“What Makes An Anarchist”

Meria Heller’s Column

I read the sad news about the police over-reaction and brutality at a mostly peaceful protest in Oregon this past week. To know that rubber bullets fully capable of making a hole through your body and killing you if you are shot in the head were used on American citizens, young, old and babies sickened me. Pepper spray as well, regardless of the fact that there were women, children and elderly in the crowd. The police are “doing their job”, the same as the Nazi’s did “their job”. The same as Mugabe’s henchmen are doing “their job”, Musharraf the dictator doing “his job”. Their job all seems to be the same to me é global terror on innocent civilians and freedom. When I warned of a police state in the U.S. many thought I was crazy or a conspiracy theorist. Neither. I am well informed with a keen eye to put the “real pieces” of the puzzle together. Today the National Guard was called on in Iowa to come out in the name of National Security. Against who? Us? Peaceful protesters? American citizens exercising what they still believe is their right of free speech, free press, the right to assembly peaceably? News of Ashcroft’s citizen camps has made the papers as well.

I began reading a new book sent me by someone I will interview next month. The book’s title is “The Hydra of Carnage: Bush’s Imperial War-Making and the Rule of Law. An Analysis of the Objectives and Delusions of Empire” by Craig Hulet. He makes a very strong case against Empire, and points to the Empire having been “hit” on September 11th, not the Country of America. The World Trade Center was the symbol of the World Trade Organization itself, the monster that is killing democracy worldwide. It’s a very interesting view on the world situation. I am not condoning what happened on that day, just giving another view of it. With the fall of communism, the poor in nations around the world did not benefit at all. They did not and still do not benefit from the U.S. being the one and only “super-power” on the planet. This is part of the reason I feel that people turn to anarchy.

They try getting laws changed and doing things the “legal way” only to find that multi-national corporations run their meetings in secret and NOT for the benefit of humanity. They then try to make changes through peaceful protests. When that doesn’t work either, what choice is left them? To continue watching as their rights are taken from them? Their jobs? Their homes? Their children? Sooner of later, when left with nothing they realize they have the upper hand against those who have “plenty to lose”. That type of heart and passion could never be defeated. Not by an army, a missile, or a “war on terrorism”. The war as I see it is on FREEDOM, as Nafeez Ahmed writes so eloquently in his book “The War on Freedom”.

The only way to defeat an anarchist is to take away his gripes by alleviating his suffering. I don’t feel that with the “Global One World Order” this will be achieved. When the goals are privitisation of every countries natural resources which should belong to “the people” of that country, how can they expect anything less than anarchy or freedom fighters?

The entire planet did not sign up for One World Order, one world religion, one world culture, and the dismissal of their own sovereignty and culture. It has been the multi-national corporations who have chosen the fate of the entire planet without any debate or discussion. All in the name of the Almighty Dollar. The bottom line. Profit margins and to hell with the lives of millions of people.

I am not encouraging anarchy. I am simply trying to understand it. What makes a person do the things they do? How long before our troops are used against our own people here in America? How long before regular citizens who have a differing opinion than the “administration” end up in the citizen camps of Mr. Ashcroft? We are under a tyranny right here in America and most Americans don’t even know it. None of us voted for it. It was forced on us by the Supreme Court in 2000. Forced on us by the Lockheed-Martin Administration running America as Dr. Helen Caldicott points out so well in her book “The New Nuclear Danger, George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex”. I had a wonderful interview with Dr. Caldicott (in my archives at www.meria.net) that would make the whole world stop and think if they would just listen.

Many people are now gearing up to “sweep them out of office” in the elections of 2002. Who will we sweep out? What will be left after the sweep? How will we sweep them out? How does one erase corruption and greed from the souls of people who have been bought on both sides of the coin? How do you instill love and fairness for all humanity into humans who have proven for decades and decades that the bottom line is their only concern?

How do you even know your vote will be counted? What proof do we have that our votes have been counted since the advent of computer voting? I interviewed a brave young woman on my show é Victoria Collier, daughter of James Collier, co-author of “Votescam”. We discussed the fact that although her Dad and uncle had paper proof, video proof and more that our votes have been stolen, discarded, manipulated since 1970, no one has cared to do anything about it. As they say over and over again in their book :”we can’t vote the bastards out, because we never voted the bastards in”. So what is left to the citizen? How do we effect change? What will we do when we are no longer allowed to peacefully assemble in protest as all signs are pointing to today? Will our own armed forces, and police have to turn on their own brothers and sisters in America? What will happen when the PEOPLE stop paying the salaries and taxes for the armed forces and the police? Will any of them show up for work when they aren’t getting paid to “do their job”? I doubt it.

It all comes down to the only vote we have. We MUST vote with our money. Stop supporting war without end, stop our taxes from going to support a war-mongering administration. Demand changes and answers from our government or just use our constitutional right to throw them all out of office and start over. Obviously the signers of the Constitution knew this type of tyranny was coming and put into words what we can do when our government gets drunk with power.

As we approach what could be the end of America as we know it, imminent war in Iraq, escalation of war in Israel, droughts, fires, famines, earthquakes, global warming, sinking of land into the sea it couldn’t be clearer what “OUR JOB” is. Our job is to make sure life will continue on this planet with a secure future for every living person regardless of where they are. If we don’t take the necessary action, putting our bodies on the line if we must, how we will answer the future generations who will be forced to live in a hell worse than any science fiction writer could ever imagine?

Are you up for the “job”? All of civilization depends on us qualifying for it.

Meria Heller is MMN‘s columnist and one of the most popular webcaster on the Internet. She hosts an international webcast heard in over sixty countries, and has for over two years now. She believes in truth, justice and humanitarianism for all living things.