What is the World Thinking?

How can ANYONE rationalize what the Israelis are doing to Gaza on the grounds that Hamas is launching a few fireworks (tiny rockets) into Israel?

Mayor Bloomberg of New York came out and stated that New York authorities would answer violent crimes with maximum force and not proportionate force. Mayor Bloomberg, isn’t that what the terrorists did to your city on 9/11/01 after they felt victimized by America?

Mayor Bloomberg, if hostages were taken in an office building in New York, and the hostage takers started shooting their hostages, would you call in the Air Force and bomb the building to solve the problem?

We have a well-documented problem with illegal immigrants coming to America and some commit violent crimes, including rape, murder, etc. Should we respond by bombing their home neighborhoods in Mexico, Nicaragua, etc?

When the two students started killing their peers at Columbine High School, why did the SWAT teams wait to respond? Why not drop bunker busters and kill everyone and solve the problem like the Israelis solve their Palestinian problems?

If it were true that Hamas’ militants committed the uncivilized crime of using innocent civilians as shield, is the civilized response to shoot the living shields in order to kill the militants? If a militant is hiding in a church of worshippers praying to God, is it right to bomb the church and kill the worshippers in order to kill the one person who may have launched a two-pound bottle rocket into Israel, scaring a few but injuring no one?

If a militant fired a rifle from a school full of children, is it right to fire a tank round into the school to "take him out"? Should his family be tracked down like rabid dogs and killed, too?

Why can’t the Israeli’s use their vaunted technology to catch militants in the act of firing rockets and kill them with precision accuracy in the act? The Israelis have drones and surveillance equipment and a virtually unlimited budget. Yet, they choose to kill wantonly.

Hamas militants may attack wantonly, but they certainly do not kill wantonly. Most of their attacks are harmless in a real sense. Yet, Hamas’ power comes from the Israeli response, which is brutal and disproportionate.

The whole world stands by and tacitly accepts Israeli carnage. The world sides with Goliath against David. It is tragic and heartbreaking to see the punishment of the innocent and the brutalizing of victims for no reason other than hatred.