Tourism official: 15-day entry ban not inclusive of air borders

Tourism official: 15-day entry ban not inclusive of air borders

According to an initial decision by the Anti-Covid19-Headquarters, foreign citizens are banned from entering Iran for 15 days as of December 25, 2021, but later an amendment was issued excluding those who are entering the country by air.

He said that in addition to the tourists who can enter Iran by air, the following seven groups, too, are exempted from the above-mentioned directives:

1.         Those foreign citizens who hold authentic residence permits from the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran/

2.         Holders of student visas (foreign students of Iranian universities, or scholars of Iranian seminary schools).

3.         Holders of business visas (merchants, business people).

4.         Holders of occupational visas

5.         Holders of health tourism visas

6.         Holders of investment visas

7.         Those who have received the Iranian Immigration Police “exit and reentry” stamp in their passports.

Appendix: Iranian citizens residing in neighboring countries can enter Iran by land if they observe the entire health measures, including injection of at least two doses of vaccines, presentation of negative PCR test card, and repeating the PCR test at the border.

Appendix 2: Exit of foreign citizens through land borders is alright.


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