The new dictatorship


Mr. Mohamed S. Kamel is a Freelance writer in Montréal, Canada.

Historical wise all world did know and accept two political systems, each been accepted according to the needs of the people and their capacity and knowledge. Those two political systems are: the autocratic and the democratic, while the autocratic been presented as God will and been applied mostly on each single community all over the history, the democratic system was the one that gain its legitimate from the people themselves where there is no authority superior to the people authority. This system depends on the will of the people where they chose their representative to run their country according to the people will.   


We will not discuss here the autocratic system because it is not exist anymore and could not been applied in the modern society. However, for the democratic system, all the people consider it the most sufficient acceptable system, this system had many ways of method of applications varied from the direct democratic system where been applied in Greece before Christ and the Islamic “Shorah” system. Those been replaced with the parliamentary system that been applied with different shapes, some of it depend on the multiple political parties and others went far as one party as the Marxism and Socialism systems as examples.


Many changes happened in the last years: The direct democracy disappeared because of the complications of the modern life. The Islamic Emperor destructed because of its transfer into a dictatorship under the name of the Islam. While the Marxism chose to be the one party dictatorship the Socialism failed to respond to the people needs. All these made no choice available but the western style of the democracy.


At the same time, the multiple parties system that appeared to be representing the people and their will, did change its course to become a representative of the authority itself, where its party become a people among itself that differentiate from the other up to fighting among themselves. Each party become a representative to a group of people with a specific affiliation that has common interest mostly business wise, and that is the reason behind the mistrust between the people and the political parties and the all system. Election became a financial issue not a principal one, now we find the elected party or person is the one that can finance the election not the one that could convince the people. The election became an event where the strongest financially would be able to misguide people with whatever promises even the ones that could never be achieved.


That is the reason behind the low percentage of the participation in any election in anywhere allover the world, where only 50% of the registered voters would show up to cast their ballots, while those registered do not represent more then 50% of the eligible. If we assume that the elected party did win the confidence of 50% of the people caste their ballots and among those people there were only 80% correct ballots, that means that the wining party did win the confidence of only 10% of the people in the age of the majority, which is about 5% of the total population.


That is the reason behind the troubles and the multiple political and armies’ cops, that is why we are living a corrupted life politically and economically, and that is the reason of the wars that spread every where for no reason but the benefit of the imperialism.


Through our entire history, we knew many shapes of the occupation that represented a direct humiliation and use of the third world resources for the benefit of the occupier. To achieve this it was essential to deplore armed forces to defend this investment, the cost of this armed force was covered by the business that are the investors and the real beneficiary of this occupation. People never accept this occupation and they resist it to a limit that loaded the occupier with heavy cost and forced them to change the strategy and withdraw their forces as a direct control. Where they been forced to replace their direct occupation with indirect control of follower governments as (The Petroleum’s princes in the gulf, Carlos in Philippine, Batesta in Cuba, Shah Iranéetc), and the planted regimes as (South Africa, Rhodesia, Zionism regimeéetc).


People fought those regimes and were able to replace many of them with national regimes, this create a vacant environment where no one represent the occupation investors. At that time two main power been created (USA and USSR) to fill the gab and the compotation between them never stopped, and it was very helpful for the third world countries. This was the period know as the cold war and the small indirect wars as was in Vietnam, Uganda, Afghanistan, Palestineéetc.


The western power played their game by allying with the Islamic movement to destroy the Soviet Union and the local socialist governments allover the Islamic countries, with the destruction of the Soviet Union and the rise of the Islamic movement time came to the western power to turn and destroy the newborn system under trial. The model of the Zionism regime became not enough and that was the reason of what so called the globalization as well planed consuming system that will lead to the bankruptcy of the entire world expect the only strong producer, USA and may be some of its allays.


To achieve the new globalization agenda they have to secure the roads for the raw material, and to destroy whatever people movement or revolution. All this started with the first Campo David between the Egyptian corrupted government and the Zionism regime after 1973. Then the second round came in the war between Iran and Iraq to destroy the Iranian economy and army, and we become as a donkey who do not understand é I would here to apologies for the donkey- we fought each other in Iran/ Iraq war were USA and its ally armed Iraq and help them destroying Iran. Then in Iraq/Coalition war which happened to undo the strength of Iraq after he finish with Iran, and to allow USA to deploy its forces under new slogan not the occupation.


Today is exactly yesterdayé!


All this never stop the nations from resistance and refusing their corrupted governments, and that was the reason behind the second phase where USA can appoint its own government. They became the police officer, the prosecutor, the judge, and the executer, and they could appoint the government they like at any place directly. Therefore, the new Afghanistan war came as an experiment and trial occasion for many to come. UN became a tool in USA hand and all other who has little power become afraid of destruction as what happened to what was called Yugoslavia. New game began “the Terrorist War” and this ward became a tool to label who ever refuse their arguments to be a terrorist were they can confiscate all their assets and even their life. So the Zionism plane get the go ahead.


The self-defense and the people under occupation rights of resistance became terrorist. UN adopt whatever possible resolutions that will never be applied and the Zionism forces adopt and execute its own policies even all of it are against the international laws. Palestinian have no right to collect donation so their people under occupation can eat and resist, but Zionism have all the help and collect donations to be armed so they can crash people and build their own settlements on occupied lands.


All this came as a direct result of the transformation of the governing systems and the new international dictatorship, this system that appears as direct result to our weakness and our fighting among each other.

Mr. Mohamed S. Kamel is a Freelance writer in Montréal, Canada.

Mr. Mohamed S. Kamel is a Freelance writer in Montréal, Canada.