The New Iraqi Government Should Immediately De-Fuel the Insurgency

Iraq has a new, ostensibly "democratically" elected government. (Even though the parameters of the election were contrived by outsiders and the list of candidates vetted by occupiers, and even though no one campaigned and no voter got to preplan a vote, still there WAS a vote).

So, under Quasi-Democratic Iraq, there is a quasi pathway of public sentiment behind the new government, and a certain priority should be set. Iraq’s government could produce its greatest benefit for its citizenry by restoring infrastructure, restoring security, restoring income and removing the foreign occupation.

The most direct way that Iraq’s new Government could produce success for the people and De-Fuel the insurgency would be to send home the foreign occupiers.

Think about it, with no occupation, there would be far less rage to fuel an insurgency. With less insurgency, electricity could be restored. With electricity, abundant clean water and air conditioning could be made available. With electricity, clean water, and air conditioning, rebuilding of infrastructure and resettling of Fallujah could proceed. With no occupiers and their hired foreign workers from the Philippines and Central America, many more Iraqis could be put back to work rebuilding Iraq. Restoration of petroleum-derived income could be invested back into the local communities and the national treasury.

If the American military and civilian controllers of the economy were removed, and all American military bases emptied and the huge new American embassy turned into a capital for Iraq’s government, Iraq could begin serious self-healing. America could have an embassy, perhaps a modest four room building on the outskirts of Baghdad.

There would be no more need for a "Green Zone". A free Iraqi Press, working in conjunction with world press such as Al Jazeera, Agence France, etc., could report the progress of the nation. Newly elected government officials could be evaluated by the citizenry.

Many good things would be possible by removing the occupation and de-fueling and de-fusing the insurgency. Insurgents could rejoin Iraqi productive society and run for office themselves. The Iraqi people could put Saddam Hussein on trial in a REAL trial, not a show trial managed by the Americans. American complicity in Hussein’s rule and crimes could be thoroughly documented. Perhaps Iraqi’s would then petition the International Criminal Court for trials of George H.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and other criminals against humanity — even William Jefferson Clinton.

The Iraqi government does not need to send the military police to fight the insurgency with bullets and bombs. The insurgency will flare out or lose intensity simply by removing the root cause of the heat and flame, which is the foreign occupation and humiliation of Iraq, mostly by America’s corporate elite and government elite.

There is little doubt that most of the Iraqis who voted in the recent election believed they were voting to end the occupation. That was the number one, number two and number three priority rolled into one. It is time to give the Iraqi voters what they wanted. It is time to make Iraqi democracy meaningful, and a source of healing for Iraq.

De-Fuel the Insurgency, End the Occupation.