The universal struggle for life as a common cause

Again and again we are faced as an international family of people, with questions related to life, death, and survival, yet we act as though we are oblivious to the most important questions posed by our existence, and these are arguably, "Will we continue as a species and how?" These questions do not merely present themselves to us in the guise of just war theories, and weapons of mass destruction proliferation. They are not merely encoded in discussions that originate in our desire to protect inalienable rights, that include the right to life for the born and unborn of all casts, genders, races, nationalities, and class. These questions arise even in our conversations about school policies, curriculums, federal, state and local allocations of tax monies and also in our discussions regarding health care, insurance etc. These all fall under the rubric of survival, since they impact very significantly, our quality of life, and also our ability to stay alive, or rather, our struggle for life. What has been perplexing this struggle is that it is never made clear to us, who or what it is that we are, or should actually be fighting. Nor does anyone venture to explain to us how to fight, and how to know when we are winning or loosing the fight, and what to do in either instance. We are left to our emotions and fears to drive us to or away from what we perceive to be the dangers, threatening our journey to our longed for immortality and prosperity. Ironically, emotion and fear are perhaps the most easily manipulated aspects of human nature, and two of our greatest, and most easily exploited vulnerabilities.

If you listen to politicians, they will tell you that we are fighting evil political, or religious ideologies, if you listen to economists, they will tell you that we are fighting evil economic schemes, and so forth and so on. In an attempt to create numerous battlefields upon which mankind might perpetually draw swords, intellectuals have presented us from almost every school of thought, with the prospect of perpetual intra-human warfare as the only means of survival. The struggle is defined as an exercise in relative judgement that has no moral parameters, or boundaries, since for the most part, we all agree, even if tacitly, that in the quest for life, anything goes. Unfortunately the enemies that philosophers and intellectuals of every era create for us, are often very abstract concepts of evil that are supposedly embodied in the psyches of other human beings. Such definitions of our enemies are usually not only relative, they can change quite rapidly and abruptly from period to period depending upon whom is the dominant military power. An example of this truth might be Osama bin Laden. After avoiding capture for so many years, rather than being feared as an even greater threat to humanity, he became second in evilness only to his aide in Iraq, Zarqawi. When 9/11 was our emphasis, Bin Laden represented to us the worst of all human beings, yet now that we are at war in Iraq, it is his aide Zarqawi. The same works in the opposite. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison as a rebellious Black African troublemaker who was hell bent on killing whites and destroying South Africa. Later he was released, elected the first President of a free South Africa, and rather than to lead a revenge movement to kill all whites, he led a reconciliation movement that has become a model for reconciliation efforts between peoples, groups and their governments throughout the world. A final, and perhaps the most poignant of such examples is the Palestinian liberation and resistance movement. It was criminalized in violation of the 4th Geneva Conventions as terrorist, even though it is clear to the entire world that these people were resisting an extremely brutal and violent military occupation by a foreign power. The Zionist controlled media cast Al-Qadea, Bin Laden’s group, and Zarqawi his aide, as "insurgents." Why are the Palestinians terrorists and al-Qadea in Iraq called "insurgents"? Why is it that Zarqawi’s boss is a terrorist and Zarqawi an insurgent? It is perhaps because the insurgents in Iraq are killing Americans and Iraqis, Anglos and Arabs. The Palestinians, who are also Arabs, were killing Zionist Jews, who by the way, scripted all of these conflicts.

If we are going through periods of industrialization, our enemies are the owners of, or competitors for national resources, and of course labor unions. If we are going through periods of prosperity, our enemies become the church and the moralists. If we are going through periods of instability, and change, our enemies become the free thinkers, the dissenters and non-conformists. We can and do, very often entertain all of these enemies in a single epoch of time. When we do, we have world wars to resettle, and reorganize the world according to the tastes, temperaments and dictates of the victor. When dominant powers find themselves confronted by only one or two of these supposed enemies, we have regional wars, border squabbles, low-grade ethnic cleansings, and prohibitionist movements against substances, and behaviors.

