Uniting for Peace: Last Chance for the U.N. – or for us all?

It has been a booming Big Bertha barrage, Amerika’s incessant onslaught of Hitlerian ultimatums, with its accompaniment, the shrieks and twisting spirals of Goebbelesque propaganda fireworks. But this belligerent cacophony did hit one note right. It will be curtains for the U.N. and its relevance, if that body does not act now.

A new colossus astride the globe cries to the skies its utter supremacy over every law of love or logic. This rampant monster bellows its threats in crescendo, testing the strength and resolve of the human race to resist. Will mankind raise a hand or finger to stop the behemoth in its wanton course of despoliation – or watch in horror as it tramples into a mud of blood the shattered cradle of civilization – and grabs the world by its very vitals?

Bold words have echoed in the Security Council of the Nations for a peace plan, [1] from the old guardians of Western culture. As the echo dies away, under a heinous rain of missiles, a new crop of death’s fiery flowers springs forth from the thirsty soil of Iraq. And the plan – where is the plan?

A Blitzkrieg – translates to “lightning war” in English – “shoot first, ask questions later” in cowboy lingo – “creating facts on the ground” in wonk jargon – a Blitzkrieg is what our fascist junta will launch, any day now, to shut down the U.N. talk shop. Just as surely as the same band [2] pre-empted and junked the League of Nations in its day.

Humanity must act quickly. There are no two ways about it. The rest of the world must show backbone, or submit to being an American colony, for a slide down the path to nuclear Armageddon.

The Franco-German plan foresees a UN force with “executive authority” in Iraq to guarantee that it really destroys weapons of mass destruction (should it still have any). There is no word yet whether Iraq would accept.

What is most admirable about the proposal, though, is that it is hard to imagine an attack on a U.N.-shielded Iraq, even by the most drunken cowboy in the White House saddle.

Let us all contact every single Mission to the United Nations [3] (excepting, perhaps, the Angloid Axis, US-UK-Israel), to call for a peacekeeping protective cordon of UN troops in Iraq, without delay, even without onerous conditions that might put their people at risk of further punishment. We must try to save the people – in spite of their leaders.

Yes, to every Mission, not just the deadlocked Security Council. To forestall bloodshed in such cases, any seven members of the Security Council, or a majority of the General Assembly, can give U.N. members their marching orders, under the Uniting for Peace [4] Resolution – and within a lightning 24 hours. Any member state can present such a resolution.

On Feb. 22, at a summit in Kuala Lumpur, the ministers of the non-aligned movement declared their opposition to a unilateral attack. They represent nearly 2/3 of the votes of the U.N. General Assembly.

I appeal to all my readers to use the Uniting for Peace facility, and the miraculous one we now have at our fingertips, to conduct another, better kind of Blitz from our keyboards, each in our own words.

The General Assembly can choose between a call to arms and a moral deterrent. It can muster UN peacekeeping troops directly, or merely call on the U.S. to desist, and let inspections continue. The alternatives can be combined in a double-barreled message:

“Resolution: The United Nations calls on the United States and United Kingdom to abandon their threat of unilateral military action against the people of Iraq.

Should the U.S. and U.K. not comply with this Resolution within 24 hours, the General Assembly calls on all willing members to constitute a peacekeeping force in all haste to protect the people of Iraq, and such other duties as may be agreed with the government of Iraq” – such as bringing an end to the mass suffering from twelve years of U.N. sanctions.

The world community knows full well who are the evildoers in this unfolding tragedy. A pre-emptive strike is a statutory war crime. It is obvious to all eyes and ears that the clear and present danger is not Iraq, but the U.S., poised to unleash weapons of mass destruction on a civilian population. It is our duty as human beings, all of us, to shield any victims from assault as we can. We are lucky that there is something we can easily do.


[1] French and German Resolution to the U.N. http://www.geocities.com/emergent_behavior/UN_Resolution.html

[2] See also my Lies Father, Lies Son, , on the fascist continuum of the Bush dynasty and their protégé A. Hitler; and Alert: There’s a terrorist behind every Bush,