U. S. : Axe to Grind


Flaunt of global perspective-with a crystal-clear expression of loathing vis-é-vis US masquerade towards Iraq-has indeed left no raison d’étre for White House to axe for grind. The enormity of bemoan against war-from London to Canberra n’ Georgia to Jakarta-should pragmatically serve as an eye-opener for the United Nations in broad-spectrum and Bush administration in meticulous to divulge the veracity that today’s world aspires for peace alone-disliking all types of skirmishes for an affluent survival of the humankind. Gone are the days when hegemonic waft was in the rampant as the 21st century epoch is neither a stone-age era nor a span of pre-eminence for an explicit nation because sovereignty is accredited with the same gauge as is enshrined in the UN charter-which has the logo of equilibrium as the singular pedestal for all the members of the world body-irrespective of their faith, colour, cast, creed or credo. This can-in no way-be wiped out by any power-may it be a super one-or else the mandatory theory that ‘a state is composed of-territory, population n’ sovereignty’ would stand evaporated in a jiffy. The week-end’s one-voice by millions of human species shall thus have to be acknowledged-without any disinclination-at least by an erudite realm-the United States to turn aside a cataclysmic scenario on this planet-if not for others, for its own generations in times ahead.

Astringently, President Bush has-on the divergent-asked the UN Security Council to ‘make up its mind soon’ about confronting Iraq with a warning to the averse world leaders that ‘the United States won’t wait for long to lead a coalition to disarm Saddam Hussein itself’. [Why doesn’t he divert his neurotic guns n’ shrewd fighters towards India for putting its constant n’ consistent acts of carnage of guiltless people of the illegally-held part of the Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir to an instantaneous end-a question, still to be replied by the solo super power!]

Paradoxically Bush’s anxiety for targeting Iraq is perceptibly rising sky-scraping with the advent of a every dawn, bedecked by a colossal focus of US military might in the Gulf. He seems bent upon imposing death and destruction on the Middle East through a war against Iraq. It is ironic that the alluring super power is not ready to listen to the saner voices-neither of the people nor from the world leaders. Virtually the international community is convinced that war is unjust and uncalled-for when Iraq is extending full cooperation to the UN weapons inspectors, who have found no smoking gun in Iraq. Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has attributed an Iraqi scientist’s willingness to be interviewed-even privately-an icon of Baghdad’s support with the check path. It’s perceptibly incomprehensive as to why be Bush so twitchy and bigoted to attack Iraq, when the majority of the permanent UN Security Council members are resolute for a serene resolution of the crisis. If at all, he has no leaning towards one’s sovereignty he should better allow time to the inspectors to accomplish their task so that he may have an ethical and bona fide authority to act-in whatever style he wants. Via a realistic view-point his case against Saddam-at the moment is not justified morally and depicts nothing except his edginess smacks of a motive, to capture Iraqi oil-alone. Simultaneously, the US Secretary of State Colin Powell has hinted a new silhouette of the Middle East after the war which amply speaks of Washington’s real designs in the region. Bush has proven to be devoid of ability to comprehend the implication of his pursuit for war. Saddam Hussein is an individual, but the fact remains that the death and destruction that US warplanes, guns and bombs will inflict on Iraq is bound to have catastrophic effects on the entire area. Its ramifications for the world at large will equally be quite significant.

With this setting, one can only implore that wisdom prevails in Washington’s warmongering clique so that the loved human blood is not shed-callously-at the altar of an individual’s lust for the Iraqi oil. With Hans Blix report to the UN that inspectors have found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq followed by President Saddam Hussein’s vivacious decree forbidding the production or import of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or of any materials that could be used to make them has left no validation whatsoever for the United States to browbeat the world with alarms of war against Iraq. Baghdad’s sturdy collaboration with the UN inspectors is apparent from the Blix report that the scrutiny was swift n’ abrupt and in no case did the Iraqi side knew-in advance-as to which site the inspectors were going to visit. It’s unambiguous corroboration of Iraq’s motivation to assist the inspectors in the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1441-which harbingered this episode, opening a Pandora’s Box. No doubt the ‘evidence’ put up by the US Secretary of State Colin Powell was both blurred and feeble which could by a hair’s breadth stir the worldwide cerebral society whereas Blix’s finale symbolizes the authenticity, irrespective of the US avers and boasts. It’s, of course, cheering that Blix has rebuffed to be opinionated by the US bizarre patois against Iraq and has looked at the substantiation with detachment and neutrality. It will-thus-be a gaffe on Washington’s part to portray that ‘might is right’-more exclusively with the advent of a new dazzling millennium.

With a flat NO to a combat by the comity of nations, morals demand that non-violent mode be espoused to grip the goal rather than opting for a gratuitous war. Except Bush’s aficionado, Blair of Britain, every sagacious nation with China, Pakistan, Russia, France, and Germany atop n’ to a vast scale even Australia plus Canada are playing an august and marvelous role in forbidding US from resorting to a perilous act of war. It is an apposite time for Washington to bend before the universal will-as has been manifested via across-the-board demos n’ pick a choice for equanimity to save the world from yet another world-war as the hideous bang on Hiroshima and Nagasaki sticks with trepidation to humanity even after the passage of almost six decades when this puckish tragedy detonated the calm into an incessant terror. Is it now the Gulf’s turn? Sanity prefigures-certainly not. Is it so-the curators of human rights-as prima facie, you have no axe to grind!

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.