Two Middle East Realities: Free Genocide Vs. Free Trade


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Bush could easily have been speaking about Zionism and Sharon’s plan not to leave a Palestinian alive and not to leave an inch of Holy Land soil unturned and bulldozed; he could easily have been speaking about the damage of the Israeli lobby on America’s democracy and political independence; he could easily have been speaking about the American media’s parroting and pandering to Israel’s objectives; he could easily have been speaking about America’s short sighted foreign policy whose few objectives are support Israel at all costs and enrich the military-industrial complex; he could easily have been speaking about the tragic silence of Americans, Europeans, the United Nations, and freedom loving people around the world regarding Israel’s daily massacres of human, homes, olive orchards, water diversion, and soil in Palestine; he surely would be correct if he was referring to the impotence and silence of the Arab/Islamic leaders against Israel’s aggression and American support. Palestinians you see are not on the mental and emotional agenda of the world. The world is content to sacrifice them for Hitler’s genocide. Their genocide in the Holy Land is the atonement for Hitler’s sins and their blood washes the sin and guilt of America and Europe. It’s Deja Vu all over again.

Lately, Reality Shows are thriving in American television. They are cheap to produce, cheap to distribute, and return huge profits to the letterized companies of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX. It’s depressing to think that these “reality” shows reflect America’s “reality.” In essence that would define the “reality” of America as being a society of liars, back stabbers, competitive hounds where the ends justify the means, a sex crazed society deliberately tempted to commit adultery, a society where alcohol and drugs absolve and soothe sin and guilt, a society preoccupied with “self” indifferent to “others”, a society where “reality” is contrived and manipulated by executives, producers, directors, and writers.

Are we thus as Americans simply thrown into a Gladiator arena to fight among ourselves for “Survival” of the fittest to please the devilish “media warlords” without any physical freedom or intellectual independence? They already decide what we read, see, eat, drink, smoke, wear, drive, buy, sell, how we reproduce and with what sapien; they offer us our morning conversation and gossip, our “behavior and topic du jour”, but most importantly they offer us our thoughts, opinions, voting patterns and distractions. In essence, these “media warlords” decide America’s political, economic, and social agenda. American Independence and Morality: FORGET ABOUT IT.

America is wired and plugged to the information age. From the wireless satellites to the millions of miles of cable, American free thought has been usurped by the “media mafia” that ensures that every American is entitled to “their” opinion. Five “media warlords” determine our thought and speech content, determine who’s allowed to speak and who’s thought they print, determine who’s accepted and who’s not, and who’s been naughty and nice. Our populace and politicians live and die according to a preconceived media agenda. Image, not content, is everything. The worst murderer in history can be repackaged, rehabilitated, marketed and enriched by book and movie deals. In America, if it ain’t on TV, it didn’t happen and it ain’t real. In America, no one succeeds without placing their life and soul in the hands of the ‘handlers” not in the “hands of the man who crossed the water.’ America is proud of its new independence call—–“Give me TV or give me death”. “Ratings” and not the “Constitution” or “Bill of Rights” determines our freedoms and liberties. The movie metaphor for the American life is the Schwarzneggar movie “The Running Man”. Only in America can an alien looking movie actor from Austria, Schwarzneggar, whose claim to fame is biceps, bad english, and killing Arab “terrorists” qualify him to be Governor of the most important state in America–California. Did I say kill Arab “Terrorists”, well then he certainly qualifies in the eyes of the “media warlords”.

You don’t believe this do you. May I suggest that you exercise your right of “free speech” by writing an op-ed piece for the Washington Post or New York Times, the twin towers of “Zionism”, castigating Jews in America and Israel for committing “genocide” against the Palestinians and forgetting that Americans died to save them from Holocaust (it’s immaterial whether you believe it or not, that’s a free opinion in the land of the free). You say that’s too hard. Okay, how about this. Write a letter to them asking why hasn’t the Congress ever investigated Israel’s deliberate attack in 1967 of the American intelligence ship, the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and injuring 177? I see that’s hard too. Okay, how about this, write a letter asking Congress why is the American taxpayer paying for the entire cost of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, but Congress refused to fund a World War II Veteran Memorial for the men and women who died saving the Jews in Europe? After a while write another letter to these same papers stating that America should do all it can to support Israel with more foreign aid, more weapons, more vetoes, even if we have to protect our only “democratic” ally in the region. Guess which letters will be printed.

Am I implying that our “media” is Jewish owned, controlled, run, reflecting only Israel’s point of view even though such total prostration to Israel harms American interest? That it deliberately ignores Israel’s wars, invasions, massacres, destruction and mayhem of Arabs and Palestinians? That our media’s enormous influence on our political system ensures that our President and Congress will never dare challenge the policy of America’s true capital–Tel Aviv? That our media gets its marching orders, words, and images from Israel, its public relation lobbying firms (AIPAC, JDL, ZOA, AJC etc.), the Israeli Embassy, plus the all important Israeli military censors? That Israel uses our foreign aid taxdollars to hire public relations firms and lobbyists to influence our government and spends that money in political campaigns against our laws? That somehow every “expert” on television and the papers just happens to be “jewish” or a Pro-Israeli hired mouth? That somehow there are no “experts” in America on Islam or the Middle East except “Jews”; or “experts” on any other issue just happen to be “jewish”? YES, YES, YES. Oh, man, I’m getting a kosher headache just thinking of all this kosher influence on our country, both people and government.

