We cannot feed Israel to the beast because it is the beast

After reading an article written by Debra J. Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Don’t Feed Israel to the Beast”. I felt that I should clarify the whole truth surrounding her four points.

1) ” If the United States were to walk away from Israel, would Osama bin Laden and terrorist networks back off?” says Saunders

Though this is a complex issue. It is important to understand that Osama bin Laden is like politicians the world over. He is hiding his own self serving agenda inside the issues that the people care about. When he speaks of Palestine, he is speaking to the hearts of the people. I think it is terribly misleading to insinuate that because he uses this issue to call Muslims to fight, that it some how lessens, or worse justifies Israel’s annihilation of Palestinians, and America’s support of this.

2) ” you don’t appease mass murderers.” says Saunders

Which is the primary reason why George Bush needs to tell Zalman Shoval to go back to Israel to tell Ariel Sharon( a former Palmach terrorist) that America will no longer be ” the tail that is wagged by Israel”. Shoval was sent by Sharon after Bush announced that he supported a Palestinian State. He came to warn Bush not to speak of Jerusalem, the return of Palestinian refugees, and the definition of borders. It does not take a therapist to know that these issues are the very stuff of peace. Ariel Sharon is out of his genocidal gourd if he believes Americans will continue their support. At least, in the 1930’s when the world did nothing to stop Hitler’s advance into Czechoslovakia, the American media did not attempt to portray the mass murderer as our best ally. Yet, Israel has spent 100 million dollars on a PR campaign, since the September 11 attacks, to do just that.

I am sure that Ariel Sharon would be wise to stop shouting about how “Israel controls America”. Rather he should prepare to face the war crimes charges being brought against him in Belgium, for his roll in the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla, in which two thousand refugees were slaughtered.

I think Pete Wilson was absolutely correct when he said ” There is no appeasement. Appeasement does not do more than gain a small amount of time at great cost, because it encourages aggressors to expand their evil efforts.” The more time we spend appeasing Israel, by not speaking of definite borders, the more time they have to put new settlements in Palestinian territories. As well as dispel more Arab families from of their homes in East Jerusalem. The more time we spend appeasing the Israeli government by not talking about the return of Palestinian refugees the more money the Israeli government will save on bombs and bullets.

3) “If America ends its alliance with Israel, more blood will flow, not only here, but also in the Mid east.” says Saunders

Yet If America maintains it’s “alliance” with Israel, without any change, it is the same scenario. Since September 2000, seven hundred and fifty Palestinians have been indiscriminantly slaughtered. Forty nine of these murders were state sponsored assassinations. Three of these assassinations took place after the ” cease fire”, at which time there were 48 “accidents”. The assassination of Rehavam Ze’evi was retaliation for a state sponsored assassinations. Yet, I am sure that the Israeli government will use Ze’evi as an excuse to continue the ethnic cleansing of ” their land”..

4) ” Free people must defeat murderous thugs.” says Saunders

I could not agree with Ms. Saunders more. Benjamin Franklin once said ” those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.” Many times I have heard Zionist propaganda about how the world the world turned a deaf ear to Hitler’s well aired genocidal plans. Especially, when someone questions the murderous intent of the Israeli Government, to remove the Palestinian people from existence. This is a nasty way of threatening people who speak out against Israel’s monstrous human rights record. It is also a tremendously disrespectful way to excuse genocide. Genocide most certainly does not excuse genocide. “Of course, it is easier to accept murderous intent when other people are the target”, says Ms. Saunders and she would know. How much money does she write off in donations to Israel? Has she turned a deaf ear the cries of the Palestinian mothers who’s children live in terror.

Ms. Saunders finished the article by saying, “They do not understand that sometimes people have to fight for freedom, or that freedom is worth fighting for. They do not understand that peace and terror cannot coexist” I wonder if maybe she is the one who does not understand.

The only thing worse than tyranny is tyranny posing as democracy. I am tired of hearing about Israel being the “only Democracy in the Middle East”. Israel is a Theocracy, just like the Taliban. If it were a democracy we would not be in the situation we are currently in. Come on folks let us get real here. America must end ALL aid to Israel. Speak out about Israel’s record, if you don’t a swastika might magically appear on your palms.

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