The New American President – Queries, Indications, Contradictions and Similarities


It is well-known how educated and erudite John Quincy Adams was; he was among the most eminent diplomatic figures in the United States. He completed his senior high education in Paris, after accompanying his father to France in 1778, followed by his admission to the University of Leiden in Holland at the age of 13. One year later, the American ambassador in Russia integrated him into his employee cadre. After receiving his law degree from Harvard at the age of 20, and practising for 7 years afterwards, he held numerous diplomatic posts in various European countries, and was soon elected to the US Senate. Soon after, he became U.S. Secretary of State under president Monroes administration.

The enterprise that supervised Bushs election campaign, in all its enormity, did not come across any discordance or internal controversy. Unlike Al Gore, who had relied on a panel of which members were of shifting roles and names and who saw the turnover of several of his assistants and advisors during his 8-year post as vice-president, whereas Bushs inner circle of close advisors has remained considerably stable for the past 6 years. Bush necessitates his assistants to be very loyal to him and to the issues his administration upholds. He usually pays them back, appreciates teamwork, and values the spirit of cooperation, same qualities shared by the family and on which George double-u and his siblings had been raised on.

(Above article was translated by Lillie Haikal. It was originally written in Arabic and published in Lebanese Daily, As-Safeer.)

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