At some point it seems that we would realize that the elite who has heretofore managed the war against humanity in its bid for immortality has failed to save us. Even with all of the technological and scientific advances that we boast of, the most commonly feared threat to human survival still exists and that is death. The actual enemy of man, which is Satan, also still exists. Whether you believe that he is an actual physical entity, or simply an embodiment and distributor of all evil, or negative energy, he is the inspiration behind the devilish schemes that pit human against human in a battle for existence that is a figment of greedy imaginations. Perhaps if death, rather than the actions of people had ever been presented to us as the limit to eternal life in this existence, we might have sought to make peace with death. The only way to defeat fear of death is to realize the truth that the circumstances surrounding death are earthly, and can affect only this plane of existence. The truth about death might be that the only way to attain victory over death is to avoid the sting of death, agony in the grave and hellfire. Knowing about death, and its options would perhaps free us to go on with life, and not with death as our primary preoccupation. Instead the elite, who see death as the ultimate threat to their immortality and kingdom, and a powerfully persuasive tool, have presented death to the world as an enemy, while the Holy Scriptures teach us that the enemy of man is Satan. Subsequently, anything that can cause, lead to, or bring about death is an enemy, which is absolutely everything, except of course the death of our enemies, which is presented to us as our only hope, or way to survive. As demonstrated earlier, this enemy can change at any time at the convenience of those who are scripting life for the rest of us, who manipulate our emotions and exploit our fears, and who send us out daily into the world, seeking out human enemies to destroy. Such enemies supposedly include the unborn that will impose economic hardships, and take up needed space if allowed to live, and who can be put to better use as stem cells. The enemy has also been portrayed as the elderly, and disabled who will create economic burdens through greater health care costs, and who also take up needed space, and time used from care takers. The time of the caretakers, which are usually women, would be better spent laboring for transnational corporations, or so says the UN. Then there are the inferior races, the browns, the blacks, and the yellows, the "multi-cultures" that challenge the dominant culture for supremacy. The problem with these people for evolutionist is that they mostly practice non-Judeo/Christian religions, and have no success at civilization building to offer us as proof of their intellect, power and strength, because they have been written out of history. To understand how this works, and how history serves this fraud, consider that evolution is considered a "scientific" theory. Why this is so is a mystery, since Darwin was not a scientist, he was a theologian who graduated from one of England’s leading theological institutions, and was placed upon the ship Beagle to conduct his experiments by request of the Church of England. Why did the church imagine that a theologian with no education in biological sciences would also be a good choice for discovering the origins of man? This irony is not greater than the fact that it was also England that led the war that ultimately destroyed the Islamic caliphate, and whom later granted parts of Palestine to the Zionist East European Jews, upon which to build the Zionist state of Israel. This was done against the advice of both Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Sustainable development is a play upon words and ideas that goes back to the early part of the 20th century. The development of humanity was believed to depend upon conflict and stress, and the mutations resulting from such stress were believed to cause greater human intellect, strength, etc. Sustaining such development means essentially to create an environment wherein competition, war, conflict and stresses exist that will cause mankind’s evolution to be accelerated, and the human race to advance in less time than did the ape man of John Baptiste Lamarck’s, and later Darwin’s human evolution theory. For some cause, the reasoning used to legitimize this scheme has escaped the examination or critique of contemporary genius, and logic. As a result, many logical human beings, and governments, and also the United Nations, have signed onto the sustainable theory as a feasible human survival theory. It is considered a human survival theory even though its primary emphasis is population control, which translates into death, or prevention of life for selected populations of people. Sustainable development theory is the foundation for public policies that seek to accelerate the demise of the weaker in order to sustain those deemed worthy of life, and the "others" who will serve them. They have split the world up into various segments and predetermined how each segment, through globalization, will serve to sustain the ultra rich elite, who is primarily Zionist Christians and Jews. This movement finds its reasoning in the epitome of Satan’s pronouncement before God, when he refused to bow down to Adam according to God’s command. Satan said, " I am better than he (Adam). He (Adam) is from earth, and I (Satan) am from fire." Satan’s statement gave birth to the idea of racial or physical supremacy as a determinant in who shall rule God’s earth, which is also the basis of Darwinian thinking. God’s response to Satan was, according to the Qur’an, "Get out, for thou art a rebellious liar and you are cursed."

