UNA media forum recommends the strengthening of news exchange on the Palestinian cause

UNA media forum recommends the strengthening of news exchange on the Palestinian cause

Jeddah (UNA) – The Forum “The Role of News Agencies in Supporting the Palestinian Cause: Challenges and Opportunities” recommended creating a system within the framework of the Union of OIC News Agencies to enhance the exchange of news and reports on the Palestinian cause.

The forum concluded its work, Thursday, with the participation of the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Hussein Ibrahim Taha, the general supervisor of official media in Palestine, Minister Ahmed Assaf, as well as representatives of member news agencies, international organizations, diplomats, and media professionals.

As for joint work, the forum called on UNA member news agencies to continue to sensitize the public opinion to the Palestinian cause, by providing maximum media coverage for all aspects of life in the occupied Palestinian territory, and highlight the devastating effects of the occupying Israeli power, and its violations of international law and human rights, and the war crimes it committed and continues to commit.

It also urged news agencies to allocate a publishing space in their platforms to shed light on the aggression of Israel, the continuous occupying power, on Al-Quds Al-Sharif and its holy sites, including its practice aimed at Judaizing it.

The forum also called for organizing media forums on the Palestinian issue inside and outside the member states, as well as training Palestinian journalists, and providing support for the programs and initiatives of the OIC and its various organs related to supporting media institutions in Palestine.

The recommendations included a call for agencies to allocate permanent correspondents in Palestine to transmit and document Palestinian events from their original sources.


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