UzA – Biosafety issues discussed

Biosafety issues discussed


An international scientific and practical videoconference on biosafety “Risks and threats in biosafety: Analysis of problems and search for solutions in modern conditions” was held within the framework of implementation of the National Action Plan of the Republic of Uzbekistan on fulfillment of international documents in chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear safety for 2018-2021.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Health, the State Committee for Industrial Safety, representatives of the OSCE and Scientific and Industrial Enterprise “Melitta” (Russia) and several agencies.

Chairman of the State Industrial Safety Committee Bakhtiyor Gulamov, the Chief Radiologist of the Ministry of Health Damir Zaretdinov and the Senior Adviser of the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan Richard Wheeler spoke about the important role of biological safety and measures taken in the fight against coronavirus.

Director General of Melitta, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences J. Goldstein, in his report “Pulsed UV in the complex of disinfection measures for prevention and spread of new coronavirus in medical institutions” noted that medical staff are most susceptible to the disease.

Participants noted that successful implementation of a coherent and integrated approach to biosafety implies the need for a clear policy and normative-legal framework, an appropriate institutional framework, defining the roles and responsibilities of relevant stakeholders, adequate scientific and technical potential, including the use of a risk analysis system, a well-functioning testing infrastructure and control, as well as an appropriate communication and information exchange system. The result of biosafety systems functioning is to enhance the health and wellbeing of people.

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