Human Survival is a common cause

In contrast to the teachings and belief of the so-called elite intellectuals, the Holy Scriptures teach us that the quest for human survival is a common cause that should unite people, and not pit us against one another, even though we are not all the same. The scriptures teach us that every human being has something valuable to contribute to the human journey from and then back to God, and what may appear to some to be the least contribution, might be the greatest of all. The scriptures present humans as the embodiment of potential, and hope. Satan can defeat us only when we loose hope, or rather faith and belief in the God who created us, and what He has taught us about Himself, and also about ourselves and the earth that we live upon. The Qur’an says,

" God, Most Gracious. It is he (God) who has taught the Qur’an. He has created man. He has taught him speech and intelligence. The sun and moon follow courses exactly computed, and the herbs and the trees both similarly bows in adoration. And the firmament (earth) has He raised high, and He has set up the balance (of Justice) in order that you may not transgress balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance. It is He (God) who spread out the earth for His creatures. Therein are fruit and date palms, producing dates. Also corn, with its leaves and stalk for fodder, and sweet smelling plants. Then which of the favors of our Lord will you deny? He created man from sounding clay, like pottery" (Holy Qur’an, 55: 1-14).

Recently various think tanks and others have published reports, which say that poverty, rather than declining in postindustrial societies is growing. Each day more and more people are finding themselves unable to meet their own needs, and the needs of their families. Why is there hunger when we have technology that prevents the rot and blight of vegetation and that preserves food, including meats, making food more readily available for longer periods of time, and to greater numbers of people? Many of us believed that technology would increase and not decrease employment, and that global markets would increase sales and profits and that greater demands for goods would naturally create more jobs, and competition would decide who would be rewarded with the greatest profits. If food and economy are essential for human survival, and we have gone from small isolated national economies to a huge global economy, why are greater numbers of people living in poverty while major corporations are enjoying record profits, and goods are readily available, and the demand for goods is high? The same is true with disease. Even those plagues that were previously considered wiped out are showing up again, not only in developing nations, but also in the developed nations. Qur’an has explained these phenomenon in the above verse as a result of injustices. Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq, one of the 12 Shia Imams, explained this phenomenon saying that when we see poverty and hunger among human beings know that there is injustice taking place, since God kept His promise to mankind and has provided ample sustenance for all of mankind. The same is true for disease. The prophet Muhammad taught us that we must seek the cure for diseases, since for every disease, God has created a cure. In Islam, there is no concept of "incurable" disease.

The quest for human survival as explained by Islam, is a common quest that can only be achieved through ummat, or community, which are righteous individuals joined in a common and righteous pursuit. The rules of pursuit, the guidance, the milestones, along with the promises, and the covenant between God and man are spelled out for us in the Qur’an, including the promised rewards. It is not a quest for heaven on earth, or utopia. It is a quest for the fulfillment of the human potential that is trapped in our souls and psyches and that can only be released through devotion and obedience to God. Man does not have to conquer death in order to live, and neither must we kill or destroy everything that we feel threatens or competes with us in our quest to survive as a species, communities, nations, or as individuals in order to enjoy prosperity. The Qur’an says," God wishes to lighten your difficulties, for man was created weak in flesh. Oh you who believe, eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities; but let there be traffic and trade and mutual goodwill among you. Nor kill or destroy yourselves, for verily God has been merciful to you…If you but eschew the most heinous of the things which are forbidden to do, we shall expel out all of the evil in you, and admit you to a gate of great honor. Never covet the things that God has bestowed His gifts more freely upon some than others. To men what they have earned, and to women what they earn. Ask God of His Bounty. For God has knowledge of all things" (Holy Qur’an 4: 27-32).

The children of Adam of all races, religions, genders, ages, and nationalities are joined in a common cause, called life. The purpose of life, according to the Qur’an, is to worship God, and indeed every act performed in the right way, and not in an evil way, or for an evil purpose is an act of worship that God has promised to accept and reward. Man is not the enemy of man; Satan is the enemy of man. God has filled the earth with laws to order our existence in a way that makes our works effective. He also commanded the earth and environment to sustain us, and there are enough resources to do that. This means that the quest is not to identify people as enemies to destroy, but rather it is to understand the law, and achieve that order, and power that God revealed to Abraham. According to the Qur’an, Abraham looked at the stars and moon and earth and realized that they served man, and so man should not worship what has been created to serve Him, but should only worship God who created all things and subjected them to man. We must learn about our earth, and how to interact with the earth and our surroundings in a way that also brings the earth, and our environment to the fulfillment of its potential to sustain. Working together, according to God’s laws, mankind can achieve this, and more. Continuing to work against one another will only lead to more of the same suffering and wars that have plagued us for too many years. It’s time to leave the paradigm of perpetual human conflict behind, and to see the struggle for life as a common cause, rather than a brutal process of natural selection that pits man against man in perpetual conflict.