The U.S. is not there to leave

Afghanistan and Iraq are just prelude to an unfolding string of occupations. Although it is risky enough to predict the future, but looking at some undeniable realities, one can safely predict that relief from occupations is nowhere in sight for the Muslim world.

Those who still cherish the dream of US withdrawal from Iraq next year and Afghanistan at some other point in time must keep the following factors in mind before hoping that Bush and his company will keep their word of ending occupations.

a) The mounting lies on the part of leaders of the 21st century crusade –” the lies that mount with the mounting number of dead on all sides;

b) The “mainstream” media’s unremitting assiduity in continuing full support to the official version of all related stories;

c) The absolute darkness in which public all over the world is groping for any clue about the real culprits behind 9/11 and all subsequent “terrorist” attacks around the world;

d) The strange coincidence that neither the “remnants” or Al-Qaeda nor the “pockets” of resistance come to an end. Despite thousands of arrests, killings and smoking-out-of-the-cave operations, Osama bin Laden, Mulla Umer and Saddam Hussein neither get killed nor arrested;

e) Cooperation between Washington and other Western capitals increases all the while in an insidious manner. The apparent differences among them are superficial. They differ about the way the war should be carried out and on the way the booty should be shared. The cosmetic differences are not about whether the occupations should continue for civilizing Muslim lands, but about how occupation could be more productive to all partners in occupation. The clash is just over the question of equal or equitable distribution of occupied resources.

From assessing the patterns of these realities, we can form well calculated assumptions about the future and safely predict that US will never voluntarily withdraw from Iraq or Afghanistan.

The first four factors are widely discussed and very effectively ignored by the “mainstream” media. Behind the scene, however, is a grand preparation underway for the coming wars of occupation –” the sub-wars of the “war on terrorism.”

One of the shocking examples in this regard is the preparations underway in Canada –” a country which refused to participate in the live war for Iraq’s occupation.

In connection of consolidating occupations for the US, Canada now seems to have no moral problems at all.

Starting November 26 and up until December 5, 2003 the Canadian city of Sherbrooke in Quebec will be literally occupied by the 5th Mechanized Group-Brigade of Canada (Valcartier) which will be carrying out large scale military exercises for maintaining occupations in an urban setting. This is in preparation for Canada’s central role in the illegitimate occupation of Afghanistan.

The evidence of increasing cooperation among Western powers is reality that these troops are returning from the military base of Fort Drum in New York State, where they have just been trained with the US Army. Now they will occupy the city of Sherbrooke, with an important fleet of armed vehicles, for more than one week, as part of the "Lion Royal" exercise.

This exercise will include patrols in the city streets, missions of reconnaissance, protection, simulating operations to uproot "rebels" from a cave (the old Capelton mine) or to evacuate the Canadian embassy, etc.

Besides taking lessons about the art of perfecting occupations from Israel as an active partner, Germany also joins the team for long term preparations as a potential occupier. Three helicopters from the German Army will participate this exercise.

To and any future occupations acceptable to public, a ‘slick’ color pamphlet was delivered to every household in the region to present this exercise as well as the occupation of Afghanistan as entirely harmless and even benevolent. This will pave the way for expanding the scope of such exercises in more civilian areas in the near future and in other “civilised” countries.

The "Follow-up Committee" of Collectif Echec a la guerre recently reported that for their part, municipal authorities are rejoicing at the positive fallouts for the local economy.

Furthermore, the army was recently granted one hour encounters in classrooms to justify their intervention to students of primary and secondary schools in the reported region. It would be strange if it doesn’t remind one of German strategies in 1930s or the way former colonialists used different tactics to turn their greed, usurpation and exploitation into honourable deeds.

All these are signs that the US and its allies will keep on extending their civilising missions for the Muslim lands irrespective of the survival of Bush and Blair regimes. They might withdraw the bulk of their forces from the main cities in the occupied lands to the heavily fortified bases on the pattern of Saudi Arabia. But total withdrawal is as unlikely as Israel’s voluntary withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands.

Once in the secure bases outside the cities, special operations will be launched from these bases to defend puppets of the occupying forces in power for securing strategic interests of the occupiers.

The occupiers have no plan at all to withdraw voluntarily. They will never allow Muslims to govern themselves according to the basic principles of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Never.

The military preparations and stubborn attitude at media, academic and political level clearly show that this is the plan of the oppressors –” the masters of tyranny and deception.

Nature’s plan to intervene on behalf of the oppressed for letting the oppressors chock themselves with their own hands is yet to unfold. At the moment they are simply digging their grave by clinging to their policy of lies and deception.


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