Titans also Fall

When God made man HE also created titans among men, change is law of nature and hence titans also had to fall as happened to Pharaohs at the hands of a small fry Mosses and Namrood at the hands of Abraham, the law of nature will always remain supreme till the Hades freeze. Men may come and men may go the law of nature reigns. One of the titans in the present day world is United States of America. The one single quality in a titans is that he is drunk with power and intoxication leads to arrogance, this is the one quality which God does not likes and then starts the beginning of the end.

Allah Almighty has his own way of doing things and when it comes to fall of a titan, he has enjoined in the Holy Book two methods employed to destroy the titan, one of the ingredient is of fear, that the titans sees all around him, enemies, and enemies and enemies, he is mortally afraid of his own shadow. This is the position of Americans today, In their intoxication of power and arrogance the Americans never thought that 11th September incident could ever happen in United States, it did happen, so much so that one aircraft hit the building of Pentagon exposing their so-called superior technological myth. In his sheer fear complex and power United States started on a War against an unknown enemy and unseen foe – The Terrorist. They started hop step and jump tactics to catch hold of this enemy.

Till date the Americans have not been able to catch hold of the leader of the gang QBL. It is gain set that the first casualty in a war is the truth, this is exactly what is happening in Afghanistan, in American war against terrorism, pragmatically the American nation by and large are not aware of the true facts happening at the fronts. The only beneficiary of this martial exercise is Mr. George W. Bush. Who has already declared that it is going to be a long war of attrition and this has ensured his continuance in the White House for the next term.

God has his own way of doing things and whenever he chooses to destroy a nation; he inculcates in it the fear phobia or hunger. This is enjoined in the Holy Book Quran. Day in and day out the news is that more attacks on United States are being planned by Al-Qaidah. That is why the Americans are going to employ millions of people as watchdogs on each and every citizen of United States. Not only this there is also the news that Al-Qaida men are going to contaminate the water supply reservoir all over United States. This will entail another huge burden on the countries exchequer and the financial resources. Besides George W. Bush has declared his war against terrorism as a crusade, it is therefore imperative now on the followers of Islam to unite under one Salahuddin Ayubi.

To match stress is being laid on the value of the dollar, vis-é-vis would economy, this is bound to change, and there was a time when Russian Ruble was equivalent to one American dollar and that collapsed to 6000 Robles to a dollar. As exchange rate was Rs. 1.75 to a dollar in 1947, which has now risen to Rs. 59 to a dollar is bound to come down in changing scenario, at the moment there are 80 billion dollars of Pakistanis deposited in foreign banks, let our Pakistani brothers awake and arise and bring in these dollars to serve their own country instead of harping on the tune of foreign investment culture development. Africa has given the lead, which should now be followed by Asia and every country manage their own dollar reserve by whatever name they call it and this will be the beginning of the fall of titan. The recent exposure of accounting scandals in which large scale tempering of financial statements by the American leading chartered accountants in collusion with the corrupt corporate managers has shaken the confidence of investors in America who are reported to have suffered in trillions of dollars, which should work as an eye opener to non-Americans.

The greatest act of patriotism which could be done by any ambassador was that of Sir Stafford Cripps, when he was the British Ambassador in Moscow during the 2nd War 1939-45, he bought the Russian and the Germans into logger hear and Herr Hitler made the same mistake as did Napoleon to invade Russia during winter and thus Hitler made the greatest mistake of his life in opening two fronts at the same time, one in the East against Russia and the other in the west against Great Britain. The war ended in 1945 in a crushing defeat for Germany and Prime Minister Clement Atlee representing Great Britain. Marshal Stalin representing Russia and President Truman representing America sat at this Potsdam conference and distributed in spoils of war and Germany was divided in two, West Germany in allied control and East Germany under Russian control, this was the finest hour for the Russians. Although bruised by the ravages of war. Great Britain was subdued and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic matched stature with the USA. After the war, with its new Status, which promise bread to the common man and every thing from the rich according to his capacity to the poor according to his need.

In the aftermath of the 2nd War as this emerged two titans USA and USSR both of them vying with each other for economic and political superiority. Americans were a bit cleverer and they induced Russians into empire building, which they could not sustain and feed. The USSR fragmented into Central Asian States in Asia and other European States in Europe thus fell a titan leaving behind the other titan America. Let us wait, when phobia of fear over takes them to their fall. Things never remain the same forever; change is the law of nature.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.