“Up to Americans to do the right thing”

The conflict in the Middle East has raged on for decades now. We have been told over and over again by so called Middle East experts, pundits and government officials of just how complex the issues are–some even suggest the conflict is insoluble.  I contend that the solutions for resolving the conflict are quite simple. Getting our corrupt politicians to act and do the  right thing is where the great challenge exist.

One has to acknowledge the well run propaganda and lobbying efforts of the Israeli’s. The complicities role of the American mainstream media has been detrimental to bringing resolution to this conflict. First of all, reporters have to ask the right questions of the right people and not just play mouthpiece for the Israeli government. The mainstream press has maliciously neglected to play it’s role as the skeptical 4th branch in our checks and balance system when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Not once has the question been raised, what have we gotten out of close to 100 billion dollars in aid to Israel over the last 50 years? Why must American taxpayers continue to pay for an illegal military occupation and settlement building on occupied lands? Then, in sinister fashion, they refuse to frame the conflict in it’s accurate context.  The conflict is a clear simple case of an occupied people wanting liberation from their occupiers; nothing more and nothing less. Instead, they have successfully portrayed the conflict as complex as DNA sequencing. They tell us that finding a solution to the Middle East conflict is as complicated as solving the origins of the universe.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The solutions are as simple as three little words: end, withdraw and dismantle. First the Israeli’s have to decide to end the occupation. Secondly, they need to withdraw their troops from the occupied territories. Thirdly, the dismantlement of settlements must follow.

After seven years of Oslo, of going in circles, we have yet to see a serious effort by Israel in ending the occupation, withdrawing their troops or dismantling their settlements. That’s where we are in this conflict today. The only question that remains now is what needs to be done to get Israel to abide by international law and resolutions 242 and 338. The UN and the EU are impotent because America continues to give Israel political cover. There is no way Yasser Arafat is ever, on his own, going to get Ariel Sharon and his hard-line right wing government to do any of the above mentioned.

That’s simply a case of acknowledging reality. Throughout it’s history as a occupier, Israel has refused to budge on giving back territory it conquered or much less stop construction of settlements on occupied lands. What more proof does one need then to see over 250,000 settlers and thousands of illegal settlements being built since 1967 in the heart of a future Palestinian state. Further proof, construction and expansion plans show no sign of letting up. Sharon didn’t build these settlements because he had plans of ever dismantling them or returning these lands back to Palestinians. Even the so called “generous” Barak  sham had no dismantlement of settlements as part of the deal. These realities only further make clear of Israeli intentions–as though there was ever any doubt.  A blind man can see through that scheme.

There can be no denying that the resolution to this conflict will be in determent how to get Israel to do the right thing. It’s also clear that Israel will do the right thing only when America decides to do the right thing herself. Our blind support for Israel does nothing but prolong the suffering of both Palestinians and Israeli’s. Fifty years and 5 wars later and billions in American foreign aid, Israel is no more secure today then it was back in 1948.

Since our government is incapable of doing the right thing because of politics and the Israeli lobby gripping influence, then it’s incumbent on us average Americans to start doing it for them. We can no longer watch the grid lock in Washington D.C.,  intransigence in Israel and with each passing day wasted, see more innocent lives perish on both sides of the green line without pressing our government to do what is right.

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