Uzbekistan Embassy holds talks with a Malaysian company

Uzbekistan Embassy holds talks with a Malaysian company


The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia has held negotiations with representatives of Malaysia’s ScentPur Industry, during which issues of attracting the Malaysian side to mutually beneficial investment cooperation with Uzbekistan were discussed.

At the meeting, the Malaysian side expressed interest in considering the possibility of organizing the production of hygiene products in Uzbekistan, which are relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, for further export of these products to the CIS countries.

The need for conducting by the company of an appropriate analysis of Uzbekistan market, the conditions for the implementation of the proposed investment project and the existing logistics infrastructure for the effective organization of work on the export of manufactured products was also noted.

Following the talks, an agreement was reached to study the possibility of the Malaysian side in creating a joint venture for the production of the above products with relevant companies in Uzbekistan.

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