The Wall of Hatred

Israel is currently building a fence to keep her Palestinian neighbors out of their homeland. It has already constructed one around Gaza Strip; now it’s the West Bank’s turn. Palestinians who once lived in what’s known as ‘Israel’ now, can never even see the face of their occupied hometown. They are the world’s only occupied people.

A columnist wrote about how a wall won’t bring peace to the Middle East. He mentioned that ‘suicide bombers’ could still enter Israel in some way or the other to inflict harm. Yet, I sat and thought. Maybe, the Israelis would be safe if they construct the fence. After all, the Palestinians don’t get American-made F-16s, by which they could attack in the heart of Israel, you know. Yet in Gaza recently, these same F-16s were used by Israel to bomb and destroy a residential area, killing 17 people, including 10 children and a 2-month old baby. I guess that baby could have killed Sharon.. or maybe he could have torn down that fence.

After all the massacres which Israel commits, all those people who do nothing more than politely request Israel “to conduct itself in a manner that is fully consistent with international humanitarian law”, should just shut up. Those who polish their statements before saying anything to Israel should just keep quiet. Those who describe this sheer act of terrorism as simply “heavy-handed” must wake up. Those who shiver at Israel’s supposed ‘might’, and who hurry to condemn any Palestinian attack on the occupiers, should quit their jobs, and hide in their homes. After all, they would be safer there, because Israel won’t destroy it; they don’t live in Palestine, right? These cowardly people have no place in a world that is much more complex than they would like to think.

This is a world in which innocent children and women are killed while they are sleeping in their houses. It is a world where men have become incapable of defending themselves, for fear of being called terrorists. A world where killing a man, wanted by a country, at the expense of innocent women and children is called “one of the greatest successes”. A world in which whoever has money and guns is the strongest and is right.

They have no idea what it feels like to be murdered by someone you have never known. They don’t know what pain those innocent children go through before they die. These children have as much of a right to live, as any kid in USA or Switzerland. But, these Palestinian kids suffer, along with their brothers in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, and so on. They have done nothing; their only crime is to be a Muslim.

Until when can the world let this shameless situation go on? How many more lives of innocent civilians will it take for us to put our foot down and say enough is enough? What more evidence do we need to convince ourselves that while we are silently watching, genocide is taking place in so many parts of our world?

No wall or fence can bring peace to either Palestine or Israel. No negotiations based on false conditions will ever bear fruit. It is high time that the main issue be brought at hand: occupation. Let the Israelis know that they cannot live forever in comfortable homes with large swimming pools, while the Palestinians who lived there for centuries before the Zionists forced them out, live in crowded homes, on the other side of the fence, with not even enough water to drink.

The oppressed will never stay oppressed forever. And, lies will never be kept hidden for a lifetime. If a wall is indeed built in another effort to deprive the Palestinians of their rights, then it will fall soon. A wall built for the sake of oppression and occupation will not and can never stay upright eternally. Either it will fall on its own, or be knocked over.

Ms. S. A. A. is a 16 year old Muslim, who has graduated from senior high school.

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