The opportunities of a Parisian trial



In early August, Parisian courts will witness an odd kind of a trial based on a complaint filed against a prominent Egyptian Publisher, Ibrahim Nafie, accusing him of ‘anti-Semitism’. We live in strange times, where the Jewish community is entitled to vocally and materially support every act of Israeli repression. Yet, if anyone should dare to write in a complaint against Sharon’s thugs, they can be accused of hurting Jewish feelings. If you happen to express the opinion that Israel is a racist state, where Jews get exclusive rights over non-Jews, that too can be construed as anti-Semitism. You want to file a report about the hundreds of Palestinian children who have been murdered by Israeli snipers and American financed F16 jets dropping laser-guided bombs with a Bush presidential seal of approval. Go on, file your report. See how far that gets you with Kofi Annan, the man who sold the United Nations to the Likudnik fringe. For going to the trouble of registering your complaint, the Yiddish supremacist will find a way to punish you for daring to challenge their right to kill any Palestinian they choose, any time they choose.

So, the Yiddish supremacists want to go to court. Well, off to court we go with full confidence that the best defense is an offense. As the Israeli repression machine does its worst to the native people of the Holy Land, the Jewish Lobby in France thinks this is an appropriate time to take issue with the nature of Egyptian media coverage of Ariel Sharon’s war crimes. Consider it a blessing and an opportunity to record the agonies of the Palestinian people in a French court of law.

Let us first establish that Ariel Sharon is a career war criminal who was elected by a majority of Israelis to continue his vicious assaults against the Palestinian people. Let us further be clear that virtually every major Jewish organization in the world applauded his election and worked to support Israel’s regime repression as administered by the Israeli army and the extremist Jewish settler movement.

Thomas Friedman, a long time apologist for Sharon openly boasted that Sharon is “the man Israelis elected Prime Minister precisely because they believed he would be merciless in retaliating for Palestinian violence.” Friedman wrote his ‘comforting’ remarks knowing full well that Sharon’s past included such atrocities as Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. Indeed, Friedman covered, or more accurately, covered up the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Moreover, his publisher Sulzberger had no qualms about allowing his other ‘foreign policy’ expert, William Safire, to moonlight as a public relations advocate for this serial war criminal. When Sharon’s ‘unity government’ took over, they were lauded by the New York Times as being ‘centrist’, even though avowed ethnic cleansers were included in the coalition. The Publisher of the New York Times was fully aware that Sharon would be inclined to commit other acts of mass murder, as we have seen in Jenin, Gaza and Nablus. As such, Sulzberger and company are complicit in every act of murder committed against the Palestinians in their just struggle to live as a free and independent people on a small fraction of their ancestral lands.

The President of Major American Jewish organizations, Mortimier Zuckerman, has also helped in sanitizing the criminal war record of Ariel Sharon. He also happens to be the publisher of the New York Daily News and US World and News Report. The list goes on to include virtually every major American and European Jewish journalist. Let us again be clear on this point. Ariel Sharon has committed every one of his crimes with the full blessing of the vast majority of major international Jewish organizations. Jewish owned mass media properties have been very vocal in spreading the official Israeli policy, especially in the United States, which plays a major role in financing the oppression of the Palestinian people. Have Jewish voices of dissent spoken out against their community leadership? Yes. With passion and eloquence, but in very small numbers. In another generation, every Jew will claim that they sided with the Jewish refusniks who refused to endorse Sharon’s war crimes. In much the same manner, that every French citizen now claims to have worked for the resistance. The truth, of course, is an entirely more complicated matter. Most of the French were passive during the Nazi occupation years and most of the Jews are willing followers of Ariel Sharon.

When white people created an Apartheid regime in South Africa, did anyone accuse the native Africans of being anti-European for noticing that those who carried the whip where mostly white? Is it a sin to notice that those who daily torment the Palestinians are Jewish? Is it a crime to notice that those who carry out collective punishment are Jewish? Must we pretend not to notice that Sharon’s child killing goons are Jewish? Must we ignore exclusive Jewish settlements and exclusive Jewish roads and exclusive Jewish water rights? How stupid do we have to be not to notice that the vast majority of Jews live in North America and Israel? Is there any doubt as to whether the representatives of these two communities stand shoulder to shoulder in financing and supporting a notorious war criminal, Sharon of Qibya and Sharon of Sabra and Shatila?

What is it with this anti-Semitism business? If Sharon and his goons can claim to be Semites, a Swedes can claim to be a Turk. Lets get some DNA testing done before the court date and prove for a fact that these Yiddish supremacist thugs are teaching their kids historic fantasies about their ethnic origin.

You want a racist paper, try the Jerusalem Post. Get Conrad Black in court and have him justify some of the bigotry that regularly appears in his rags, both in Israel and in North America.

After kicking Yiddish supremacist derriere in court, the Arab countries must immediately consider passing French style laws making it a crime to fan the flames of anti-Arab bigotry. Then lets haul Sulzberger’s sorry enterprise, which includes the International Herald Tribune into court. That case would be grand because it would also tackle the snakes at The Washington Post, which is part owner of the Tribune and publishes NewsWeek. With just a few researchers looking into the partnership of Sharon, Krauthammer and Safire, you can come up with a case that will rock France and the world.

But the real dish waiting out there is CNN, FOX and MSNBC. You want dirt on these racist war criminal loving state worshipping anti-Arab media thugs, find it with a few strokes on a search engine.

Turn this trial into a trial of Yiddish supremacy and all the mass media monopolies that have championed the repression of the Palestinian people and led the defamation campaign to sully the name of every Arab. There is nothing wrong with challenging Jews around the world to consider the fact that their communities are bastions of racist thought and dogma. The political dogma of the Yiddish supremacists needs to be challenged by Jew and non-Jew alike. Ripping down a few Yiddish supremacist media monopolies like the New York Times and CNN will be good for the whole world, including Israelis.

This trial must address the original sin of Nakba denial. The French legal system must be

challenged to make Nakba denial a crime every bit as vile as Holocaust denial or denying the atrocities against the Armenians.

Let the Yiddish supremacists go ahead and sue. The Chinese use the same sign for danger and opportunity. It would be dangerous to avoid this opportunity to register a resounding scream of anguish against the Jewish community leaders that have molded their followers into a ‘constituency for repression’ that worships at the feet of a psychopathic war criminal called Ariel Sharon.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).