We Are the Arab Youth, We Know Not the Impossible

“There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.”

— Napoleon Bonaparte

Two Arab Tyrants Down, Twenty to Go.

Freedom!!   How sweet its sound, how delicious its taste, how musical its voice, how fresh its air, how aromatic its scent, how bright its sun, how bright and full its moon, how green its pastures, how sparkling its water, how beautiful its heaven decorated with the canvas of clouds, how irreversible its path, how glorious the death under its presence.

I thank God for the blessing to be alive to witness the birth of freedom in Tunis and Egypt.   God willing freedom will ring throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

Within one month of each other Ben Ali in Tunis and Mubarak in Egypt fell, not by a military coup or assassination, but by millions of people from all walks of life, men and women, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, Muslims and Christians, the elderly and children, professionals and civil servants, even soldiers and police who abandoned their posts to join the greatest revolutions in Arab history.

The Arab youth in Tunis and Egypt have shown the world the civilized power of their conviction, their peaceful resistance, and their willingness to endure death and hardship to remove tyrants and invite freedom into their lives and lands.  A new brighter sun of freedom arose upon the Qasbah Government Square in Tunis, only to glowingly rise again with warmth and comfort upon the Egyptian youth huddled in unity at Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) in Cairo.  God answered the prayers of the oppressed and delivered His blessing of freedom to his beloved servants.

The majority of the Arab world is young, unemployed, and deprived of the basic necessities of life, a life of dignity, honor, and liberty.   These young men and women are exposed through the internet, satellites, and cell phones to an outside world that has left them behind in their chained lives.   All they want is freedom to choose and the opportunity for an education, job, shelter, marriage, and most of all, a life without fear.

No longer will the Arab youth ever tolerate being caged in their oppressive environment.    These revolutions will surely spread to the entire Arab and Muslim world where from every mosque and church the clamor and call for freedom will emanate to the heavens calling for God’s guidance and blessing to free them from bondage. 

They will be silent no more.   

The youth of Tunis and Egypt are now the guardians of their democracy in an Arab world deprived of freedom for centuries, from colonial imperialists to military and monarchial dictators.  No external or internal military force can keep them from the destiny they paved with their blood and tortured bodies.  

They are Generation “G”; Guardians of Freedom. 

These Guardians will prevent their revolutions from slipping to the past; but will ensure its continued path to the future.

They are the generation who know not the word impossible, but are the youth of all things possible.

For almost a decade America has spent trillions of dollars and sent the most powerful military to Afghanistan and Iraq to spread “democracy”; only to fail and create more violence, terrorism, death, destruction, poverty, and more hatred of its policies.  

Killer Drones don’t spread democracy, people power does.

What America failed to do with might, young Tunisians and Egyptians accomplished in days without firing a shot; their only weapons were their will and dream for freedom in their homeland.

The world has fallen in love with respect and admiration with these most courageous, principled, internet savvy youth who brought down two powerful tyrants beloved by America, Israel, the European Union, and their fellow Arab dictators.   

It’s always been a shameful, embarrassing, and comedo-tragic spectacle to see 22 tyrants meet in the annual Arab League summit to out-American, out-Ionize Israel, and out-ego each other; delivering the same lies and promises since the creation of the Arab League in Cairo in 1945.   All of them knew that everyone else, like themselves, is a CIA owned and Mossad infiltrated regime, yet they  were fine with the status quo as long as they could embezzle hundreds of billions of their people’s money. 

For 66 years these murderous oppressive tyrants have not delivered one single beneficial program or project to benefit their impoverished, hungry, thirsty, unemployed, illiterate and sick populations.   

Their enemies were their own faith, people, and enemies’ identified by the United States and Israel.  These genocidal occupiers of Arab and Muslim lands were the tyrant’s best friends and protectors. 

While the Egyptian youth were being killed by Mubarak’s police in search of freedom, Dubai was hosting the “Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament” where Tiger Woods was among the players.

After the brilliantly organized and implemented revolutions in Tunis and Egypt, the young democrats in both nations must be vigilant and guard against the theft and manipulation of their successful revolutions. Many internal and external forces will coalesce to reinstate military dictatorships to serve their political, economic, and security interests.   Both armies are patsies of the old tyrants and were lavished with billions of dollars to secure their loyalty.

The Military in both nations must never be allowed to seize, control, or prolong their rule under the guise of security from internal (such as the boogeyman “Muslim Brotherhood”) or external threats.   In fact, it is they who are the greatest threat to what millions of Tunisians and Egyptians accomplished and died for–”a free democracy.

The Revolutions succeeded in overcoming the main obstacle of removing tyrants; now the real difficult work of constructing a democracy begins.

How extraordinary that the youthful democrats are already aware of this scenario and are holding the feet of the military to the fire.   Don’t let the fire be extinguished, but reinforce it with more voices and unrelenting demands.

If the youth can overthrow powerful iron fisted corrupt tyrants in weeks they can surely overcome anything.

Nothing to them is impossible anymore

The world is with you, so continue your march to total democracy in peace, patience, and prayer.

Allah Akbar.