"War isn’t healthy for children and other living things"

2000 down. How many more to go? That’s what my mother would be saying right now reading about reaching the 2000 mark for dead U.S. troops. How many more will be killed for a corporate war( instead of taking care of our own problems here at home) before this madness ends? Recent polls have shown more Americans are against this war and the reasons for this war in Iraq, than not. We haven’t enough of our national guard members here to take care of the emergencies we’ve been having due to horrific hurricanes and a busted economy.

Statistics show 1 out of every 4 returning veteran is seriously wounded. 1 out of 4 needs mental help upon return. If you’ve been paying attention, the horrors and torture our troops have inflicted upon the casualties of this war show the type of mental angst they are trained under and demanded to perform under.

We have a President who says he’ll veto any war bill that says torture cannot be used by the troops. Between Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, the Geneva Conventions mean nothing. If you don’t feel for the prisoners taken (without charge I may add), then perhaps you can feel for our boys and girls who are trained to be inhuman and inhumane in their treatment of the Iraqi’s. What will happen when your son or daughter return realizing the illegality of this war, the lies for this war, and the horrors they have suffered and/or caused other people’s children to suffer?

We hear the slogan “support the troops” constantly. Do you want to support troops guilty of torture, humiliation and burning of prisoners? Our government surely doesn’t. A Colonel quit this week because he was tired of his troops not having armored humvees as requested. Our troops return to find they must pay for their meals, and equipment lost in Iraq as well. Many parents have had to purchase protective armor for their children in Iraq because our government ( led by men who NEVER fought for their country) refuses to provide them with protective gear.

Our “leaders”: Rumsfeld himself, sold better guns and weapons to Saddam than our troops are using. They are fighting against the best U.S. weapons because these traitors have sold to the “enemy”.

War is a racket. Gen. Smedley Butler wrote a book with that name. He exposed that all war is a racket, and mostly for corporate greed. Why are our children fighting a corporate war? Why don’t the major corporations provide their OWN troops to protect their assets and businesses in foreign lands? Is this what our armed forces were created for? They were created to protect America against enemies foreign or domestic.

Did Iraq invade or attack the U.S.? No. Yet, the Cheney cabal insisted on having their privately owned media convince the country that Iraq was somehow responsible for September 11th. Iraq –” a destroyed country, a country where 14 years of sanctions has devastated the land and the people.

My friends, the stories are first coming out in the news –” our enemy is DOMESTIC. Our government has been hijacked by madmen intent on a One World Order (now called Globalisation to lessen the blow) to their liking. One world where Corporations like Halliburton (Cheney’s stock now worth $8 million) rule the world. The first Corporation to get into New Orleans after Katrina and get no-bid contracts as they do in Iraq. The same Corporation that has been fined over and over again by our government for ripping off the American taxpayer.

Get ready. These madmen who never defending their country –” George W –” AWOL; Cheney –” better things to do; etc., are going to continue warring against any country on Earth that has anything they want, or that stands in the way of their “Pax Americana” (google :Project For A New American Century). Their children aren’t going to fight those wars. Ours are. They aren’t paying for these wars. We are. Who’s making the profit on the wars? We aren’t.

Our infrastructure is collapsing throughout the country. Our Medicaid payments reduced. Heating and food assistance to the poor being taken away. Jobs going overseas. Minimum wage increase on hold AGAIN –” 8th year in a row. Pensions being robbed. New tax laws to strip any deductions we may have to claim on our returns. Civil rights being abolished at the speed of light. Surveillance everywhere. All this from a Cabal that stole the office with a huge surplus. A group of “republicans” that even republicans hate. People who professed “smaller government”.

It’s time to realize we are not democrats or republicans. We are the tax paying citizens of the United States of America and these people WORK FOR US. It’s time to hold them all accountable. Down to the last dime and the last drop of blood.

Become a part of the solution instead of the sheeple they count on most to be. Stand up for what thousands fought and died for. Support the troops? Bring them home. Demand accountability for every liar and every forged document that started this madness in the first place. “War isn’t healthy for children and other living things”.