Vote Kucinich: Impeach Bush

“we were almost all wrong…”

— David Kay, CIA Weapons Inspector

Almost? Well, they did spell “Iraq” correctly. The lunacy of this administration is matched by the blundering of our unintelligence services. Most of the world could have told both sectors of the empire’s ruling cartel that they were wrong, or just plain liars.  

While candidate Dean’s moment of goofy hysteria was replayed endlessly on TV, ushering him out of the presidential sweepstakes , the litany of lies and syntax terrorism of our court appointed emperor have hardly received the coverage and repetition they deserve.  

A “wardrobe malfunction” exposing Janet Jackson’s boob for a split second during the Super Bowl attracted more attention than the “democracy malfunction” that exposed America’s boob for a full hour on Meet The Press. But media control of our consciousness has taken a slight turn. The lapdog reporters and pundits who transformed a thoughtless twit into a heroic leader after 911, have finally begun asking questions that the world had already answered years ago.  

Long before the end of the primaries, and in the tradition of money politics, the Democrats may have settled on their richest candidate. Kerry is a fellow member, with Bush, of Skull and Bones, a ruling class sect which brings the limited minds and unlimited fortunes of American royalty together. Not coincidentally,and until future scandal, he has been treated with new found adoration by the press. Meanwhile, there has been a decline in our leader’s heroic stature, and a rise in the perception of the possibly criminal limitations of this cretin and his clique. Members of that unholy alliance , who only differ over whether their patriarchal god has chosen American christians or Israeli jews to rule the earth, may yet become inmates in, rather than controllers of, a government institution.  

Each day brings more death in Iraq, and less evidence of the weapons that administration nut cases still claim are hidden somewhere. Perhaps on Mars, or maybe still buried in the hole in which Saddam was found? Someone actually made that last claim, but most of the pathetic parrots simply repeat the feeble “but he could have made them, someday” and the time honored ” but he gassed his own people”. These are effective rationales for war, among impressionable types from the far right to the near left.  

But any humor is of the graveyard variety, given the disaster and degradation in Iraq, Palestine, and other places where the empire has extended its power with a force never before utilized in so open and unilateral a fashion. American world domination is nothing new, though it has been more obvious since the Soviet Union’s end . But this crew of fanatics has caused more chaos at home and created more opposition abroad than any regime of our recent past.  

Things are so bad that many who are repelled by the Democratic Party will support its candidate, no matter how wretched he may be. They justifiably fear that continuation of this government may bring disasters far beyond anything that has already happened.  

Even people who once saw impeachment as unfeasible have begun to propose welcome, if less potent efforts at controlling this renegade regime. Some call for censure, and even a recall, and while neither move is legally capable of throwing the bums out, they are at least signs that the formerly helpless or fearful are rising in anger.  

Those with biblical reverence for the constitution, who yet allow this gang to maintain power, only prove that without aroused people to enforce its allegedly divine legality, that document is useless except for its framers’ intent : to assure that the ruling class rules. Getting it to work for everyone else is a lifelong task for democracy. If Clinton was impeached for not quite screwing one rich groupie , Bush should certainly be impeached for most definitely screwing all the people of the United States.  

The administration is trying to cover its recently opened wounds, with one ploy being a committee to investigate what went wrong with our unintelligence on Iraq. But said committee won’t report until after the November elections, and is likely to be composed of sleuths who would have trouble finding a Starbucks , let alone reveal anything about who misled or confused our court appointed White House disaster .  

Even the sneaky pacifist tendencies of this alleged warrior have come into question. Like most of his class who send others to their death in wars, he avoided service through the legally sanctioned draft dodge of the National Guard. But it seems he was invisible during a certain time frame, except for a dental x-ray that proves his teeth were bravely serving the country . Whatever the opposition can come up with may help to keep him on the defensive , but he can be kept from doing further damage by the ultimate controlling measure: he should be impeached.  

Waiting for the jellyfish Democrats to find enough spine to affect change before November 4 could be like watching the universe age. Concerned citizens need to take action before then. Those previously claiming to like Kucinich – the real progressive – but fearing he couldn’t win, and who supported Dean – the fake progressive – only because he “could win”, can now rethink their early compromise. The remaining primaries should give Kucinich his greatest support, especially if progressives hope to keep the centrist Democratic candidate, whoever he is, from moving too far to the right, which he surely will do .  

Activists, progressives and other worried citizens who are having nightmares about our future , need to wake up to their democratic duties . If they use the vote to support Kucinich in the remaining primaries, and use the constitution to Impeach Bush in the remaining days, democracy may yet have its day. And the night may bring us all better dreams, or at least more peaceful sleep .