The Spasm of a Grand Empire!


True to erudite inkling-the striking n’ potent realm of today’s world-the United States has prima facie ‘cut a muscular guy-Saddam Hussein to size’ fetching an egotistical un-finished agenda-kicked off by a doctrinaire idol of the Jewish dynasty almost a decade ago-to dive to crumple an eon of nerve to an end. While the abode of the ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ remains in hazy vibes to-date, a lot of eyebrows stand lifted-with a prudence of angst-amidst a curious idiosyncrasy to dot, what next?

A pragmatic intellect forfeits to the veracity that Saddam deserved such an upshot as-perhaps he indefatigably perused Oscar Wilde’s axiom “I like talking to a brick wall. I find it is the only thing that never contradicts me”-neglecting the fact that it-in no way-applied in the case of Iraq’s sanctified land-explicitly when he was confronting ‘a super power’-with no one-even Ummah [in siesta] to withstand n’ despite the existence of a ‘Pandora’s Box’-set free for his guiltless populace, timorously looking to quench the birth rights even the ones, bestowed by the Creator on each n’ every specie. This perilous scenario-erupted due to the longed cataclysmic sanctions by ‘the mighty power on earth’ -the United States. Overtly such an approach not only turned an emblem of a clandestine abhor for Saddam but-simultaneously-paved a silky way for Bush n’ Blair to step onto the Iraqi soil-for a convenient stroll-with full blast force-which the two Bs now seem in a savor to a! pply anywhere they wish.

Paradoxically-despite the fact that the Iraqi situation remains fluid n’ the upshot of the crusade on Baghdad is yet to get ‘stabilized’-sirens of alarm-have been set in motion to notify to elfin nations ‘to get ready to face-almost an identical kismet-as Iraq observably due to the actuality that the word ‘sovereignty’ seems to have been omitted from the Anglo-American dictionary-in a jiffy. This icon is perceptible from the verdict, given by a Washington spokesman wherein he says: ‘Syria and other countries should take the events in Iraq as a signal that a build-up of weapons of mass destruction is not in their national interest’.

The zestful US Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, John Bolton came out with this peculiar outlook Wednesday last-the moment he was passed on ‘breaking news’ about the ill-fated fall of Baghdad during his dialogue with Vatican veterans in Rome.

A euphoric Bolton-yet another ‘B’-said the United States is hopeful that a number of governments in the post-war period will, in his words, ‘draw the appropriate lesson from Iraq that the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction is not in their national interest.’ He specifically mentioned Syria and Iran-another two Muslim countries, the United States has-already accused-of ‘pursuing weapons of mass destruction’.

With such a blatant siren, the fact takes a pragmatic turn-beyond any shadow of doubt-that the United States is looking for purging the nuke’s programs of almost each one [even for development ventures to ensure affluence-heralded by zest for self reliance, as its podium] with an apparent viewpoint of having it [the nuke tools] monopolized alone for itself or for Washington’s cute dear darling aficionados like India n’ Israel-negating flagrantly the basic principal of the UN Charter-the ‘equilibrium’.

Such a clear-cut state of mind-articulated in a ‘vibrant style’ by the US manifests the expediency that the planet has-virtually turned into a global village-where the dwellers [if the such a scenario persists] shall have to go by the will of the ‘Landlord’-with renaissance of an era with utter orthodoxy about peoples as ‘a petite tenant’-the fate of whom would-eventually-be fixed by a meticulous master-‘without assigning any raison d’étre-in such a style which suits his [the master’s] will. With such luckless settings-the bona fide status of OIC or NAM or ‘anything else’ would seem nothing beyond ‘a set of sycophants’ of the de facto ruler-the Landlord [the United States]. As far the ‘lofty status’ of the United Nations-it would at the best-serve like a ‘Punchayet’-[an assemblage of inhabited elders] of-course governing under the ‘charming diktat’ of those who rule without any fantasy or delusion-with a self-assured fashion.

The world-wide grouse vis-é-vis war against Iraq [with million-marches-specifically in the non-Muslim domains] validates the truth that notwithstanding the advent of a new millennium or the 21st century epoch-the phenomenon of ‘might is right’ persists-unambiguously-even today which needs to be ‘acknowledged without any disinclination’-at least till the time sanity shells in the silhouette of a volcano in the minds of the world powers-at least for the sake of global tranquility-much needed to obliterate the glum n’ melancholy being faced by the contemporary mankind. Else anyone who ‘acts’ [as the White House looks at it] like Saddam shall have to face the same ‘luck’ as the fantastic man-has discernibly met.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.