Are Israel and its American soldiers and pandering government solely responsible for the death and destruction inflicted upon innocent Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims worldwide? Of course, not. Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims are just as guilty of the death of these innocents as Israel, perhaps more so, due to their commission of stupidities and omission of actions. For 53 years while Israel has systematically killed and robbed Palestinian land, our “courageous” Arab leaders have been too busy believing their own ego and hegemony ambitions to comprehend Israel’s true intentions. Their intra and interfighting is legendary. From squashing Islamic, democratic, and opposition political parties within their countries they fought wars with each other. Egypt against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf; Egypt against Libya, Egypt against Sudan, Morocco against Algeria, Morocco against Mauritania, Iraq against Syria, Iraq against Kuwait, Iraq against Saudi Arabia, Jordan against the PLO, Yemen against Saudi Arabia, Qatar against Bahrain, Iraq against Iran, UAE against Iran. Unbelievable hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, and squandered resources have been spent by our Arab leaders to quench their military and dictatorial egos. So little was spent on their own people’s education, health and welfare; and even less spent on fighting Israel’s expansionism. Let’s face it, our leaders are uneducated, unsophisticated, uncultured military men or monarchs who are more adept at undermining their own people and the greatest gift to humanity–Islam, then in understanding the political, economic, diplomatic, and military realities of the world. They approach the American President as a monarch with their limited understanding that he holds sway over his country like they do. All the American Monarch has to do is will it and it’s done. How stupidly naive they are despite the fact that many of our leaders have been in office for decades reelected each time with the alien percentage of 99.99 percent.

Arafat and these impotent dictators must leave. They are suffocating their people and their faith with the usual barrage of lies and media manipulation. The most nauseating spectacle of these leaders is their penchant for reviewing military parades of fat officers, starving conscripts, and decaying weapons while the microphone for hours rattles on about their wisdom and accomplishments. Their daily words of “wisdom” appearing on every national newspaper is tantamount to mental cruelty. All of them are more comfortable in their palaces than they are on the world stage or in front of the world media presenting a logical case for Palestine that can influence public opinion.

Israel and every Jew are working for their self interest whether through murders, lies, bribery, or manipulation. One must respect their intelligence, dedication, and commitment. How can so few Jews ensure that the entire West is intimidated into supporting what in any other country would be considered war crimes and genocide? But more importantly is the question: How can so many Arabs and Muslims, one fifth of the entire world, be so impotent, uneducated, impoverished despite oil wealth, uncaring, and so easily manipulated by the West?

It is the combination of Arab impotence and Zionist prowess that Palestinians are becoming an “Endangered Species”. All the globalization arguments favor the Arabs vis a vis the West–three hundred million consumers (Israel is 6 million) ,more nations, oil wealth, trade and tourism, nations that spend billions of dollars on American products as well as save and invest money in the U.S. (Israel takes billions of tax dollars from America), more strategic geographically for American interest, an Islamic faith closest to Christianity (unlike Judaism that rejects and humiliates Jesus (p), a people longing for the freedoms and liberties of the West; yet it is Israel that dominates American politics and enjoys America’s money, weapons, vetoes, and a free trade zone.

Oh, yes, the free trade zone priority. Mubarak on his way to the U.S. after the Arab “Dummit” in Amman was asked about the possibility of renewing economic sanctions against Israel. In his confident bad english he states: “I was asked about that by King Abdullah of Jordan, he was worried about that, I told him to FORGET ABOUT IT.” Both Mubarak and King Abdullah came to Bush not with the serious intention to discuss the daily murder of Palestinian civilians, although that was mentioned for domestic consumption, but they both came to trade Palestinian lives for FREE TRADE Zones. Why should Israel have one and they don’t given that they’ve rewarded Israel with peace treaties and taken their countries out of the opposition camp. In fact, Abdullah in his youthful exuberance to please Bush and Sharon even forbids the peaceful demonstration of his people against Israel.

Thus the Palestinians have no one else but themselves to defend their lives and lands. Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Mubarak, Abdullah, Muhammad VI and others are America’s best political gift in the last century. They’ve ensured American hegemony in the Gulf, Suez Canal, Strait of Gibraltar, Mediterranean and Red Sea, and Masjid Al-Aqsa.

God bless the Palestinian Intifadah, although more peaceful resistance should be adopted to stop the waste of Palestine’s future, and May God help start an Arabic and Islamic Intifadah to ensure freedoms and liberties and a true adoption of Islamic principles, and May God help start an American Intifadah to reclaim America for Americans and restore her principles for freedoms, liberties, justice, and self determination for all. As Mubarak so eloquently says: FORGET ABOUT IT.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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