Truth – (Poem)

I searched for the truth in your eyes
Though I have been so misled by your lies
I need to believe what you say
But your actions have shown me your way.

I tried to believe you would change
And kept telling myself I was to blame
But now that we live worlds apart
It’s obvious you have no change of heart.

A good relationship is based on honesty
I don’t lie to you, please don’t lie to me.
But I fear you have little conception
Of living without constant deception.

At first I thought you lied only to me
Then I discovered you lie constantly
To everyone you know, you cannot be true
You’ve stolen and cheated, this is just you.

I wait by the seashore for the sound of your voice
I wait for your footsteps, it is my own choice
To wait here forever, on an island of dreams
Because life with or without you is not what it seems.