The Mystery Bush



The wizards at Ha’aretz are puzzled by George Bush and who can blame them.  In a recent editorial they had this to say “the policy of the US administration is also puzzling: On the one hand, it does not accept the all-out offensive approach; on the other, it is not prepared to invest efforts in promoting a diplomatic course of action. Hence, one gets the impression that Sharon has been given tacit approval to continue with his policy.” (Ha’aretz editorial on march 9, 2002)

A whole bunch of folks had fun mocking Bush during the campaign. The Gore/Loserman brigades in the Yiddish dominated press showed him little respect. Because they had him figured out as a lightweight and expected him to lose. And now he has everyone confused.

Let me be the first to confess that what motivates Bush is in his mind and he isn’t volunteering for brain surgery.  He has an eighty percent approval rating and gets excellent press in the United States. Consider the way Americans treated their presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Clinton.  Even Reagan had many entrenched domestic foes.  But George Bush gets nothing but good press. And 911 only added to his ratings. Like in most countries, war presidents are  popular in America as long as they are winning the war.

The world outside doesn’t really matter to George Bush. What Le Monde has to say about him is not something he would readily understand. He cares more about what Florida thinks about him and how it will effect his brother’s political fortune.  When George Bush gets good press, so does his little brother. And George Bush is a family man who cares about the members of his clan.

Maybe George Bush is motivated by good press.  The same ‘liberal’ press that voted overwhelmingly for Gore/Loserman have rallied to give Bush overwhelming approval.  Recent polls indicate that 90 percent of the media industry voted against Bush. That coincides with the lopsided Jewish majorities that went to Al Whore and company.

What happened? Ariel Sharon happened? The self-designated ‘liberals’ in the press are passionately in love with this criminal thug. The New York Times, the Daily Ruse has compared him to De Gaulle. For a whole year, the lesser press has followed Sulzberger’s minions in a Greek chorus of endorsing Sharon’s policies and opting for a military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Bush went along to get along.  Either Sulzberger would crown him as ‘legitimate’ or inflict him with Enronitis or whatever else could be dug up on the Prez.

The bottom line. George Bush, the president of the world, the new ceasar, is a political creature who knows the value of having Yiddish supremacist media barons on your side of the fight.

Another possibility is that George Bush sees the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his understanding of biblical mythology.  There is a strong current in the Christian right wing, the Zionist Christians, to consider Palestinian suffering as preordained ‘revelations’ that are ‘good’ because they hasten the coming of the end of times.  That is why Pat Robertson and Billy Graham and Fallwell, who got his name from a bad fall, and all the rest of this crowd line up with the Yiddish supremacists.  Find one other issue where the right wing Christians of the Republican party are allied with the left wing ‘liberal’ Jews of the Democratic party. Bashing the Palestinians, even the destruction of the Palestinian Christian community, is just a side show on the way to Armageddon, a very desired destination for many believers.  The nastiest anti-Palestinian trash is on the ‘Christian’ networks, which regularly play host to Netanyahu and other right wing Israeli elements.  The other day, Robertson was praying with the editor of the Jerusalem Post and it wasn’t for peace in the Holy Land. It wasn’t for reconciliation or a two state solution.  It was for Israel to have the might to crush the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post boys say nasty things on the Yiddish networks, which ironically have the largest American audiences. But they get real down and dirty when they party with Pat Robertson.  But ultimately, what Nixon said is truer today than anytime in American history. It is no secret that the Israeli Lobby’s arsenal includes CNN and ABC.

In any case, good press coverage is like minting money. Lots of money. Campaign advertising money. What is better? An expensive political ad or a free and favorable editorial in the New York Times or the Washington Post. And what Bush gets for free, he can freely give to his party.

Then there is the whole Enron/Andersen/Economic panic mess. There again, good press can make you. Or bad press can break you.

A question arises about the Yiddish press in America. Why so many Krauthammer,  Safire and Friedman Likudniks and no similar personality that aligns with the Israeli ‘peace movement’  who have, of late,  given up on Sharon ‘winning’ against the Palestinians.  I would say it comes down to Sulzberger  of the Times and Graham of the Washington Post and Levine (CNN) and Isner (Disney/ABC) and Conrad Black (Jerusalem Post) and Mortimier Zuckerman (US World and News Report)  and others. If enough of these publishers and broadcasters give a green light to Bush, he will move to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  If the peace movement in Israel wants to be heard they should keep banging on Sulzberger’s doors.

The complicating factor is how will the Zionist Christians reconcile themselves to an end of Palestinian suffering?  Can they find some other sign to assure them that the end of the world is near?  And how will the Bush political ‘spread sheet’ tabulate the results.