The U.S. Embassy will be the De facto Capital of Iraq

The world’s largest embassy building is being constructed in Iraq. There is a reason why this building is so enormous. It is far more than a mere embassy. It represents the long-term (intended) or de facto capital of Iraq.

The myth of democracy for Iraq is about as shallow and as subtle as this reinforced concrete building. Iraqi governance will for years be directed, controlled, manipulated, and protected by the United States of America and its military and corporate leadership. The assets of Iraq will be managed, siphoned, extracted, liquidated, and strangled from the U.S. embassy. Iraqis who oppose this program will become among the "disappeared" and will not be allowed to influence Iraqi governance or policies.

This huge embassy/capital will hold offices for direction of the entire Iraqi economy. It will hold security offices to keep track of and deal with all threats to the sovereignty of the U.S.-installed Iraqi government. It will house CIA agents and facilities, including prisons to house dissidents and intellectuals.

Perhaps this is why the U.S. cannot tolerate an atomic weapon to be developed by neighboring Iran. Only an atomic weapon will be able to destroy the new American embassy in Iraq. Iranians may be one day requested by expatriate Iraqis to come to their rescue, perhaps by destroying the U.S. embassy (the de facto Iraqi national capital) with an atomic attack. This alone is adequate reason for an American preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as a matter of preemptive defense of the Iraqi capital housed in the U.S. embassy.

The control of Iraq’s economy and assets is the sole reason for the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. There is no and there will be no real democracy in Iraq with the will of the people determining the fate of the nation and its assets.

The U.S. embassy in Iraq is not being built for the Iraqi people’s interests. It is being built to facilitate and manage long-term American control of Iraq. The U.S. embassy will be more like the Pentagon than like an administrative home of diplomatic activity. Iraq’s fate rests with the fate of that embassy, and it is a foreboding, threatening, frightening monument to the stealing of an entire nation, its future, and its soul by a greedy, powerful, heartless, and merciless occupier.