U.S./Israeli Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

So, the U.S. has learned that Syria interfered in the interior affairs of its neighbor, Lebanon. For shame! So, what is the reaction to shocking state of affairs? The U.S. and Israel plot to remove the leader of Syria and install a new government friendly to their own interests. Syrian meddling is verboten, U.S./Israeli meddling is taken for granted.

The Syrians are also accused of sending arms and "foreign fighters" into Iraq. How wrong and inappropriate and unacceptable! After all, only America and Britain and Israel and their allies have the right to send their own foreign fighters and arms to Iraq. How dare those Syrians put a fly in the British/American pudding once again!

Saddam Hussein was vilified by President Bush and his administration for torturing Iraqis at Abu Graib prison. But, not only does the Bush Administration condone and even require torture while stating that it does not torture its prisoners around the world, but the Bush Administration, while claiming it does not torture prisoners insists on retaining the legal authority under U.S. law to use torture in the "War on Terror", which is a U.S. contrivance. How convoluted can you get? As Mama Gump used to say, "Torture is as torture does", and the U.S. under Bush has done a lot of torture. Torture was bad if Saddam Hussein did it, but a necessary evil if Bush and Geoffrey Miller do it.

The hypocrisy of the American government and its coalition of the killing is limitless. The only reason the situation exists is the raw military and economic power of the U.S.

The Romans used to behave the same way when they held sway. But the times are starting to change, and the ragtag bands of Iraqi insurgents are demonstrating very well the limits of American power. America has plenty of bullets and uses them with proliferation waste on Iraqi flesh, but while bullets and bombs destroy human flesh, they cannot destroy the human spirit. The spiritual deficit of the American Empire will eventually bring it down and the hypocrisy and destructiveness displayed by empirical ambitions and actions will stand like a universal monument to evil and greed.