The Massacre in Hebron: Who will mourn and who will celebrate?

25 February, marks a stark day in the history of the Palestinians. On Friday, 25 February 1994, hundreds of fasting Muslim Palestinians were attacked during their dawn prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

This was a three-part massacre on that single day, which began inside the mosque when Jewish terrorists led by American Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein, opened fire on the unarmed worshippers while they were kneeling in prayer. The ensuing terror saw even the Zionist Occupation soldiers pouring in and gunning down the worshippers inside the mosque, who had gathered around the murderer Goldstein. This was the second noted massacre of the morning. The third was occurring outside the mosque as soldiers opened fire on ambulances; the wounded and those who were attempting to help the wounded.

The massacre at Ibrahimi Mosque runs in the same vein as the massacres of Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila, Jenin and the numerous others perpetrated by the Zionist entity occupying Israel. And like the other injustices committed against the Palestinians, the world offers nothing more than the token condemnation.

What makes this event more horrific, besides the fact that it was a vicious attack on unarmed worshippers in a sacred place of prayer, is that every year since, Israelis have celebrated this day with gaiety and praise for Baruch Goldstein whom they consider a hero, but who is in reality a terrorist and cold-blooded murderer. Is this the ilk of heroes today?

On Friday, as we remember in prayer and with sadness those who lost their lives on that Friday 11 years ago in this act of terrorism, we will witness also the celebrations around the grave of Goldstein. Will the world ponder now, who has always really supported terrorism and relished and celebrated the killing of innocents?