Waiting for the stars to fall

As the attacks against American targets in Iraq start to acquire rhythm, as it surely will, you can be certain a point will come when the US will start resorting to extra-judicial tactics, similar to those used by Israel in Palestine, to quell the Iraqi uprising. These tactics will include arbitrary “preventive” detentions, extra-judicial assassinations, erection of endless checkpoints, “retaliatory” raids that inevitably kill civilians…and, before too long, the Iraqi fighters of Iraq will uncritically be branded as “terrorists.”

This is inevitable because there is no way that the Iraqis will acquiesce to a prolonged American ruling of their country; and, no way the Americans will abandon their precious war booties and, with all their megalomania, quit Iraq. Yet, after the bloodbaths, with all their instrumental might, the Anglo- American defeat is certain.

These para-Israeli tactics America will adopt, meanwhile, to fend off Iraqi “terrorist attacks,” will only unite the Arab peoples in purpose, as they see the early 20th Century imperialism reenacted.

If America wants to avert the needles blood-shedding in Iraq, it should present a clear timeline for its withdrawal from Iraq, in a matter of months, not decades.

If America wants to avert the needles blood-shedding in Palestine, it should pressure Israel to fulfil its obligations under international law. Enough pussyfooting.

If America wants peace and democracy for the peoples of the Middle East, it should stop supporting its despotic rulers and, really, pressure them into instilling real democracy. It should remove its military bases, the monuments of imperialism.

If America wants to end the flaming anti-American sentiments brewing in the Muslim world, it should adopt an even-handed approach to the struggles in Kashmir and Chechnya.

If America wants to end “Islamic terrorism,” it should do all that.

I am not a pessimist, but I am afraid hoping for an imminent renaissance of American political conscience is like waiting for the stars to fall from the sky –it will not happen. Israel and America are in bed together, so drunk in their military might, they are beyond reasoning with. Their leaders are intoxicated with delusional fantasies of higher moral grounds, divine blessings and prophethood. It will be up to Palestinians and Iraqis to liberate themselves.

Mr. Baha Abushaqra is a Media Activist with Palestine Media Watch.