UN reforms to legitimize terror against Muslims

The present obsession of some Muslim countries on which countries should occupy a seat in the expanded UN Security Council is misdirected. Instead the focus should be on the proposed reforms and what it means for the Muslim world.

Besides the plan to expand the Security Council, the new reforms advocate the use of pre-emptive strikes and include an open-ended definition on terrorism. The proposals are meant to be debated by the General Assembly later this year, but so far the discussions have revolved around the expansion of the Security Council.

The inclusion of pre-emptive strikes and a loose definition on terrorism will enable western powers to legally justify punitive actions against Muslim countries that pose a threat to their interests. The threat does not have to be real, only perceived. This will preserve west’s domination over Muslims lands within the ambit of international law.

Since its inception in 1945, the UN has been used by the great powers especially America to cement their hegemony all over the world. No people have suffered more at the hands of the UN then the Muslim ummah. The west used the UN to carve up Muslim land such as the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan, dismemberment of Bosnia and the division of Indonesia.

Furthermore, the UN has been used by the west to plunge a dagger deep into the heart of the ummah by creating Israel and supporting its existence by issuing resolutions in her favor.

The UN has also played the instrumental role in isolating Muslims from each other by imposing sanctions on Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan. The UN has also been used by the west to justify the invasion of Somalia, and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Given the UN’s criminal record against the Muslim world, its hostile plans for the future and its inability to restrain American hegemony, it beggars belief why the rulers of the Muslim world blindly submit to the UN and hold it in such great esteem.

Any sane ruler with a modicum of common sense should have realized by now that severing ties with the UN would give them a better chance of fighting western imperialism. Or else they will meet the same fate as Saddam Hussein who followed UN resolutions to the letter and caused the destruction of Iraq.

Today, the bitter irony is that while the rulers of the Muslim world pledge their loyalty to the UN, America realizes UN’s limitations to fight Islam and still wants to pursue a unilateralist course to subdue the global Islamic revival.

The only source of protection from the aggression of western powers and their instruments of terrorism such as the UN lies in the emergence of a powerful Islamic State. In actual fact it was the Ottoman Caliphate’s march towards Europe that encouraged European nations to conclude the Treaty of Westphalia and international law was born.

The Ottoman Caliphate stood firm against international law with such resoluteness that for many years it was able to demand warring countries to sign up to peace treaties on its terms and without surrendering the ummah’s resources or compromising Islamic values.