US should lead Iran by example — Stop Enriching Uranium, Stop Weapons Program, etc.

The U.S. Government tells Iran, "Do as we say, not as we do". The U.S. proclaims that Iran is a threat to peace, while the U.S. attacks nations that have not attacked it under false pretenses. The U.S. stations its military all over the globe and has killed more people since WWII than any nation in human history.

So, wouldn’t it be better for world peace and unity if the U.S. would set an example for Iran in peacemaking? Would it not be best for the U.S. to stop enriching uranium, stop building nuclear weapons of any kind, and opening our own nuclear facilities to UN inspectors? What would we lose — can’t we defend ourselves without nuclear weapons?

Iran could never defeat the U.S. with or without nuclear weapons. A nuclear terrorist attack against the U.S. could never defeat the U.S. or bring it down. The U.S.’ own nuclear terrorist attack on Japan in 1945 did not destroy Japan. More Americans are killed annually by the homegrown tobacco industry than would be killed in the worst terrorist attack imaginable.

We do not even know that Iran is actually building an atomic weapon. This is conjecture and speculation, not unlike the contrived "intelligence" used to justify attack on Iraq. We do know that if Iran ever launched a nuclear attack against the U.S., the retaliatory war against Iran would effectively destroy Iran as a nation and a civilization. We know that the U.S. has the technical ability to trace sources of atomic material and could identify the source of the radiation energy used in any attack against America, just as we know that the U.S. could identify the source of the anthrax molecules that were used against Washington D.C. after 9/11/2001. (And we know that this whole issue somehow disappeared once informed scientists began to suggest that the anthrax in question had to have come from U.S. produced stockpiles of the germ).

Iran is not a real threat to America, but in the interest of world peace, it would be right and proper for the U.S. to insist that Iran follow our own example in divesting from any nuclear arms program. The U.S. can start first by opening up all its production and design facilities to UN inspection, and then beginning the serious process of de-arming itself and teaching the world how to put the atomic genie back in the bottle by eliminating the entire stockpile of nuclear arms.