The Twice Promised Land

“It is a bad business to manufacture enemies. The world is already overstocked with them.” – Idries Shah.

The crisis of Israel in Palestine is popularly presented as an irreconcilable conflict of ancient enemies, but this is pure fiction. Coexistence between religions and peoples was the rule in the region for over a millennium.

Today’s acute conflict was manufactured in living memory by the UN imposition of Zionist colonialism on Palestine, just as colonialism came to an end everywhere else in the region. The immemorial conflict fiction is a part of the camouflage for the real culprits who went scot-free and self-congratulating while millions of innocent Arabs and even Jews pay an agonizing price.

Those who manufactured this enmity ought to pay for it. Palestine can never obtain redress from the very Jews who invaded and occupied it, who in turn claim redress for the Holocaust, nor from Arab neighbors who have likewise been disadvantaged by the invasion of Palestine and the ensuing geopolitical isolation.

The true culprits in this drama occupy the pinnacles of moral self-righteousness in our generation – they are the very Allied victors of WWII, the three Great Western Powers that control the UN Security Council.

The Big Lie has gone on too long. Youngsters are dying by the hundreds. Let us now puncture the Big Lie and topple the Super-Hypocrites from their pedestal.

Proposal for comment and counsel:

– file on the lines of a class action suit in the International Court of Justice and International War Crimes Tribunal

– on behalf of: the people of Palestine

– against:

– the governments of the USA, Britain and France (Security Council members that illegally partitioned Palestine in 1947)

– against the United States government in particular, as an ongoing accomplice to fifty-three years of crimes of aggression, oppression and genocide

– against the government of Israel, and other beneficiaries and perpetrators of war crimes in the name of Zionism

– for indirect damages against the German government, which has made reparations only to the Jews but none for the Palestinians, who have paid more for crimes of Nazism than the rest Europe put together.

Damages: Minimum One Trillion US Dollars.

(Not a lot. That is only $1000 for every Moslem in the world, or just compensation for the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque last month. That is without starting to count the value of Holy Land stolen for the rest of time, the lives of innocent murdered families, two lost generations of a million people spent imprisoned in refugee camps, expropriated property and so on.)

Solution for Zion:

A unified secular state covering the whole of Palestine (present Zionist state of Israel with rump of Palestine – ie. Israel, W. Bank and Gaza Strip), guaranteeing freedom of worship for all faiths, and security for Jews in areas that they have purchased at fair value. Municipal autonomy for Jerusalem. Restitution proceedings according to generally accepted legal standards. Religious tolerance is a basic tenet of Islam, and the Jews have nothing to fear from coexistence with Muslims. Yet for Jews who can only feel secure if they have their own majority state, provide an alternate homeland (for example, purchase of a Bahamanian island. Purchase of a Second Zion might be partly financed by resale of Palestinian property and auxiliary class-action damages for Jews who in good faith bought into the Israel scam perpetrated by the Allies and Zionists.)

A mistake and a fraud has to be corrected and not perpetuated. The Jews have a right to live in peace and security like every people, and not to go from the Holocaust to a hell of eternal enmity. They are also victims of the Big Lie, as explained in my letter last month:

“We are spectators to the playing out of the cruelest of jokes. The Germans didn’t want Jews, nor did the Slavs, French, English or Americans. But the Zionists wanted Palestine. It was too tempting, and so expedient to humor them and Lo, the state of Israel came to be. As if police threw you out of your family home, and your country, at gunpoint, gave your house to squatters, and told them it would all be arranged somehow later. As a sop to their consciences, the great powers then promised to defend the Zionist Daniel in the Palestinian den…

IF THE JEWS AND PALESTINIANS REALIZED THAT TOGETHER THEY SHARE NOT ONLY A STRIP OF LAND BUT THE BUTT OF ONE OF HISTORY’S CRUEL HOAXES, COULD THAT BE A START ON THE ROAD TO RECONCILIATION AND PEACE? For two generations now, they’re trapped like two gladiators tossed in a pit, sparring to the death in a sadistic Roman circus.”

After the Holocaust, the Jews deserved better.

John-Paul Leonard is a free-lance writer and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN)

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