to do their jobs. Whenever there has been a war in Afghanistan, it has always come after the declaration of martial law in Pakistan, so that all the voices which may be raised against the use of Pakistani bases by the us are buried.

The Central Asian states have despotic rulers and they rule in a Stalinistic style. The population is still reeling from the effects of a long soviet brainwashing.

So the scenario looks pretty dark. And any one who has ever seen the day breaking will agree that the darkest part of the night is also the last part of the night, just before dawn.

So I have firm belief that the dawn of Muslim renaissance is coming.

I can see the rays breaking the dead darkness of the night. Islam will save the Muslims, this time again. May Allah save us from all the mischief that the Satanist West and its sidekicks have spread around the globe, so that we may reach the shore of success.

What Osama Bin Laden cant do to the Muslim world, Ariel Sharon may be able to do it. That is to wake the conscious of the Muslims. So in a way, Sharon is important for the Muslim world.