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It is unfortunate and sad that the U.S. administration is closing its eyes and ears towards the unprecedented atrocities carried by the Israeli occupiers against the Palestinian people. The Israeli occupation forces go neither unnoticed nor mentioned while locking up a whole population. Cities of the West Bank, its villages and towns are now concentration camps under the grip of the Israeli occupation.

For the past tow years, Western diplomats who are accredited in Israel, never dared to talk about the Israeli state organized terrorism against the Palestinian people. Today, The British ambassador to Israel, Sherard Cowper-Coles declared publicly that the atrocities against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupier have reached an unacceptable peak. The ambassador said that the “West Bank is the largest concentration camp on earth.”

In fact, every single house in these cities, villages and towns had been turned into a cell by the brutality of the Israelis racist army. Innocent children and their parents suffer needlessly, assuming they managed to have escaped cold-blooded killing of these uncivilized savage Israeli soldiers.

In spite of all the crimes against civilians, Sharon the Maestro of the bloody orchestra, is going for the seventh time to confer with Bush in Washington, this week. For the hostages, living in the concentration camps of Palestine, this is not only ridiculous it is outrageous.

Simple Palestinians ask the following questions:

Is President Bush comfortable with rivers of blood and massacres?

Does Bush support the war crimes and the civilian mass killing?

Why does Bush support the destruction of the houses of innocent civilians in Palestine?

How come President Bush does not observe the regulations concerning the American weaponry donated to Israel? (e.g., The use of U.S. made Apaches and F16 by Israeli army to kill more than 700 civilians so far; out of them 69 are children below 16 years old.)

Is President Bush aware that Palestine is occupied, and that the U.S.A. had coined the U.N Security Council resolution 242 35 years ago demanding that Israeli occupation forces must withdraw from the areas it had occupied on the 5th of June 1967?

Is President Bush aware that Israel has refused to comply with at least 79 U.N. resolutions for the past 54 years?

Is President Bush aware that no action was taken or demanded by the USA. on disrespect and non UN compliance by Israel with the U.N. resolutions?

Is President Bush convinced that:

Democratic choice is a right to every human being, that this is the way he was elected President of the U.S.A.

Palestinians have the same democratic rights. Palestinians are seriously tortured by Israeli savage measures, their human rights are smashed every day under the boots of the Israeli occupiers, and their children are deprived by American Machine Guns from their basic right to have milk, medicine and go to school.

Now, President Bush is receiving the “War Criminal Sharon” for the seventh time since his election. What is he going to tell him about all this?

Is killing children a self-defense act?

Is bombarding civilian houses after midnight killing the civilian inhabited a self-defense act?

Is uprooting half a million fruitful tree a self-defense act.

Is destroying schools hospitals and the Head Quarter of Arafat a self-defense act?

If president Bush is drawing the sword of war against Iraq for not complying with UN Security Council resolutions, can he justify not doing the same against Israel, a known occupier who is refusing to comply with tens of resolutions (which are mainly coined by the US itself)?

We hope that the American great principles of freedom, self-determination, independence and human rights will wake up in the heart and mind of President Bush when he receives the killer Sharon.

Bassam Abu-Sharif is a special advisor to Yasser Arafat.