Time to get serious


Since the outbreak of the Aqsa uprising nearly a year ago, the Israeli occupation army and paramilitary Jewish terrorists have murdered close to 700 Palestinians, a third of them minors and children. Jewish terror also left an estimated 25,000 Palestinians seriously injured and maimed, with several thousands suffering from disabilities that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

In addition, the Israeli army utterly destroyed hundreds of residential homes as well as numerous public buildings throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. And, last but not least, the vandals of our time ruined tens of thousands of acres of Palestinian farmland and olive and fruit orchards, turning much of the previously green Palestinian landscape into desert.

Meanwhile, the criminal Zionists, with their lethal combination of a virulent racist ideology and a potent military machine, continue to narrow Palestinian horizons by making daily life for virtually all Palestinians unbearable. Indeed, the 11-month-old siege on Palestinian towns, villages, hamlets and refugee camps, serves as a gruesome testimony to Jewish savagery and brutality.

In the face of this overwhelming evil, the world has done very little beyond the customary and routine statements calling on “both sides” to exercise restraint, thus ignoring, rather scandalously, the stark moral gap between the aggressor and the aggressed-upon, the occupier and the victim of occupation, the rapist and the rape victim.

The United States, the true evil empire of the world today, continued, in a characteristic brazenness, to actively support Israeli bellicosity and arrogance of power by blaming the victims, the tormented Palestinians, for resisting their tormentors.

In fact, a simple analysis of the American posture toward the current showdown in Palestine suggests that the George W. Bush administration has in effect no policy except perhaps telling both the rapist and the rape victim to “work it out between themselves.”

And Europe is not doing any better, as European envoys continued to come and go, reiterating the same nice-sounding platitudes about the need to end the violence and revert to the negotiating table. It is a language that Ariel Sharon, the certified war criminal holds in contempt, especially with George W. Bush at his beck and call.

As for the Palestinian leadership, its management of the Israeli rampage of murder, violence an terror against a surrounded and captive people, decimated by 33 years of sinister military occupation, has been a gigantic fiasco.

Indeed, from the first day of the current Zionist campaign, the PA has been effectively repeating the same irksome demands for international protection and calls on Arabs, Muslims, Christians and peace-loving peoples around the world to press and pressurize Israel to stop her brutal onslaught. But to no avail.

Even the unrelenting and desperate calls on Arab and Muslim masses to rally in solidarity with their struggling Palestinian brethren have yield virtually nothing.

Fifty years of police-state repression in the Arab world has seemingly numbed and effectively killed all patriotic human feelings in the Arab states where the vanquished and terrorized citizens realize that any anti-Israeli or anti-American demonstration would be mercilessly crushed by regimes’ security forces, as was the case in Jordan recently.

Now, what should the Palestinian people, and other living forces in the Arab-Muslim world do to overcome, or at least neutralize, this overwhelming gloom.

First of all, the intifada must continue, however dear the sacrifices, however painful the price, since it is our only and last remaining response to Israel’s policy of subjugation. Sharon, et al, needless to say, offer us two choices, either to be killed like meek sheep, or be martyrs in martyrdom operations against the oppressors. And we will not allow ourselves to be killed like meek sheep.

Therefore, for the sake of our children, and in order not to allow Sharon and other Zionist criminals to enjoy the outcome of their blitz, we have no choice but to meet death with death. Sadly, this is the only language the Jewish Nazis understand. If their people don’t get killed, not a Palestinian man, woman, child, or leader will be immune from their death squads and state terror.

With Israeli insolence narrowing our horizons, and with Arab impotence and international indifference leaving us exposed to further Zionist brutality, it is no secret that we have become a people with so little freedom and so little hope that martyrdom operations seem our only hope for a better tomorrow.

And there is a crucial role for Arab and Islamic forces to play, each in its own country and area.

Real efforts, therefore, must be made to hurt American interests throughout the Muslim world. America, after all, is our tormentor. Yes, this would put the forces of freedom on a collision course with the regimes. So be it.

For, in the final analysis, the regimes’ treachery will be only as deep and enduring as the masses’ cowardice (as you are, so will be your leaders, said the Prophet Muhammed pbuh). And, there can be no worse situation facing the Arab-Islamic umma than this disgraceful subservience to America’s puppets and servants.

In short, we must break the vicious cycle whereby Israel manipulates the US, the US controls the regimes, and the regimes, in turn, enslave the masses and rob them of their most fundamental human rights and civil liberties. Which actually means that we are being enslaved by the Jews, though indirectly.

Breaking this cycle is simple, and the way to do it is to follow the way of Hizbullah and Hamas. In America, when there was still a semblance of political morality, they used to say “give me freedom or give me death.” In our more pressing Palestinian (and Arab) situation, it is martyrdom or struggle till victory.